Simon K (#28 - 1225 pts)

Tournaments played74
Tournaments won5 (6.76%)
World cups played3
Games played777
Games won306 (39.38%)
Games drawn108 (13.90%)
Games lost363 (46.72%)
Goals for2423 (3.12)
Goals against2630 (3.38)
Last tournamentMilton Keynes I (12/5/2019)
Games per month in the last year4.33
1st easiest opponentThomas J (vs)
2nd easiest opponentJohn M (vs)
3rd easiest opponentSteve Sm (vs)
1st hardest opponentMichael O (vs)
2nd hardest opponentChristopher D (vs)
3rd hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
Easiest opponent for1 player(s)
Hardest opponent for6 player(s)
Different opponents93
Opponents' countries14
More frequent opponentGarry C (150 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets66 (8.49%)
No goals scored41 (5.28%)
Scored double figures4 (0.51%)
Conceded double figures11 (1.42%)
Biggest winJohn M - Simon K: 0 - 11
Biggest defeatGianni T - Simon K: 14 - 0
Danger rating0.05

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Simon KBen G09Manchester II
Simon KWayne L45Manchester II
Simon KJon G37Manchester II
Simon KSteve B33Manchester II
Simon KGarry C12Manchester II
Simon KMark B28Manchester II
Simon KPaul M14Manchester II
Simon KRobert S03Manchester II
Ben CSimon K21Manchester II
Steve CSimon K41Manchester II
Haydn HSimon K51Manchester II
Mark WSimon K21Manchester II
Dan CSimon K51Manchester II
James LSimon K52Manchester II
James LSimon K52Manchester II Cup
Simon KGarry C03Birmingham I
Simon KJon G14Birmingham I
Simon KJon G36Birmingham I
Simon KGarry C40Birmingham I
Simon KSteve C12Birmingham I
Steve CSimon K61Birmingham I
Garry CSimon K12Birmingham I
Jon GSimon K81Birmingham I
Steve CSimon K62Birmingham I
Simon KGarry C14Birmingham II
Simon KMark B24Birmingham II
Simon KHaydn H24Birmingham II
Simon KSteve E61Birmingham II
Simon KMandhir S15Birmingham II
Simon KJon G53Birmingham II
Steve ESimon K04Birmingham II
Mandhir SSimon K44Birmingham II
Jon GSimon K11Birmingham II
Garry CSimon K22Birmingham II
Mark BSimon K53Birmingham II
Haydn HSimon K32Birmingham II
Simon KSteve E11Birmingham III
Simon KMark B15Birmingham III
Simon KPete S52Birmingham III
Simon KJon G47Birmingham III
Simon KGarry C22Birmingham III
Pete SSimon K22Birmingham III
Jon GSimon K40Birmingham III
Garry CSimon K22Birmingham III
Steve ESimon K02Birmingham III
Mark BSimon K54Birmingham III
Simon KGarry C14Dudley I
Simon KGraham S65Dudley I
Simon KMark B15Dudley I
Simon KMandhir S12Dudley I
Simon KSteve E42Dudley I
Simon KPete S31Dudley I
Simon KJon G19Dudley I
Simon KWayne L21Dudley I
Steve ESimon K10Dudley I
Pete SSimon K15Dudley I
Jon GSimon K34Dudley I
Wayne LSimon K12Dudley I
Garry CSimon K02Dudley I
Graham SSimon K42Dudley I
Mark BSimon K62Dudley I
Mandhir SSimon K24Dudley I
Simon KGarry C13Dudley II
Simon KMark B11Dudley II
Simon KGraham S50Dudley II
Simon KSteve E30Dudley II
Graham SSimon K60Dudley II
Steve ESimon K30Dudley II
Garry CSimon K44Dudley II
Mark BSimon K83Dudley II
Simon KPeter S73Reading XIII
Simon KMandhir S47Reading XIII
Simon KWayne L13Reading XIII
Simon KSteve E22Reading XIII
Simon KSascha W15Reading XIII
Simon KMichael O110Reading XIII
Simon KAlkis P04Reading XIII
Simon KMichael Mu32Reading XIII
Simon KJohn H110Reading XIII
Simon KSteve C17Reading XIII
Simon KNazim C54Reading XIII
Robert SSimon K73Reading XIII
Darren GSimon K35Reading XIII
Wolf HSimon K25Reading XIII
Thomas KSimon K21Reading XIII
Gianni TSimon K140Reading XIII
Jon GSimon K81Reading XIII
Garry CSimon K10Reading XIII
Simon BSimon K51Reading XIII
James BuSimon K22Reading XIII
Mark BSimon K22Reading XIII
Stephen DSimon K21Reading XIII
Mark WSimon K10Reading XIII
Simon KStephen D23Reading XIV
Simon KMandhir S25Reading XIV
Simon KWayne L52Reading XIV
Garry CSimon K13Reading XIV
Mark BSimon K51Reading XIV
John HSimon K71Reading XIV
Steve ESimon K25Reading XIV
Simon KGraham S10Dudley III
Simon KGarry C35Dudley III
Simon KSteve E22Dudley III
Garry CSimon K15Dudley III
Steve ESimon K40Dudley III
Graham SSimon K12Dudley III
Simon KHaydn H16Dudley V
Simon KGarry C13Dudley V
Simon KSteve E31Dudley V
Simon KHaydn H11Dudley V
Simon KGarry C04Dudley V
Simon KSteve E44Dudley V
Garry CSimon K31Dudley V
Steve ESimon K61Dudley V
Haydn HSimon K40Dudley V
Garry CSimon K52Dudley V
Steve ESimon K12Dudley V
Haydn HSimon K23Dudley V
Simon KSteve E34Birmingham IV
Simon KGarry C14Birmingham IV
Simon KMandhir S10Birmingham IV
Simon KGarry C15Birmingham IV
Simon KMandhir S12Birmingham IV
Mandhir SSimon K41Birmingham IV
Steve ESimon K62Birmingham IV
Garry CSimon K23Birmingham IV
Mandhir SSimon K16Birmingham IV
Steve ESimon K41Birmingham IV
Garry CSimon K44Birmingham IV
Simon KGarry C11Birmingham V
Simon KMandhir S43Birmingham V
Simon KSteve E26Birmingham V
Simon KGarry C00Birmingham V
Simon KMandhir S64Birmingham V
Simon KSteve E22Birmingham V
Mandhir SSimon K41Birmingham V
Steve ESimon K31Birmingham V
Garry CSimon K41Birmingham V
Mandhir SSimon K53Birmingham V
Steve ESimon K50Birmingham V
Garry CSimon K42Birmingham V
Simon KSteve E15Heathrow V
Simon KMandhir S32Heathrow V
Simon KMark B53Heathrow V
Simon KWayne L110Heathrow V
Simon KHaydn H43Heathrow V
Simon KGarry C20Heathrow V
Wayne LSimon K93Heathrow V
Haydn HSimon K53Heathrow V
Garry CSimon K12Heathrow V
Steve ESimon K76Heathrow V
Mandhir SSimon K23Heathrow V
Mark BSimon K51Heathrow V
Simon KJon G19Birmingham VI
Simon KGarry C13Birmingham VI
Simon KSteve E24Birmingham VI
Simon KJon G43Birmingham VI
Simon KGarry C55Birmingham VI
Simon KSteve E33Birmingham VI
Steve ESimon K60Birmingham VI
Jon GSimon K64Birmingham VI
Garry CSimon K53Birmingham VI
Steve ESimon K53Birmingham VI
Jon GSimon K53Birmingham VI
Garry CSimon K13Birmingham VI
Simon KStephen D21Dudley VI
Simon KGarry C22Dudley VI
Simon KMark B013Dudley VI
Simon KSteve E22Dudley VI
Simon KStephen D44Dudley VI
Simon KGarry C41Dudley VI
Mark BSimon K22Dudley VI
Steve ESimon K23Dudley VI
Stephen DSimon K11Dudley VI
Garry CSimon K24Dudley VI
Mark BSimon K27Dudley VI
Steve ESimon K32Dudley VI
Simon KStephen D41Dudley VII
Simon KGarry C53Dudley VII
Simon KSteve E26Dudley VII
Steve ESimon K42Dudley VII
Stephen DSimon K33Dudley VII
Garry CSimon K11Dudley VII
Simon KKarl B23London XXII
Simon KFabio F311London XXII
Simon KRobert S26London XXII
Simon KJohn W41London XXII
Simon KMandhir S27London XXII
Simon KMark W32London XXII
Simon KJon G17London XXII
Simon KSandro T34London XXII
Simon KDarren G22London XXII
Simon KStephen D23London XXII
Haydn HSimon K31London XXII
Wayne LSimon K34London XXII
Steve ESimon K45London XXII
Gianni TSimon K91London XXII
Lee MSimon K12London XXII
Jerry MSimon K14London XXII
Alessandro VSimon K41London XXII
Mark BSimon K33London XXII
Garry CSimon K33London XXII
Simon KSteve E08Birmingham VII
Simon KGarry C13Birmingham VII
Simon KBrian C61Birmingham VII
Simon KSteve E15Birmingham VII
Garry CSimon K62Birmingham VII
Brian CSimon K07Birmingham VII
Steve ESimon K55Birmingham VII
Brian CSimon K33Birmingham VII
Simon KGraham S43Droitwich II
Simon KGarry C14Droitwich II
Simon KSteve E19Droitwich II
Simon KGraham S31Droitwich II
Simon KGarry C22Droitwich II
Simon KSteve E15Droitwich II
Steve ESimon K64Droitwich II
Graham SSimon K76Droitwich II
Garry CSimon K43Droitwich II
Steve ESimon K63Droitwich II
Graham SSimon K34Droitwich II
Garry CSimon K62Droitwich II
Simon KSteve E42Dudley VIII
Simon KGarry C03Dudley VIII
Simon KGreg N12Dudley VIII
Simon KStephen D31Dudley VIII
Simon KSteve E43Dudley VIII
Simon KGarry C43Dudley VIII
Simon KGreg N21Dudley VIII
Simon KStephen D12Dudley VIII
Greg NSimon K25Dudley VIII
Stephen DSimon K12Dudley VIII
Steve ESimon K51Dudley VIII
Garry CSimon K65Dudley VIII
Greg NSimon K12Dudley VIII
Stephen DSimon K22Dudley VIII
Steve ESimon K60Dudley VIII
Garry CSimon K15Dudley VIII
Simon KJon G14Birmingham IX
Simon KGarry C74Birmingham IX
Simon KSteve E15Birmingham IX
Simon KJon G110Birmingham IX
Simon KGarry C04Birmingham IX
Simon KSteve E26Birmingham IX
Steve ESimon K21Birmingham IX
Jon GSimon K62Birmingham IX
Garry CSimon K42Birmingham IX
Steve ESimon K52Birmingham IX
Jon GSimon K63Birmingham IX
Garry CSimon K62Birmingham IX
Simon KJohn B63Dudley XI
Simon KGarry C24Dudley XI
Simon KGraham S32Dudley XI
Simon KSteve E22Dudley XI
Graham SSimon K62Dudley XI
Steve ESimon K65Dudley XI
John BSimon K13Dudley XI
Garry CSimon K24Dudley XI
Simon KRobert S18Newent X
Simon KJames B23Newent X
Simon KJon G211Newent X
Simon KMark W22Newent X
Garry CSimon K45Newent X
Steve ESimon K21Newent X
Graham SSimon K22Newent X
Mandhir SSimon K38Newent X
Simon KRobert S16Newent XI
Simon KSteve C44Newent XI
Simon KGarry C20Newent XI
Simon KJon G19Newent XI
Simon KNick H21Newent XI
Simon KSteve E19Newent XI
Simon KJames B13Newent XI
Nick HSimon K27Newent XI
Steve ESimon K24Newent XI
James BSimon K51Newent XI
Robert SSimon K63Newent XI
Steve CSimon K33Newent XI
Garry CSimon K45Newent XI
Jon GSimon K64Newent XI
Simon KNick H60Newent XII
Simon KRobert S43Newent XII
Simon KGarry C33Newent XII
Simon KJohn H29Newent XII
Simon KSteve E53Newent XII
Simon KJames B17Newent XII
John HSimon K72Newent XII
Steve ESimon K23Newent XII
James BSimon K33Newent XII
Nick HSimon K08Newent XII
Robert SSimon K53Newent XII
Garry CSimon K12Newent XII
Simon KJon G37Birmingham X
Simon KGarry C15Birmingham X
Simon KSteve E14Birmingham X
Simon KGrant N31Birmingham X
Steve ESimon K43Birmingham X
Grant NSimon K03Birmingham X
Jon GSimon K62Birmingham X
Garry CSimon K24Birmingham X
Simon KGarry C23Newent XIII
Simon KJames B15Newent XIII
Simon KRobert S11Newent XIII
Simon KSteve E55Newent XIII
Simon KGarry C13Newent XIII
Simon KJames B36Newent XIII
Robert SSimon K71Newent XIII
Steve ESimon K86Newent XIII
Garry CSimon K23Newent XIII
James BSimon K54Newent XIII
Robert SSimon K40Newent XIII
Steve ESimon K34Newent XIII
Simon KJames B23Newent XIV
Simon KSteve E14Newent XIV
Simon KGarry C20Newent XIV
Simon KNick H32Newent XIV
Simon KJames B14Newent XIV
Simon KSteve E41Newent XIV
Garry CSimon K35Newent XIV
Nick HSimon K12Newent XIV
James BSimon K35Newent XIV
Steve ESimon K43Newent XIV
Garry CSimon K31Newent XIV
Nick HSimon K14Newent XIV
Simon KSteve E13Newent XV
Simon KMartin B24Newent XV
Simon KNick H60Newent XV
Simon KRobert S15Newent XV
Jon GSimon K42Newent XV
Garry CSimon K22Newent XV
James BSimon K40Newent XV
Simon KGarry C52Birmingham XI
Simon KBen G35Birmingham XI
Simon KSteve E12Birmingham XI
Simon KJon G35Birmingham XI
Steve ESimon K51Birmingham XI
Jon GSimon K22Birmingham XI
Garry CSimon K43Birmingham XI
Ben GSimon K43Birmingham XI
Simon KGraham S34Worcester I
Simon KGarry C11Worcester I
Simon KSteve E32Worcester I
Simon KGraham S53Worcester I
Simon KGarry C44Worcester I
Steve ESimon K52Worcester I
Graham SSimon K12Worcester I
Garry CSimon K51Worcester I
Steve ESimon K06Worcester I
Simon KRobert S36Dudley XII
Simon KGarry C04Dudley XII
Simon KSteve E43Dudley XII
Simon KRobert S14Dudley XII
Simon KGarry C32Dudley XII
Simon KSteve E12Dudley XII
Steve ESimon K10Dudley XII
Robert SSimon K73Dudley XII
Garry CSimon K54Dudley XII
Steve ESimon K32Dudley XII
Robert SSimon K21Dudley XII
Garry CSimon K24Dudley XII
Simon KJohn R60Worcester II
Simon KSteve E33Worcester II
Simon KGarry C23Worcester II
Simon KGraham S63Worcester II
Garry CSimon K10Worcester II
Graham SSimon K14Worcester II
John RSimon K05Worcester II
Steve ESimon K43Worcester II
Simon KJames B42London XXIII
Simon KGarry C05London XXIII
Simon KAndy H11London XXIII
Simon KGlenn L02London XXIII
Simon KRobert S65London XXIII
Simon KAlex B16London XXIII
Simon KAlessandro V26London XXIII
Simon KDarren G91London XXIII
Simon KSandro T16London XXIII
Simon KSteve E31London XXIII
Simon KDagh N46London XXIII
Simon KJohn H46London XXIII
Gianni TSimon K90London XXIII
Pedro QSimon K16London XXIII
Volker BSimon K32London XXIII
Panayotis PSimon K33London XXIII
Andy GSimon K62London XXIII
Thorsten BSimon K38London XXIII
Andy ESimon K06London XXIII
Klaus LoSimon K62London XXIII
Rodolfo MSimon K55London XXIII
Flavio ZSimon K04London XXIII
Jon GSimon K101London XXIII
Mark ESimon K16London XXIII
Simon KSteve E03Birmingham XII
Simon KJohn B62Birmingham XII
Simon KJon G46Birmingham XII
Simon KGarry C62Birmingham XII
Jon GSimon K43Birmingham XII
Garry CSimon K04Birmingham XII
Steve ESimon K42Birmingham XII
John BSimon K25Birmingham XII
Simon KSteve E43Dudley XIII
Simon KGarry C22Dudley XIII
Simon KGraham S21Dudley XIII
Garry CSimon K13Dudley XIII
Graham SSimon K13Dudley XIII
Steve ESimon K53Dudley XIII
Simon KSteve E36Dudley XIV
Simon KGraham S43Dudley XIV
Simon KGarry C13Dudley XIV
Garry CSimon K20Dudley XIV
Steve ESimon K22Dudley XIV
Graham SSimon K22Dudley XIV
Simon KRobert S14Dudley XV
Simon KSteve E53Dudley XV
Simon KGarry C02Dudley XV
Steve ESimon K44Dudley XV
Garry CSimon K35Dudley XV
Robert SSimon K44Dudley XV
Simon KRobert S50Dudley XVI
Simon KGarry C21Dudley XVI
Simon KSteve E51Dudley XVI
Garry CSimon K36Dudley XVI
Steve ESimon K60Dudley XVI
Robert SSimon K21Dudley XVI
Simon KJohn B40Birmingham XIII
Simon KGarry C15Birmingham XIII
Simon KGrant N31Birmingham XIII
Simon KSteve E22Birmingham XIII
Grant NSimon K03Birmingham XIII
Steve ESimon K56Birmingham XIII
John BSimon K16Birmingham XIII
Garry CSimon K23Birmingham XIII
Simon KRobert S15Birmingham XIV
Simon KRen A80Birmingham XIV
Simon KSteve E73Birmingham XIV
Simon KAndy G42Birmingham XIV
Simon KMartin B24Birmingham XIV
Simon KAndy E52Birmingham XIV
Simon KJon G34Birmingham XIV
Graham SSimon K15Birmingham XIV
Steve CSimon K22Birmingham XIV
Andy HSimon K34Birmingham XIV
Grant NSimon K06Birmingham XIV
Mandhir SSimon K33Birmingham XIV
Garry CSimon K43Birmingham XIV
Simon KAndy G26Birmingham XIV Gold Cup
Simon KGarry C62Birmingham XV
Simon KRobert S56Birmingham XV
Simon KMark W64Birmingham XV
Steve ESimon K21Birmingham XV
Jon GSimon K64Birmingham XV
Simon KRobert S44Birmingham XVI
Simon KSteve E25Birmingham XVI
Simon KMark W41Birmingham XVI
Simon KJon G18Birmingham XVI
Simon KGarry C12Birmingham XVI
Jon GSimon K32Birmingham XVI
Garry CSimon K30Birmingham XVI
Robert SSimon K43Birmingham XVI
Steve ESimon K42Birmingham XVI
Mark WSimon K13Birmingham XVI
Simon KSteve E25Birmingham XVIII
Simon KGarry C62Birmingham XVIII
Simon KJon G31Birmingham XVIII
Simon KGrant N61Birmingham XVIII
Simon KGraham S42Birmingham XVIII
Jon GSimon K67Birmingham XVIII
Grant NSimon K03Birmingham XVIII
Graham SSimon K28Birmingham XVIII
Steve ESimon K33Birmingham XVIII
Garry CSimon K42Birmingham XVIII
Simon KVolker B63Birmingham XIX
Simon KGarry C56Birmingham XIX
Simon KSteve E43Birmingham XIX
Garry CSimon K35Birmingham XIX
Steve ESimon K43Birmingham XIX
Volker BSimon K14Birmingham XIX
Simon KSteve E43Birmingham XX
Simon KVolker B60Birmingham XX
Simon KGarry C33Birmingham XX
Volker BSimon K33Birmingham XX
Garry CSimon K42Birmingham XX
Steve ESimon K75Birmingham XX
Simon KVolker B70Dudley XVII
Simon KGarry C42Dudley XVII
Simon KSteve E42Dudley XVII
Garry CSimon K53Dudley XVII
Steve ESimon K36Dudley XVII
Volker BSimon K34Dudley XVII
Simon KGarry C35Dudley XVIII
Simon KSteve E66Dudley XVIII
Simon KVolker B11Dudley XVIII
Steve ESimon K33Dudley XVIII
Volker BSimon K25Dudley XVIII
Garry CSimon K55Dudley XVIII
Simon KGarry C33Dudley XIX
Simon KSteve E34Dudley XIX
Simon KVolker B22Dudley XIX
Steve ESimon K22Dudley XIX
Volker BSimon K35Dudley XIX
Garry CSimon K33Dudley XIX
Simon KGraham S81Birmingham XXI
Simon KSteve Sm80Birmingham XXI
Simon KSteve C26Birmingham XXI
Simon KMark W60Birmingham XXI
Simon KAndy H42Birmingham XXI
Simon KRobert S44Birmingham XXI
Grant NSimon K05Birmingham XXI
Mandhir SSimon K13Birmingham XXI
Jon GSimon K77Birmingham XXI
Andy ESimon K15Birmingham XXI
Garry CSimon K43Birmingham XXI
Steve ESimon K33Birmingham XXI
Robert SSimon K56Birmingham XXI Gold Cup
Steve ESimon K73Birmingham XXI Gold Cup
Simon KKostas O35Dudley XX
Simon KGarry C23Dudley XX
Simon KSteve E26Dudley XX
Simon KKostas O23Dudley XX
Garry CSimon K53Dudley XX
Steve ESimon K45Dudley XX
Kostas OSimon K42Dudley XX
Garry CSimon K31Dudley XX
Steve ESimon K49Dudley XX
Simon KKostas O21Dudley XX Cup
Simon KKostas O41Dudley XX Cup
Garry CSimon K53Dudley XX Cup
Steve ESimon K54Dudley XX Cup
Steve ESimon K63Dudley XX Cup
Simon KSteve E63Birmingham XXIV
Simon KGarry C44Birmingham XXIV
Simon KJohn B60Birmingham XXIV
Garry CSimon K22Birmingham XXIV
John BSimon K08Birmingham XXIV
Steve ESimon K43Birmingham XXIV
Simon KFrank F34World Cup X
Simon KGeorge Ka33World Cup X
Simon KMichael G60World Cup X
Simon KMichael Ma40World Cup X
Simon KAlkis P26World Cup X
Simon KFlavio Z31World Cup X
Simon KKostas Ka22World Cup X
Simon KJorg P32World Cup X
Simon KHelmut H32World Cup X
Simon KThorsten B41World Cup X
Simon KRodolfo M43World Cup X
Simon KKnut L03World Cup X
Thorsten BSimon K31World Cup X
Lorenzo LSimon K11World Cup X
Robert SSimon K43World Cup X
Gunther WSimon K06World Cup X
Knut LSimon K11World Cup X
Jan GSimon K26World Cup X
Cornelius HSimon K19World Cup X
Rodolfo MSimon K42World Cup X
Knut LSimon K31World Cup X
Simon KGraham S41Birmingham XXV
Simon KSteve E47Birmingham XXV
Simon KGarry C20Birmingham XXV
Simon KRobert S73Birmingham XXV
Garry CSimon K43Birmingham XXV
Robert SSimon K32Birmingham XXV
Graham SSimon K45Birmingham XXV
Steve ESimon K71Birmingham XXV
Simon KSteve E35Birmingham XXVI
Simon KGarry C21Birmingham XXVI
Simon KJon G124Birmingham XXVI
Jon GSimon K56Birmingham XXVI
Steve ESimon K33Birmingham XXVI
Garry CSimon K54Birmingham XXVI
Simon KThomas J100Birmingham XXVIII
Simon KTom P70Birmingham XXVIII
Steve ESimon K36Birmingham XXVIII
Simon KGarry C32Birmingham XXIX
Simon KSteve E35Birmingham XXIX
Simon KThorsten B22Birmingham XXIX
Jon GSimon K61Birmingham XXIX
Frank FSimon K02Birmingham XXIX
John MSimon K06Birmingham XXIX
Simon KSteve C26Birmingham XXX
Simon KAndy H40Birmingham XXX
Simon KJon G26Birmingham XXX
Simon KRobert S43Birmingham XXX
Simon KSteve E64Birmingham XXX
Simon KGarry C44Birmingham XXX
Simon KMark W20Birmingham XXX
Simon KSimon B18Birmingham XXX
Simon KAndy E21Birmingham XXX
Garry CSimon K23Birmingham XXX
Mark WSimon K04Birmingham XXX
Simon BSimon K12Birmingham XXX
Andy ESimon K12Birmingham XXX
Steve CSimon K43Birmingham XXX
Andy HSimon K26Birmingham XXX
Jon GSimon K95Birmingham XXX
Robert SSimon K21Birmingham XXX
Steve ESimon K91Birmingham XXX
Simon KSteve E24Birmingham XXXI
Simon KGarry C12Birmingham XXXI
John MSimon K07Birmingham XXXI
Jon GSimon K41Birmingham XXXI
Simon KJohn M90Birmingham XXXII
Simon KJohn B70Birmingham XXXII
Simon KJon G95Birmingham XXXII
Simon KSteve E45Birmingham XXXII
Simon KRobert S53Birmingham XXXII
Simon KGarry C27Birmingham XXXII
Steve ESimon K22Birmingham XXXII
Robert SSimon K85Birmingham XXXII
Garry CSimon K11Birmingham XXXII
John MSimon K011Birmingham XXXII
John BSimon K311Birmingham XXXII
Jon GSimon K55Birmingham XXXII
Simon KSteve E53Birmingham XXXIII
Brian CSimon K16Birmingham XXXIII
Garry CSimon K54Birmingham XXXIII
Simon KJon G63Birmingham XXXIV
Simon KGarry C44Birmingham XXXIV
Simon KSteve E35Birmingham XXXIV
Steve ESimon K13Birmingham XXXIV
Jon GSimon K12Birmingham XXXIV
Garry CSimon K43Birmingham XXXIV
Simon KJon G67Birmingham XXXV
Simon KGarry C45Birmingham XXXV
Jon GSimon K74Birmingham XXXV
Garry CSimon K20Birmingham XXXV
Simon KFrank F55World Cup XI
Simon KRobert S44World Cup XI
Simon KJon G43World Cup XI
Simon KKlaus Le72World Cup XI
Simon KJorn F41World Cup XI
Simon KHelmut H81World Cup XI
Simon KWolf H50World Cup XI
Simon KCornelius H80World Cup XI
Simon KFrank F35World Cup XI
Simon KGarry C03World Cup XI
Simon KSimon B73World Cup XI
Simon KOliver St43World Cup XI
Simon KSteve C12World Cup XI
Simon KMichael Ma33World Cup XI
Cornelius HSimon K05World Cup XI
Frank FSimon K44World Cup XI
Robert SSimon K03World Cup XI
Jon GSimon K23World Cup XI
Klaus LeSimon K44World Cup XI
Jorn FSimon K12World Cup XI
Helmut HSimon K16World Cup XI
Wolf HSimon K27World Cup XI
Robert SSimon K12World Cup XI
Gianni TSimon K60World Cup XI
Michael MaSimon K41World Cup XI
Jon GSimon K43World Cup XI
Oliver StSimon K53World Cup XI
Steve CSimon K48World Cup XI
Michael MaSimon K23World Cup XI
Simon KSteve E46Birmingham XXXVI
Simon KBrian C40Birmingham XXXVI
Garry CSimon K66Birmingham XXXVI
John MSimon K09Birmingham XXXVI
Simon KSteve E54Birmingham XXXIX
Simon KGarry C24Birmingham XXXIX
Simon KJohn B81Birmingham XXXIX
Simon KBrian C53Birmingham XXXIX
John BSimon K07Birmingham XXXIX
Brian CSimon K19Birmingham XXXIX
Steve ESimon K31Birmingham XXXIX
Garry CSimon K54Birmingham XXXIX
Simon KSteve C16Bournemouth I
Simon KDagh N35Bournemouth I
Simon KAndy G23Bournemouth I
Garry CSimon K32Bournemouth I
Mark WSimon K25Bournemouth I
Steve ESimon K93Bournemouth I
Simon KAndy G26Bournemouth II
Simon KSteve E13Bournemouth III
Simon KAndy G36Bournemouth III
Simon KGarry C42Bournemouth III
Simon KRobert S00Bournemouth III
Mark WSimon K13Bournemouth III
Simon BSimon K27Bournemouth III
Steve CSimon K44Bournemouth III
Dagh NSimon K74Bournemouth III
Simon KDagh N37Bournemouth IV
Simon KMark W32Bournemouth IV
Simon KGarry C42Bournemouth IV
Simon KSteve E36Bournemouth IV
Simon KAndy G18Bournemouth IV
Simon KRobert S25Bournemouth IV
Simon KSimon B73Bournemouth IV
Simon KSteve C64Bournemouth IV
Andy GSimon K51Bournemouth IV
Robert SSimon K43Bournemouth IV
Simon BSimon K33Bournemouth IV
Steve CSimon K63Bournemouth IV
Dagh NSimon K72Bournemouth IV
Mark WSimon K11Bournemouth IV
Garry CSimon K21Bournemouth IV
Steve ESimon K92Bournemouth IV
Simon KBrian C52Birmingham XLI
Simon KGarry C30Birmingham XLI
Simon KSteve E56Birmingham XLI
Garry CSimon K51Birmingham XLI
Steve ESimon K57Birmingham XLI
Brian CSimon K26Birmingham XLI
Simon KGarry C42Birmingham XLII
Simon KJohn B80Birmingham XLII
Simon KBrian C73Birmingham XLII
Simon KMark W35Birmingham XLII
Brian CSimon K17Birmingham XLII
Mark WSimon K14Birmingham XLII
Garry CSimon K12Birmingham XLII
John BSimon K08Birmingham XLII
Simon KSteve E24Birmingham XLV
Simon KTodd H30Birmingham XLV
Simon KSteve E25Birmingham XLVII
Simon KCornelius H23Birmingham XLVII
Simon KIan K32Birmingham XLVII
Simon KMick C64Birmingham XLVII
Mark VSimon K06Birmingham XLVII
Garry CSimon K31Birmingham XLVII
Lee WSimon K15Birmingham XLVII
Andy GSimon K63Birmingham XLVII
John VSimon K34Birmingham XLVII
Simon KGarry C21Birmingham XLVIII
Simon KRobert S22Birmingham XLVIII
Simon KLee W27Birmingham XLVIII
Simon KSteve E34Birmingham XLVIII
Simon KMick C46Birmingham XLVIII
Garry CSimon K02Birmingham XLVIII
Robert SSimon K52Birmingham XLVIII
Lee WSimon K42Birmingham XLVIII
Steve ESimon K44Birmingham XLVIII
Mick CSimon K23Birmingham XLVIII
Simon KPaolo S41World Cup XVIII
Simon KSandro T23World Cup XVIII
Simon KJorn F32World Cup XVIII
Simon KJacob K33World Cup XVIII
Simon KAlessandro V16World Cup XVIII
Simon KFrank F24World Cup XVIII
Simon KThor S27World Cup XVIII
Simon KSteve C41World Cup XVIII
Simon KMarco D41World Cup XVIII
Simon KSteve E23World Cup XVIII
Simon KJohn V71World Cup XVIII
Simon KFabio F19World Cup XVIII
Mick CSimon K43World Cup XVIII
Oliver StSimon K34World Cup XVIII
Steve BSimon K08World Cup XVIII
Alessandro VSimon K45World Cup XVIII
Marco DSimon K34World Cup XVIII
Christopher DSimon K101World Cup XVIII
Gianni TSimon K103World Cup XVIII
Steve CSimon K53World Cup XVIII
Marco DSimon K11World Cup XVIII
Steve ESimon K23World Cup XVIII
Simon KRobert S16Milton Keynes I
Simon KMick C33Milton Keynes I
Simon KSteve B61Milton Keynes I
Simon KMark V84Milton Keynes I
Simon KIan K32Milton Keynes I
Simon KGarry C25Milton Keynes I
Simon KAndy G38Milton Keynes I
Simon KSteve E51Milton Keynes I
Simon KLee W24Milton Keynes I
Steve CSimon K43Milton Keynes I
Andy GSimon K52Milton Keynes I
Steve ESimon K12Milton Keynes I
Lee WSimon K22Milton Keynes I
Robert SSimon K44Milton Keynes I
Mick CSimon K33Milton Keynes I
Steve CSimon K13Milton Keynes I
Steve BSimon K66Milton Keynes I
Mark VSimon K15Milton Keynes I
Ian KSimon K27Milton Keynes I
Garry CSimon K20Milton Keynes I

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