Online KO2 - The Wish-list

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Online KO2 - The Wish-list

Postby Freshmaker » Thu Dec 23, 2021 9:58 am

Steve. Considering it's christmas-time, and that I'm not ever gonna accept you laying back, kickin' it relax now that you won the Online WC, I have the request for you that'll make Online KO2 win the world!

VR-OnlineKO2 :bow: :boob: :hors: :gban:

But not just where you have the computer-screen hooked up to your VR-headset, but where you clearly sit in a game-room with your opponent next to you. As a proper VR-World. Just imagine, playing with another VR-player like that!!!
C'mon Steve :god: you know you want to :god:
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