Vasilis K (#45 - 1155 pts)

Tournaments played45
Tournaments won1 (2.22%)
World cups played5
Games played475
Games won174 (36.63%)
Games drawn55 (11.58%)
Games lost246 (51.79%)
Goals for1606 (3.38)
Goals against1816 (3.82)
Last tournamentWorld Cup XVI (12-Nov-16)
Games per month in the last year2.75
1st easiest opponentAlessandro Gu (vs)
2nd easiest opponentThomas N (vs)
3rd easiest opponentNiels T (vs)
1st hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
2nd hardest opponentKlaus Lo (vs)
3rd hardest opponentMartin J (vs)
Easiest opponent for1 player(s)
Hardest opponent for3 player(s)
Different opponents73
Opponents' countries14
More frequent opponentAlkis P (75 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets25 (5.26%)
No goals scored16 (3.37%)
Scored double figures3 (0.63%)
Conceded double figures6 (1.26%)
Biggest winAlessandro Gu - Vasilis K: 0 - 12
Biggest defeatMartin J - Vasilis K: 12 - 2
Danger rating0.03

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Vasilis KAnthony K02World Cup I
Vasilis KNiels T60World Cup I
Vasilis KMark E41World Cup I
Vasilis KNazim C23World Cup I
James BVasilis K20World Cup I
Mark PVasilis K41World Cup I
Filippo DVasilis K01World Cup I
Gianluca TVasilis K72World Cup I
James LVasilis K10World Cup I
Vasilis KAlkis P74Athens I
Vasilis KTakis60Athens I
Vasilis KGeorge K33Athens I
Vasilis KApostolos T11Athens I
Vasilis KBill V22Athens I
Alkis PVasilis K33Athens I
TakisVasilis K21Athens I
George KVasilis K21Athens I
Apostolos TVasilis K45Athens I
Bill VVasilis K34Athens I
Vasilis KTakis61Athens II
Vasilis KVagelis K80Athens II
Vasilis KAlkis P44Athens II
TakisVasilis K13Athens II
Vagelis KVasilis K14Athens II
Alkis PVasilis K63Athens II
Vasilis KDimitris K33Athens III
Vasilis KTakis31Athens III
Vasilis KAlkis P15Athens III
Dimitris KVasilis K41Athens III
TakisVasilis K13Athens III
Alkis PVasilis K80Athens III
Vasilis KGeorge K21Athens IV
Vasilis KApostolos T32Athens IV
Vasilis KNikos A51Athens IV
Vasilis KAlkis P54Athens IV
Vasilis KDimitris K55Athens IV
George KVasilis K22Athens IV
Apostolos TVasilis K43Athens IV
Nikos AVasilis K22Athens IV
Alkis PVasilis K32Athens IV
Dimitris KVasilis K11Athens IV
Alkis PVasilis K64Athens IV Cup
Vasilis KAlkis P24Athens V
Vasilis KGeorge K23Athens V
Vasilis KNikos A35Athens V
George KVasilis K31Athens V
Nikos AVasilis K42Athens V
Alkis PVasilis K42Athens V
Vasilis KGeorge K12Athens VI
Vasilis KAlkis P32Athens VI
Vasilis KNikos A22Athens VI
Alkis PVasilis K21Athens VI
Nikos AVasilis K41Athens VI
George KVasilis K63Athens VI
Vasilis KNikos A22Athens VII
Vasilis KGeorge K34Athens VII
Vasilis KAlkis P54Athens VII
George KVasilis K24Athens VII
Alkis PVasilis K23Athens VII
Nikos AVasilis K35Athens VII
Vasilis KAlkis P30Athens VIII
Vasilis KNikos A54Athens VIII
Vasilis KGeorge K24Athens VIII
Alkis PVasilis K21Athens VIII
Nikos AVasilis K41Athens VIII
George KVasilis K51Athens VIII
Vasilis KNikos A23Athens IX
Vasilis KDimitris K60Athens IX
Vasilis KAlkis P42Athens IX
Vasilis KSpyros P33Athens IX
Vasilis KGeorge K42Athens IX
Nikos AVasilis K14Athens IX
Dimitris KVasilis K32Athens IX
Alkis PVasilis K84Athens IX
Spyros PVasilis K42Athens IX
George KVasilis K21Athens IX
Vasilis KNikos A12Mediterrenean
Vasilis KAlkis P14Mediterrenean
Vasilis KLeonardo C41Mediterrenean
Vasilis KFilippo D60Mediterrenean
Vasilis KDimitris K23Mediterrenean
Vasilis KSpyros P22Mediterrenean
Vasilis KGeorge K36Mediterrenean
Nikos AVasilis K62Mediterrenean
Alkis PVasilis K47Mediterrenean
Leonardo CVasilis K14Mediterrenean
Filippo DVasilis K42Mediterrenean
Dimitris KVasilis K12Mediterrenean
Spyros PVasilis K35Mediterrenean
George KVasilis K40Mediterrenean
Vasilis KKlaus Lo16World Cup II
Vasilis KMark E40World Cup II
Vasilis KRodolfo M43World Cup II
Vasilis KYakos T30World Cup II
Vasilis KRobert S54World Cup II
Vasilis KMartin B34World Cup II
Vasilis KGlenn L10World Cup II
Vasilis KPanayotis P84World Cup II
Rodolfo MVasilis K32World Cup II
Yakos TVasilis K12World Cup II
Robert SVasilis K24World Cup II
Klaus LoVasilis K91World Cup II
Mark EVasilis K14World Cup II
Panayotis PVasilis K63World Cup II
Martin BVasilis K62World Cup II
Glenn LVasilis K32World Cup II
Vasilis KDimitris K61Athens X
Vasilis KPanayotis P24Athens X
Vasilis KSpyros P64Athens X
Vasilis KGeorge K56Athens X
Vasilis KAlkis P45Athens X
Vasilis KNikos A52Athens X
Dimitris KVasilis K44Athens X
Panayotis PVasilis K13Athens X
Spyros PVasilis K43Athens X
George KVasilis K54Athens X
Alkis PVasilis K94Athens X
Nikos AVasilis K41Athens X
Vasilis KAlkis P14Athens XI
Vasilis KGeorge K35Athens XI
Vasilis KNikos A12Athens XI
Vasilis KYakos T52Athens XI
Vasilis KPanayotis P37Athens XI
Vasilis KSpyros P42Athens XI
Alkis PVasilis K54Athens XI
George KVasilis K62Athens XI
Nikos AVasilis K60Athens XI
Yakos TVasilis K41Athens XI
Panayotis PVasilis K74Athens XI
Spyros PVasilis K63Athens XI
Vasilis KAlkis P34Helland
Vasilis KDimitris K54Helland
Vasilis KGeorge K04Helland
Vasilis KMartin J35Helland
Vasilis KRobert S37Helland
Vasilis KSpyros P57Helland
Vasilis KYakos T42Helland
Vasilis KPanayotis P47Helland
Vasilis KNikos A64Helland
Martin JVasilis K122Helland
Robert SVasilis K21Helland
Spyros PVasilis K73Helland
Yakos TVasilis K13Helland
Panayotis PVasilis K74Helland
Nikos AVasilis K74Helland
Alkis PVasilis K23Helland
Dimitris KVasilis K56Helland
George KVasilis K54Helland
Vasilis KAlkis P12Athens XIII
Vasilis KYakos T40Athens XIII
Vasilis KGeorge K64Athens XIII
Vasilis KNikos A22Athens XIII
Vasilis KSpyros P36Athens XIII
George KVasilis K72Athens XIII
Nikos AVasilis K52Athens XIII
Spyros PVasilis K51Athens XIII
Alkis PVasilis K44Athens XIII
Yakos TVasilis K05Athens XIII
Vasilis KGeorge K36KMAB
Vasilis KYakos T41KMAB
Vasilis KPanayotis P15KMAB
Vasilis KNikos A43KMAB
Vasilis KSpyros P55KMAB
Vasilis KAlkis P35KMAB
Spyros PVasilis K43KMAB
Alkis PVasilis K54KMAB
George KVasilis K43KMAB
Yakos TVasilis K13KMAB
Panayotis PVasilis K53KMAB
Nikos AVasilis K83KMAB
Vasilis KAlkis P13Athens XVI
Vasilis KYakos T13Athens XVI
Vasilis KAlkis P67Athens XVI
Vasilis KNikos A53Athens XVI
Nikos AVasilis K22Athens XVI
Yakos TVasilis K22Athens XVI
Alkis PVasilis K60Athens XVI
Nikos AVasilis K62Athens XVI
Yakos TVasilis K55Athens XVI
Vasilis KAlkis P34Athens XVII
Vasilis KYakos T70Athens XVII
Vasilis KSpyros P26Athens XVII
Vasilis KGeorge K32Athens XVII
Vasilis KApostolos T42Athens XVII
Vasilis KPanayotis P44Athens XVII
Spyros PVasilis K51Athens XVII
George KVasilis K51Athens XVII
Apostolos TVasilis K22Athens XVII
Panayotis PVasilis K63Athens XVII
Alkis PVasilis K39Athens XVII
Yakos TVasilis K15Athens XVII
Vasilis KAlkis P34Athens XVIII
Vasilis KMarios K91Athens XVIII
Vasilis KYakos T61Athens XVIII
Vasilis KSpyros P58Athens XVIII
Vasilis KAlkis P46Athens XVIII
Vasilis KMarios K52Athens XVIII
Vasilis KYakos T20Athens XVIII
Vasilis KSpyros P37Athens XVIII
Yakos TVasilis K76Athens XVIII
Spyros PVasilis K41Athens XVIII
Alkis PVasilis K71Athens XVIII
Marios KVasilis K06Athens XVIII
Yakos TVasilis K35Athens XVIII
Spyros PVasilis K32Athens XVIII
Alkis PVasilis K65Athens XVIII
Marios KVasilis K19Athens XVIII
Vasilis KNikos A24Athens XX
Vasilis KAlkis P35Athens XX
Vasilis KPanayotis P36Athens XX
Vasilis KVagelis D72Athens XX
Vasilis KAntonis T71Athens XX
Panayotis PVasilis K73Athens XX
Vagelis DVasilis K32Athens XX
Antonis TVasilis K19Athens XX
Nikos AVasilis K33Athens XX
Alkis PVasilis K47Athens XX
Vasilis KPanayotis P62Athens XXI
Vasilis KAlkis P33Athens XXI
Vasilis KApostolos T50Athens XXI
Vasilis KNikos A38Athens XXI
Vasilis KSpyros P22Athens XXI
Apostolos TVasilis K34Athens XXI
Nikos AVasilis K80Athens XXI
Spyros PVasilis K54Athens XXI
Panayotis PVasilis K74Athens XXI
Alkis PVasilis K93Athens XXI
Vasilis KGeorge K43Athens XXII
Vasilis KNikos A35Athens XXII
Vasilis KAlkis P33Athens XXII
Alkis PVasilis K43Athens XXII
George KVasilis K83Athens XXII
Nikos AVasilis K75Athens XXII
Vasilis KPanayotis P08Athens XXIII
Vasilis KNikos A34Athens XXIII
Vasilis KGeorge K01Athens XXIII
Vasilis KAlkis P28Athens XXIII
George KVasilis K43Athens XXIII
Alkis PVasilis K31Athens XXIII
Panayotis PVasilis K52Athens XXIII
Nikos AVasilis K62Athens XXIII
Vasilis KAntonis T20Athens XXIV
Vasilis KAlkis P34Athens XXIV
Vasilis KNikos A45Athens XXIV
Vasilis KGeorge K45Athens XXIV
Nikos AVasilis K21Athens XXIV
George KVasilis K81Athens XXIV
Antonis TVasilis K19Athens XXIV
Alkis PVasilis K43Athens XXIV
Vasilis KMarios K93Athens XXX
Vasilis KNikos A32Athens XXX
Vasilis KKostas L70Athens XXX
Vasilis KVagelis D52Athens XXX
Vasilis KAlkis P35Athens XXX
Vagelis DVasilis K45Athens XXX
Alkis PVasilis K72Athens XXX
Marios KVasilis K410Athens XXX
Nikos AVasilis K51Athens XXX
Kostas LVasilis K24Athens XXX
Vasilis KAlkis P46Athens XXXI
Vasilis KNikos A03Athens XXXI
Vasilis KMarios K55Athens XXXI
Nikos AVasilis K52Athens XXXI
Marios KVasilis K310Athens XXXI
Alkis PVasilis K60Athens XXXI
Vasilis KAntonis T22Athens XXXII
Vasilis KPanayotis P45Athens XXXII
Vasilis KAlkis P36Athens XXXII
Vasilis KNikos A33Athens XXXII
Panayotis PVasilis K96Athens XXXII
Alkis PVasilis K92Athens XXXII
Nikos AVasilis K66Athens XXXII
Antonis TVasilis K12Athens XXXII
Vasilis KKostas O22Athens XXXIV
Spyros PVasilis K73Athens XXXIV
Antonis TVasilis K33Athens XXXIV
Nikos AVasilis K53Athens XXXIV
Alkis PVasilis K64Athens XXXIV
Chris KVasilis K33Athens XXXIV
Panayotis PVasilis K41Athens XXXIV
Vasilis KStelios T22Athens XXXVII
Vasilis KFilippos M41Athens XXXVII
Vasilis KAlkis P15Athens XXXVII
Vasilis KKostas O61Athens XXXVII
Vasilis KNikos Al41Athens XXXVII
Vasilis KMarios M31Athens XXXVII
Vasilis KMarios K65Athens XXXVII
Vasilis KSpyros P28Athens XXXVII
Nikos AlVasilis K24Athens XXXVII
Marios MVasilis K31Athens XXXVII
Marios KVasilis K46Athens XXXVII
Spyros PVasilis K43Athens XXXVII
Stelios TVasilis K26Athens XXXVII
Filippos MVasilis K22Athens XXXVII
Alkis PVasilis K104Athens XXXVII
Kostas OVasilis K12Athens XXXVII
Vasilis KKostas O14Athens XLVIII
Vasilis KAlkis P14Athens XLVIII
Vasilis KEktoras K34Athens XLVIII
Vasilis KFilippos M43Athens XLVIII
Vasilis KNikos Al51Athens XLVIII
Ektoras KVasilis K74Athens XLVIII
Filippos MVasilis K44Athens XLVIII
Nikos AlVasilis K28Athens XLVIII
Kostas OVasilis K55Athens XLVIII
Alkis PVasilis K34Athens XLVIII
Vasilis KEktoras K46Athens XLIX
Vasilis KKostas O41Athens XLIX
Vasilis KSpyros P56Athens XLIX
Vasilis KFilippos M34Athens XLIX
Vasilis KMarios M52Athens XLIX
Filippos MVasilis K43Athens XLIX
Marios MVasilis K33Athens XLIX
Ektoras KVasilis K24Athens XLIX
Kostas OVasilis K24Athens XLIX
Spyros PVasilis K92Athens XLIX
Vasilis KAlessandro V66World Cup VII
Vasilis KAstrid L30World Cup VII
Vasilis KJorg P43World Cup VII
Vasilis KGeorge Ka43World Cup VII
Vasilis KSandro T58World Cup VII
Vasilis KGianluca T06World Cup VII
Vasilis KSteve C52World Cup VII
Vasilis KEktoras K53World Cup VII
Gianni TVasilis K101World Cup VII
Alessandro GuVasilis K012World Cup VII
Thomas NVasilis K19World Cup VII
Haydn HVasilis K26World Cup VII
Gianluca TVasilis K93World Cup VII
Steve CVasilis K57World Cup VII
Fabio FVasilis K46World Cup VII
Vasilis KVagelis D51Athens LIII
Vasilis KSpyros P16Athens LIII
Vasilis KKostas O43Athens LIII
Vasilis KStelios T64Athens LIII
Vasilis KNikos Al51Athens LIII
Vasilis KNikos A23Athens LIII
Vasilis KAlkis P47Athens LIII
Vasilis KGeorge Ka34Athens LIII
Stelios TVasilis K55Athens LIII
Nikos AlVasilis K17Athens LIII
Nikos AVasilis K62Athens LIII
Vagelis DVasilis K24Athens LIII
Spyros PVasilis K86Athens LIII
Kostas OVasilis K34Athens LIII
Panayotis PVasilis K73Athens LIII
Ektoras KVasilis K72Athens LIII
George KaVasilis K33Athens LIII
Ektoras KVasilis K64Athens LIII
Vasilis KPanayotis P39Athens LVIII
Vasilis KEktoras K25Athens LVIII
Vasilis KAlkis P15Athens LVIII
Vasilis KKostas O51Athens LVIII
Vasilis KGeorge Ka53Athens LVIII
Vasilis KFilippos M24Athens LVIII
Vasilis KKostas Ka31Athens LVIII
Vasilis KAntonis T62Athens LVIII
Vasilis KStelios T52Athens LVIII
George KaVasilis K56Athens LVIII
Filippos MVasilis K02Athens LVIII
Kostas KaVasilis K13Athens LVIII
Antonis TVasilis K27Athens LVIII
Stelios TVasilis K33Athens LVIII
Panayotis PVasilis K73Athens LVIII
Ektoras KVasilis K53Athens LVIII
Alkis PVasilis K83Athens LVIII
Kostas OVasilis K45Athens LVIII
Vasilis KAlkis P27Athens LX
Vasilis KKostas Ka83Athens LX
Vasilis KSpyros P17Athens LX
Vasilis KGeorge Ka42Athens LX
Vasilis KPanayotis P25Athens LX
George KaVasilis K33Athens LX
Panayotis PVasilis K43Athens LX
Alkis PVasilis K63Athens LX
Kostas KaVasilis K13Athens LX
Spyros PVasilis K85Athens LX
Vasilis KAlkis P36Athens LXII
Vasilis KPanayotis P27Athens LXII
Vasilis KNikos A15Athens LXII
Vasilis KKostas O53Athens LXII
Nikos AVasilis K22Athens LXII
Kostas OVasilis K72Athens LXII
Alkis PVasilis K103Athens LXII
Panayotis PVasilis K94Athens LXII
Vasilis KAlex B44World Cup VIII
Vasilis KJohn H37World Cup VIII
Vasilis KPanayotis P35World Cup VIII
Vasilis KNick P03World Cup VIII
Vasilis KApostolos T60World Cup VIII
Vasilis KWayne L32World Cup VIII
Vasilis KKostas Ka43World Cup VIII
Vasilis KJorg P60World Cup VIII
Vasilis KMark B31World Cup VIII
Yakos TVasilis K15World Cup VIII
Oliver StVasilis K52World Cup VIII
Marco SVasilis K13World Cup VIII
Henrik RVasilis K24World Cup VIII
Flavio ZVasilis K24World Cup VIII
Marco SVasilis K32World Cup VIII
Stelios TVasilis K34World Cup VIII
George KaVasilis K51World Cup VIII
Mark BVasilis K24World Cup VIII
Vasilis KAlkis P25Athens LXXIII
Vasilis KKostas O26Athens LXXIII
Vasilis KPanayotis P27Athens LXXIII
Vasilis KEktoras K38Athens LXXIII
Vasilis KKostas Ka43Athens LXXIII
Vasilis KGeorge Ka25Athens LXXIII
Ektoras KVasilis K113Athens LXXIII
Kostas KaVasilis K18Athens LXXIII
George KaVasilis K53Athens LXXIII
Alkis PVasilis K73Athens LXXIII
Kostas OVasilis K43Athens LXXIII
Panayotis PVasilis K32Athens LXXIII
Vasilis KGeorge Ka12Athens LXXVIII
Vasilis KStelios T12Athens LXXVIII
Vasilis KAntonis T71Athens LXXVIII
Vasilis KKostas O41Athens LXXVIII
Vasilis KRobert S17Athens LXXVIII
Vasilis KGianni T39Athens LXXVIII
Vasilis KMichael Ma22Athens LXXVIII
Spyros PVasilis K53Athens LXXVIII
Nikos AVasilis K54Athens LXXVIII
Panayotis PVasilis K33Athens LXXVIII
Ektoras KVasilis K44Athens LXXVIII
Alkis PVasilis K82Athens LXXVIII
Kostas KaVasilis K11Athens LXXVIII
Vasilis KAlkis P47Athens LXXXI
Vasilis KKostas Ka81Athens LXXXI
Vasilis KSpyros P33Athens LXXXI
Vasilis KEktoras K44Athens LXXXI
Nikos AVasilis K53Athens LXXXI
Kostas OVasilis K23Athens LXXXI
George KaVasilis K45Athens LXXXI
Vasilis KAlkis P17Athens LXXXII
Vasilis KKostas O12Athens LXXXII
Vasilis KEktoras K510Athens LXXXII
Vasilis KGeorge Ka12Athens LXXXII
Antonis TVasilis K46Athens LXXXII
Nikos AVasilis K54Athens LXXXII
Stelios TVasilis K43Athens LXXXII
Vasilis KNikos A24Athens LXXXV
Vasilis KAntonis T41Athens LXXXV
Vasilis KAndy G16Athens LXXXV
Vasilis KGeorge Ka28Athens LXXXV
Vasilis KKostas L40Athens LXXXV
Vasilis KKostas Ka33Athens LXXXV
Vasilis KKostas O13Athens LXXXV
Kostas OVasilis K42Athens LXXXV
Ektoras KVasilis K54Athens LXXXV
Spyros PVasilis K42Athens LXXXV
Alkis PVasilis K62Athens LXXXV
Vagelis DVasilis K12Athens LXXXV
Kostas OVasilis K81Athens LXXXV
Vasilis KAlkis P16World Cup XVI
Vasilis KOlivier V52World Cup XVI
Vasilis KEktoras K35World Cup XVI
Vasilis KMario F26World Cup XVI
Vasilis KLuis A71World Cup XVI
Vasilis KLee W03World Cup XVI
Vasilis KMichele L63World Cup XVI
Vasilis KRobert S14World Cup XVI
Vasilis KMichael G73World Cup XVI
Vasilis KRobert S52World Cup XVI
Lorenzo LVasilis K33World Cup XVI
Peter KVasilis K16World Cup XVI
Fabio FVasilis K81World Cup XVI
Paolo SVasilis K47World Cup XVI
Mark WVasilis K53World Cup XVI
Jorn FVasilis K25World Cup XVI
Cornelius HVasilis K25World Cup XVI
Olivier VVasilis K04World Cup XVI
Michael GVasilis K35World Cup XVI
Robert SVasilis K44World Cup XVI

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Alkis P75vs
Nikos A52vs
George K34vs
Spyros P34vs
Panayotis P32vs
Kostas O21vs
Yakos T20vs
Ektoras K16vs
George Ka14vs
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