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Postby Freshmaker » Tue May 07, 2002 10:57 am

No need to. Know what u mean. It's like when they say on the back-cover of a video, that this movie will kill your laughing-muscles or something like that. That's allways a sure reason to stay away.

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Postby Binary_ » Thu May 09, 2002 7:25 am

Yeah, when I hear a games developer being intervewed about "What's so good about this new game you're making?" and he answers "Oh, great graphics, great sound!! etc" I know that it's a good reason to steer away from it.

Steve and Dino have mentioned this before, but back in "those" days, when you had a memory limitation, programming was an art.

Go ahead and ask Jim Leonard (one of the world's greatest computer game collectors/preservationists, owner of mobygames.com and oldskool.org) which PC game had the best quality of programming...
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Danny D
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Postby Danny D » Thu May 09, 2002 9:20 am

anyone got the magazine scan ?
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Postby Durbz » Wed May 29, 2002 2:23 am

Anyone got the email address of this magazine. I feel a "chewing out" comming on.
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