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Re: Any Team, Any League, Anywhere! (The Club Footy Thread)

Postby Tripod » Tue May 21, 2013 7:35 am

Abyss wrote:It's amazing that Dortmund, finishing even below Olympiakos last year in the CL group round, has reached this level (whereas Olympiakos... never mind).

It's a mysterious disease which befell a number of Bundesliga clubs, except Bayern, playing well in the Bundesliga but finishing bottom of their CL group. Schalke, Bremen, Leverkusen all had this problem. And Dortmund's last Bundesliga season was really good, defending their title, but still they sucked in the CL. While this year their Bundesliga campaign had it's ups and downs while reaching the CL final.

And poor Rodolfo, a season without title. While Hertha hasn't seen a title in... 82 years now, but who's counting?
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Re: Any Team, Any League, Anywhere! (The Club Footy Thread)

Postby gdh82 » Tue May 21, 2013 12:14 pm

Disgraceful indeed Alex but not as bad as Birmingham's season in England's 2nd tier, I'm afraid. Our new manager Lee Clark has taken us from genuine promotion chasers to relegation battlers, with pretty much the same team. LC has looked out of his depth at various points, but a good run-in left us among the mid-table also rans. These are difficult times, however, with matters off the pitch still over-shadowing everything. Owner, Carson Yeung's money laudering trial has finally gotten underway in Hong Kong and until this resolves, the wilderness years beckon. Things got so bad at one point I even contemplated turning to the dark side, and supporting the Villa!!!

Still, great to hear of Hertha's superb season. 8) Good that some of our teams are doing well.
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Re: Any Team, Any League, Anywhere! (The Club Footy Thread)

Postby Freshmaker » Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:27 pm

No action for a year. Topic unsticked. If there's any interest we'll either make a new topic or revamp this.
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