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How I use the SaveDiskTool to 'UPGRADE' PM

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:48 pm
by Hieroglyph
I know I know - whack all attributes up to max and watch your players railroad... But that is not what I want. As it is, too much of an attribute can often result in a negative outcome anyway...

No - in a word - Corruption - Brown Paper Bags of DOSH, and connivance! It all adds to realistic real world Footie management!

This is what I do - I seed some 'Homeless' Players with good attributes (but not perfect) and reduce age. I may 'improve some of my existing squad players attributes, but change their position and sell them for a good fee. I watch where they were transferred to and monitor the results. If they are in a lower league, I may then 'start secret negotiations' with that team in taking over as their manager! I may also pick a couple of my current players and put them on transfer but reduce their value... I thensave game and resign!

then Load the SaveDiskTool and become manager of the chosen new team and Reload up the game. I then enter the transfer window and grab my key players from previous team and monitor the 'seeded' players... often they are not picked up by other teams so can grab them in week 2 or 3 or whenever or just know that in the game there some exception talents drifting around and watch out for where they may be... it adds to the 'weekly routine'!

You do need to keep a note of these players and stats and results otherwise becomes a blur! But is great additional fun from what is a great game and if you are not too silly/greedy, is another dimension to the gameplay - an add-on module if you like!!

Of course there is the option to knobble opponents players - like the Tottenham food poisoning fiasco! But that will detract a bit of the 'I'm a clever Bastard feeling' if you have a conscience!
(Doubling their weight may actually have an effect by the way!!).

As it happens Farnborough Town were the victims of such a Managerial coop... Remember when they played Arsenal in the FA Cup in 3rd round a few years back? They got masses of dosh from SKY. The Manager had a financial stake in the club, resigned and took up at Stevenage Borough and took the best players with him as part of his stake!

Both teams were in same league at time but Stevenage are now Div 1 and Farnborough went into Administration and dropped 3 leagues... Then there was the Wimbledon/MK Dons Fiasco... so it gives you loads of chance to be as bent as a nine bob note if you want! OR - if you are on the verge of being sacked - securing a new position but taking with you some of your star players!