Oliver St (#7 - 2206 pts)

Tournaments played60
Tournaments won41 (68.33%)
World cups played11
Games played703
Games won539 (76.67%)
Games drawn44 (6.26%)
Games lost120 (17.07%)
Goals for5031 (7.16)
Goals against1866 (2.65)
Last tournamentWorld Cup XVI (12-Nov-16)
Games per month in the last year1.83
1st easiest opponentWolfgang H (vs)
2nd easiest opponentMark F (vs)
3rd easiest opponentAndreas R (vs)
1st hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
2nd hardest opponentGianluca T (vs)
3rd hardest opponentFabio F (vs)
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for50 player(s)
Different opponents130
Opponents' countries15
More frequent opponentFrederic B (58 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets159 (22.62%)
No goals scored3 (0.43%)
Scored double figures154 (21.91%)
Conceded double figures10 (1.42%)
Biggest winOliver St - Thomas Kl: 26 - 0
Biggest defeatGianni T - Oliver St: 11 - 1
Danger rating0.38

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Oliver StNikos A44World Cup V
Oliver StRodolfo M54World Cup V
Oliver StAlessandro V24World Cup V
Oliver StFabian K92World Cup V
Oliver StPatrick D12World Cup V
Oliver StSascha W42World Cup V
Oliver StJan T80World Cup V
Oliver StGianni T17World Cup V
Oliver StThomas K43World Cup V
Oliver StMarco D42World Cup V
Oliver StKees V43World Cup V
Oliver StAlex B14World Cup V
Fabian KOliver St12World Cup V
Patrick DOliver St30World Cup V
Sascha WOliver St44World Cup V
Jan TOliver St26World Cup V
Nikos AOliver St93World Cup V
Rodolfo MOliver St44World Cup V
Alessandro VOliver St46World Cup V
Gianni TOliver St76World Cup V
Thomas KOliver St44World Cup V
Marco DOliver St34World Cup V
Kees VOliver St11World Cup V
Alex BOliver St20World Cup V
Oliver StMichael O25World Cup VI
Oliver StSascha W31World Cup VI
Oliver StGarry C41World Cup VI
Oliver StSaskia B140World Cup VI
Oliver StJames Bu52World Cup VI
Oliver StNick P32World Cup VI
Oliver StBen G36World Cup VI
Oliver StThomas K43World Cup VI
Oliver StRodolfo M83World Cup VI
Oliver StWayne L21World Cup VI
Oliver StGlenn L44World Cup VI
Gianni TOliver St61World Cup VI
Michael MuOliver St17World Cup VI
Jesper KOliver St37World Cup VI
John HOliver St81World Cup VI
James BOliver St52World Cup VI
Thomas KOliver St53World Cup VI
Rodolfo MOliver St63World Cup VI
Wayne LOliver St54World Cup VI
Glenn LOliver St54World Cup VI
Oliver StPatrick D85Kelkheim VII
Oliver StStefan V24Kelkheim VII
Oliver StThomas K65Kelkheim VII
Oliver StMandhir S83Kelkheim VII
Oliver StGunther W91Kelkheim VII
Oliver StSascha W36Kelkheim VII
Oliver StPatrick D75Kelkheim VII
Oliver StMandhir S52Kelkheim VII
Thorsten BOliver St05Kelkheim VII
Michael OOliver St30Kelkheim VII
Mark BOliver St55Kelkheim VII
Sascha WOliver St51Kelkheim VII
Desiree ROliver St011Kelkheim VII
Kai KOliver St17Kelkheim VII
Sascha WOliver St94Kelkheim VII
Patrick DOliver St66Kelkheim VII
Mandhir SOliver St35Kelkheim VII
Oliver StGunther W61Kelkheim IX
Oliver StErwin S42Kelkheim IX
Michael OOliver St24Kelkheim IX
Desiree ROliver St09Kelkheim IX
Laurent LOliver St010Kelkheim IX
Sascha WOliver St43Kelkheim IX
Oliver StThorsten B60Cologne I
Oliver StSandro T34Cologne I
Oliver StLaurent L73Cologne I
Oliver StJan K110Cologne I
Oliver StJuan S100Cologne I
Oliver StSascha W67Cologne I
Oliver StHaydn H42Cologne I
Oliver StThomas K25Cologne I
Oliver StStefan V44Cologne I
Oliver StAlessandro V33Cologne I
Denis HOliver St34Cologne I
Frederic BOliver St44Cologne I
Gianni TOliver St114Cologne I
Michael MuOliver St23Cologne I
Jan GOliver St47Cologne I
Haydn HOliver St44Cologne I
Thomas KOliver St32Cologne I
Stefan VOliver St02Cologne I
Alessandro VOliver St42Cologne I
Oliver StUli P40Langenfeld
Oliver StSascha W46Langenfeld
Oliver StThomas Ni51Langenfeld
Oliver StThomas Ni60Langenfeld
Oliver StFrederic B43Langenfeld
Oliver StSascha W53Langenfeld
Frederic BOliver St65Langenfeld
Guido HOliver St010Langenfeld
Malte ROliver St26Langenfeld
Volker BOliver St16Langenfeld
Thomas NiOliver St06Langenfeld
Frederic BOliver St49Langenfeld
Sascha WOliver St68Langenfeld
Oliver StKlaus-Dieter M130Langenfeld II
Oliver StVolker B71Langenfeld II
Oliver StFrederic B32Langenfeld II
Gunther WOliver St36Langenfeld II
Thomas NiOliver St15Langenfeld II
Frederic BOliver St31Langenfeld II
Volker BOliver St19Langenfeld II
Oliver StVolker B41Langenfeld III
Oliver StThorsten B30Langenfeld III
Oliver StFrederic B51Langenfeld III
Thorsten BOliver St06Langenfeld III
Frederic BOliver St17Langenfeld III
Volker BOliver St15Langenfeld III
Oliver StThorsten B42Langenfeld IV
Oliver StVolker B84Langenfeld IV
Oliver StFrederic B62Langenfeld IV
Frederic BOliver St28Langenfeld IV
Thorsten BOliver St04Langenfeld IV
Volker BOliver St24Langenfeld IV
Oliver StFrederic B60Cologne IV
Oliver StMalte R122Cologne IV
Oliver StVolker B64Cologne IV
Oliver StThomas Ni111Cologne IV
Volker BOliver St55Cologne IV
Thomas NiOliver St18Cologne IV
Frederic BOliver St44Cologne IV
Malte ROliver St15Cologne IV
Oliver StJan K120Langenfeld V
Oliver StVolker B101Langenfeld V
Oliver StUli P50Langenfeld V
Oliver StMalte R90Langenfeld V
Oliver StFrederic B44Langenfeld V
Oliver StThorsten B70Langenfeld V
Malte ROliver St03Langenfeld V
Frederic BOliver St34Langenfeld V
Thorsten BOliver St06Langenfeld V
Jan KOliver St06Langenfeld V
Volker BOliver St46Langenfeld V
Uli POliver St38Langenfeld V
Oliver StVolker B73Duesseldorf I
Oliver StThomas Ni71Duesseldorf I
Oliver StFrederic B64Duesseldorf I
Oliver StVolker B93Duesseldorf I
Thomas NiOliver St26Duesseldorf I
Frederic BOliver St27Duesseldorf I
Volker BOliver St18Duesseldorf I
Thomas NiOliver St47Duesseldorf I
Frederic BOliver St410Duesseldorf I
Oliver StThorsten B10Wiesbaden IV
Oliver StThorsten B61Wiesbaden IV
Volker BOliver St19Wiesbaden IV
Jan KOliver St016Wiesbaden IV
Volker BOliver St56Wiesbaden IV
Jan KOliver St010Wiesbaden IV
Oliver StVolker B62Cologne V
Oliver StThorsten B53Cologne V
Oliver StFrederic B72Cologne V
Oliver StVolker B112Cologne V
Oliver StThorsten B92Cologne V
Oliver StFrederic B93Cologne V
Frederic BOliver St46Cologne V
Volker BOliver St012Cologne V
Thorsten BOliver St26Cologne V
Volker BOliver St27Cologne V
Thorsten BOliver St16Cologne V
Oliver StDirk B90Duesseldorf II
Oliver StVolker B70Duesseldorf II
Oliver StMartin M122Duesseldorf II
Oliver StFrederic B64Duesseldorf II
Martin MOliver St012Duesseldorf II
Frederic BOliver St37Duesseldorf II
Dirk BOliver St010Duesseldorf II
Volker BOliver St76Duesseldorf II
Oliver StThomas N100Wiesbaden V
Oliver StJuan S160Wiesbaden V
Oliver StRobert St72Wiesbaden V
Oliver StAndreas Kl150Wiesbaden V
Oliver StJan G123Wiesbaden V
Oliver StHeiko W73Wiesbaden V
Oliver StThomas N41Wiesbaden V
Oliver StJan G20Wiesbaden V
Oliver StFrank F95Wiesbaden V
Thorsten BOliver St012Wiesbaden V
Jan KOliver St010Wiesbaden V
Frank FOliver St06Wiesbaden V
Jorg POliver St58Wiesbaden V
Volker BOliver St25Wiesbaden V
Thomas NOliver St18Wiesbaden V
Jan GOliver St212Wiesbaden V
Oliver StPanayotis P74World Cup VIII
Oliver StHenrik R80World Cup VIII
Oliver StVasilis K52World Cup VIII
Oliver StYakos T80World Cup VIII
Oliver StAlkis P34World Cup VIII
Oliver StKnut L40World Cup VIII
Oliver StFilippos M55World Cup VIII
Oliver StJohn H44World Cup VIII
Oliver StSteve E52World Cup VIII
Oliver StGianni T28World Cup VIII
Marco SOliver St27World Cup VIII
Alex BOliver St17World Cup VIII
Apostolos TOliver St15World Cup VIII
Nick POliver St49World Cup VIII
John HOliver St44World Cup VIII
Knut LOliver St33World Cup VIII
Filippos MOliver St56World Cup VIII
Alkis POliver St72World Cup VIII
John HOliver St82World Cup VIII
Steve EOliver St07World Cup VIII
Gianni TOliver St123World Cup VIII
Oliver StVolker B91Langenfeld IX
Oliver StGuido H110Langenfeld IX
Oliver StFrederic B11Langenfeld IX
Oliver StJan K70Langenfeld IX
Thorsten BOliver St11Langenfeld IX
Wolfgang HOliver St023Langenfeld IX
Klaus-Dieter MOliver St022Langenfeld IX
Dirk BOliver St16Langenfeld IX
Oliver StFrank F63Wiesbaden X
Oliver StJan K100Wiesbaden X
Oliver StJuan S100Wiesbaden X
Oliver StThorsten B82Wiesbaden X
Juan SOliver St012Wiesbaden X
Thorsten BOliver St28Wiesbaden X
Frank FOliver St510Wiesbaden X
Jan KOliver St06Wiesbaden X
Oliver StVolker B71Duesseldorf III
Oliver StThomas Ni143Duesseldorf III
Oliver StMichael L100Duesseldorf III
Frederic BOliver St06Duesseldorf III
Carsten POliver St112Duesseldorf III
Cornelius HOliver St210Duesseldorf III
Oliver StCarsten P151Duesseldorf IV
Oliver StCornelius H100Duesseldorf IV
Michael LOliver St19Duesseldorf IV
Volker BOliver St28Duesseldorf IV
Oliver StMichael L82Koenigswinter II
Oliver StThorsten B60Koenigswinter II
Oliver StCornelius H52Koenigswinter II
Oliver StFrederic B16Koenigswinter II
Cornelius HOliver St210Koenigswinter II
Frederic BOliver St46Koenigswinter II
Michael LOliver St110Koenigswinter II
Thorsten BOliver St17Koenigswinter II
Oliver StFrank F96Langenfeld XI
Oliver StCornelius H81Langenfeld XI
Thorsten BOliver St010Langenfeld XI
Volker BOliver St28Langenfeld XI
Oliver StFrank F43Koenigswinter V
Oliver StCarsten P71Koenigswinter V
Thorsten BOliver St114Koenigswinter V
Udo TOliver St016Koenigswinter V
Michael LOliver St19Koenigswinter V
Cornelius HOliver St37Koenigswinter V
Volker BOliver St57Koenigswinter V
Oliver StJan K101Darmstadt I
Oliver StThorsten B30Darmstadt I
Oliver StAndreas Kl120Darmstadt I
Oliver StFrank F53Darmstadt I
Andreas KlOliver St012Darmstadt I
Frank FOliver St33Darmstadt I
Jan KOliver St19Darmstadt I
Thorsten BOliver St14Darmstadt I
Oliver StCornelius H80Koenigswinter XI
Udo TOliver St013Koenigswinter XI
Frederic BOliver St36Koenigswinter XI
Oliver StCornelius H50Koenigswinter XII
Oliver StUdo T120Koenigswinter XII
Carsten POliver St14Koenigswinter XII
Frederic BOliver St14Koenigswinter XII
Oliver StCarsten P52Koenigswinter XIII
Oliver StFrederic B35Koenigswinter XIII
Oliver StCornelius H91Koenigswinter XIII
Cornelius HOliver St34Koenigswinter XIII
Carsten POliver St28Koenigswinter XIII
Frederic BOliver St36Koenigswinter XIII
Oliver StFrederic B66Duesseldorf V
Oliver StCornelius H71Duesseldorf V
Oliver StVolker B63Duesseldorf V
Oliver StFrederic B41Duesseldorf V
Oliver StCornelius H82Duesseldorf V
Volker BOliver St23Duesseldorf V
Frederic BOliver St45Duesseldorf V
Cornelius HOliver St38Duesseldorf V
Volker BOliver St27Duesseldorf V
Oliver StRodolfo M90World Cup IX
Oliver StSteve C63World Cup IX
Oliver StAlessandro V64World Cup IX
Oliver StHelmut H122World Cup IX
Oliver StKostas Ka91World Cup IX
Oliver StJacob K56World Cup IX
Oliver StMichael Ma130World Cup IX
Oliver StNikos A12World Cup IX
Oliver StRobert S33World Cup IX
Oliver StGianni T19World Cup IX
Oliver StAlex B54World Cup IX
Oliver StEktoras K53World Cup IX
Oliver StRobert S66World Cup IX
Helmut HOliver St27World Cup IX
Kostas KaOliver St28World Cup IX
Jacob KOliver St43World Cup IX
Michael MaOliver St59World Cup IX
Rodolfo MOliver St18World Cup IX
Steve COliver St82World Cup IX
Alessandro VOliver St74World Cup IX
Gianni TOliver St95World Cup IX
Nikos AOliver St62World Cup IX
Robert SOliver St114World Cup IX
Alex BOliver St34World Cup IX
Ektoras KOliver St74World Cup IX
Robert SOliver St71World Cup IX
Oliver StCornelius H63Koenigswinter XIV
Oliver StMichael L101Koenigswinter XIV
Oliver StUdo T150Koenigswinter XIV
Oliver StCarsten P153Koenigswinter XIV
Oliver StPatrick S160Koenigswinter XIV
Oliver StFrederic B53Koenigswinter XIV
Carsten POliver St19Koenigswinter XIV
Patrick SOliver St015Koenigswinter XIV
Frederic BOliver St44Koenigswinter XIV
Cornelius HOliver St18Koenigswinter XIV
Michael LOliver St09Koenigswinter XIV
Udo TOliver St011Koenigswinter XIV
Oliver StCarsten P113Koenigswinter XV
Oliver StPatrick S180Koenigswinter XV
Udo TOliver St017Koenigswinter XV
Cornelius HOliver St26Koenigswinter XV
Michael LOliver St09Koenigswinter XV
Oliver StThorsten B81Langenfeld XII
Oliver StFrank F63Langenfeld XII
Oliver StGunther W120Langenfeld XII
Volker BOliver St54Langenfeld XII
Frederic BOliver St36Langenfeld XII
Cornelius HOliver St18Langenfeld XII
Jan KOliver St114Langenfeld XII
Oliver StVolker B64Cologne VI
Oliver StFrederic B85Cologne VI
Oliver StCornelius H71Cologne VI
Frederic BOliver St16Cologne VI
Cornelius HOliver St17Cologne VI
Volker BOliver St111Cologne VI
Frederic BOliver St55Cologne VI
Cornelius HOliver St08Cologne VI
Oliver StVolker B42Koenigswinter XIX
Oliver StCarsten P81Koenigswinter XIX
Oliver StMichael L101Koenigswinter XIX
Oliver StUdo T160Koenigswinter XIX
Oliver StCornelius H60Koenigswinter XIX
Oliver StPatrick S70Koenigswinter XIX
Udo TOliver St015Koenigswinter XIX
Cornelius HOliver St23Koenigswinter XIX
Patrick SOliver St016Koenigswinter XIX
Volker BOliver St39Koenigswinter XIX
Carsten POliver St27Koenigswinter XIX
Michael LOliver St26Koenigswinter XIX
Oliver StFrederic B92Cologne VII
Oliver StThorsten B91Cologne VII
Oliver StFrank F65Cologne VII
Frank FOliver St33Cologne VII
Frederic BOliver St36Cologne VII
Thorsten BOliver St28Cologne VII
Oliver StKoney K101Milan XXVII
Oliver StFrank F43Milan XXVII
Oliver StDenny M180Milan XXVII
Oliver StGianni T29Milan XXVII
Oliver StLuigi F55Milan XXVII
Oliver StGianluca T27Milan XXVII
Oliver StMarco S82Milan XXVII
Robert SOliver St77Milan XXVII
Fabrizio ROliver St210Milan XXVII
Thorsten BOliver St35Milan XXVII
Paolo DOliver St27Milan XXVII
Alessandro VOliver St38Milan XXVII
Panayotis POliver St115Milan XXVII
Flavio ZOliver St39Milan XXVII
Oliver StFrank F75Volkenrath I
Oliver StCornelius H52Volkenrath I
Oliver StThorsten B121Volkenrath I
Oliver StFrederic B71Volkenrath I
Oliver StFrank F34Volkenrath I
Oliver StCornelius H60Volkenrath I
Thorsten BOliver St32Volkenrath I
Frederic BOliver St37Volkenrath I
Frank FOliver St41Volkenrath I
Cornelius HOliver St111Volkenrath I
Thorsten BOliver St25Volkenrath I
Frederic BOliver St24Volkenrath I
Oliver StHelmut H91World Cup X
Oliver StJan K90World Cup X
Oliver StGianni T37World Cup X
Oliver StDirk B61World Cup X
Oliver StFrederic B61World Cup X
Oliver StJohn H33World Cup X
Oliver StAlkis P27World Cup X
Oliver StDagh N88World Cup X
Peter SOliver St014World Cup X
Steve COliver St63World Cup X
Sascha WOliver St69World Cup X
Jan GOliver St15World Cup X
Alex BOliver St05World Cup X
Thomas NOliver St18World Cup X
John HOliver St44World Cup X
Alkis POliver St62World Cup X
Frederic BOliver St37World Cup X
Frank FOliver St34World Cup X
Dagh NOliver St81World Cup X
Oliver StAndreas R210Koenigswinter XXVII
Oliver StMichael L54Koenigswinter XXVII
Udo TOliver St117Koenigswinter XXVII
Carsten POliver St07Koenigswinter XXVII
Cornelius HOliver St28Koenigswinter XXVII
Oliver StSascha K160Karst I
Oliver StDirk B51Karst I
Oliver StCornelius H92Karst I
Oliver StThorsten B61Karst I
Cornelius HOliver St311Karst I
Thorsten BOliver St25Karst I
Sascha KOliver St06Karst I
Dirk BOliver St19Karst I
Oliver StVolker B72Rodenbach I
Oliver StJan K110Rodenbach I
Oliver StHolger H100Rodenbach I
Oliver StFrank F43Rodenbach I
Oliver StJoerg S110Rodenbach I
Oliver StFrank F110Rodenbach I
Oliver StFrank F21Rodenbach I
Juan SOliver St19Rodenbach I
Joerg DOliver St016Rodenbach I
Mark FOliver St022Rodenbach I
Horst LOliver St110Rodenbach I
Thorsten BOliver St07Rodenbach I
Cornelius HOliver St111Rodenbach I
Volker BOliver St45Rodenbach I
Oliver StFrank F72Volkenrath II
Oliver StThorsten B62Volkenrath II
Oliver StJan K190Volkenrath II
Oliver StFrederic B72Volkenrath II
Oliver StFrank F88Volkenrath II
Oliver StThorsten B51Volkenrath II
Jan KOliver St014Volkenrath II
Frederic BOliver St55Volkenrath II
Frank FOliver St83Volkenrath II
Thorsten BOliver St44Volkenrath II
Jan KOliver St018Volkenrath II
Frederic BOliver St25Volkenrath II
Oliver StWolf H90Oldenburg II
Oliver StVolker B90Oldenburg II
Oliver StPeter K92Oldenburg II
Oliver StTom S127Oldenburg II
Oliver StHeiko W53Oldenburg II
Jan KOliver St011Oldenburg II
Torben WOliver St015Oldenburg II
Horst LOliver St19Oldenburg II
Chris ROliver St019Oldenburg II
Frank FOliver St43Oldenburg II
Oliver StSteve S52World Cup XI
Oliver StEktoras K67World Cup XI
Oliver StLorenzo C75World Cup XI
Oliver StJames Bu87World Cup XI
Oliver StAndy G75World Cup XI
Oliver StJorg P83World Cup XI
Oliver StThomas N80World Cup XI
Oliver StRodolfo M91World Cup XI
Oliver StSteve E83World Cup XI
Oliver StLorenzo C26World Cup XI
Oliver StGeorge Ka56World Cup XI
Oliver StSimon K53World Cup XI
Oliver StFrank F63World Cup XI
Oliver StEktoras K45World Cup XI
James BuOliver St17World Cup XI
Andy GOliver St48World Cup XI
Jorg POliver St27World Cup XI
Thomas NOliver St113World Cup XI
Rodolfo MOliver St07World Cup XI
Steve SOliver St16World Cup XI
Ektoras KOliver St32World Cup XI
Lorenzo COliver St63World Cup XI
Ektoras KOliver St55World Cup XI
Alkis POliver St44World Cup XI
Steve COliver St25World Cup XI
Andy GOliver St85World Cup XI
Simon KOliver St43World Cup XI
Frank FOliver St37World Cup XI
Ektoras KOliver St68World Cup XI
Oliver StFrank F67Manheim II
Oliver StHorst L143Manheim II
Oliver StJorg D160Manheim II
Oliver StCornelius H131Manheim II
Thorsten BOliver St14Manheim II
Holger HOliver St013Manheim II
Jan KOliver St110Manheim II
Sven HOliver St020Manheim II
Oliver StMichael L80Koenigswinter XL
Oliver StPatrick S110Koenigswinter XL
Oliver StUdo T110Koenigswinter XL
Cornelius HOliver ST25Koenigswinter XL
Carsten POliver St110Koenigswinter XL
Oliver StCornelius H60Koenigswinter XLI
Oliver StCarsten P130Koenigswinter XLI
Udo TOliver St113Koenigswinter XLI
Oliver StJan K90Hanau II
Oliver StFrank F65Hanau II
Oliver StHorst L101Hanau II
Oliver StThorsten B81Hanau II
Oliver StJan K100Hanau II
Oliver StFrank F46Hanau II
Horst LOliver St29Hanau II
Thorsten BOliver St28Hanau II
Jan KOliver St09Hanau II
Frank FOliver St37Hanau II
Horst LOliver St19Hanau II
Thorsten BOliver St18Hanau II
Oliver StFrank F46Volkenrath III
Oliver StThorsten B40Volkenrath III
Oliver StCornelius H30Volkenrath III
Oliver StJan K102Volkenrath III
Oliver StFrank F42Volkenrath III
Oliver StThorsten B41Volkenrath III
Cornelius HOliver St213Volkenrath III
Jan KOliver St112Volkenrath III
Frank FOliver St39Volkenrath III
Thorsten BOliver St28Volkenrath III
Cornelius HOliver St212Volkenrath III
Jan KOliver St017Volkenrath III
Oliver StAndreas Be91Hanau III
Oliver StThorsten B122Hanau III
Oliver StJorg D200Hanau III
Oliver StAndreas S120Hanau III
Oliver StHorst L120Hanau III
Oliver StThorsten B80Hanau III
Oliver StFrank F22Hanau III
Cornelius HOliver St17Hanau III
Horst LOliver St313Hanau III
Michael EOliver St09Hanau III
Frank FOliver St37Hanau III
Horst LOliver St29Hanau III
Thorsten BOliver St08Hanau III
Frank FOliver St38Hanau III
Oliver StLorenzo C36World Cup XII
Oliver StLorenzo L62World Cup XII
Oliver StPeter S110World Cup XII
Oliver StMario F410World Cup XII
Oliver StGianni T310World Cup XII
Oliver StGeorge Ka56World Cup XII
Oliver StMark W76World Cup XII
Oliver StDenny M120World Cup XII
Oliver StMassimo M110World Cup XII
Oliver StAndy G47World Cup XII
Oliver StLuigi F83World Cup XII
Oliver StAlessandro V75World Cup XII
Oliver StGianni T67World Cup XII
Oliver StDagh N46World Cup XII
Oliver StMario F59World Cup XII
Oliver StAlkis P55World Cup XII
George KaOliver St35World Cup XII
Mark WOliver St46World Cup XII
Denny MOliver St115World Cup XII
Massimo MOliver St08World Cup XII
Lorenzo COliver St42World Cup XII
Lorenzo LOliver St13World Cup XII
Peter SOliver St211World Cup XII
Mario FOliver St64World Cup XII
Gianni TOliver St42World Cup XII
Panayotis POliver St52World Cup XII
Fabio FOliver St62World Cup XII
Steve COliver St34World Cup XII
Dagh NOliver St115World Cup XII
Mario FOliver St76World Cup XII
Alkis POliver St41World Cup XII
Oliver StDirk B23Duesseldorf VI
Oliver StThomas Kl260Duesseldorf VI
Oliver StFrederic B73Duesseldorf VI
Oliver StDirk B110Duesseldorf VI
Oliver StThomas Kl240Duesseldorf VI
Frederic BOliver St46Duesseldorf VI
Dirk BOliver St59Duesseldorf VI
Thomas KlOliver St110Duesseldorf VI
Frederic BOliver St58Duesseldorf VI
Oliver StHelmut H52World Cup XIII
Oliver StMichael Ma88World Cup XIII
Oliver StSteve C83World Cup XIII
Oliver StGianni T311World Cup XIII
Oliver StJorg P103World Cup XIII
Oliver StMark W57World Cup XIII
Oliver StChristopher D56World Cup XIII
Oliver StAlkis P45World Cup XIII
Oliver StAndy G75World Cup XIII
Oliver StDino D160World Cup XIII
Oliver StAlkis P106World Cup XIII
Oliver StJorg P80World Cup XIII
Oliver StLorenzo L47World Cup XIII
Oliver StJorn F90World Cup XIII
Klaus LeOliver St25World Cup XIII
Rodolfo MOliver St46World Cup XIII
Peter SOliver St37World Cup XIII
Dino DOliver St09World Cup XIII
Jorn FOliver St210World Cup XIII
Michele LOliver St26World Cup XIII
Lorenzo LOliver St36World Cup XIII
Michael FOliver St115World Cup XIII
Alkis POliver St64World Cup XIII
Jorg POliver St29World Cup XIII
Lorenzo LOliver St33World Cup XIII
Dino DOliver St013World Cup XIII
Jorn FOliver St35World Cup XIII
Klaus LeOliver St37World Cup XIII
Oliver StMartin M200Volkenrath IV
Oliver StCornelius H120Volkenrath IV
Oliver StFrank F41Volkenrath IV
Oliver StJan K120Volkenrath IV
Oliver StJan K130Volkenrath IV
Oliver StFrank F54Volkenrath IV
Dirk BOliver St27Volkenrath IV
Thorsten BOliver St25Volkenrath IV
Frederic BOliver St08Volkenrath IV
Frederic BOliver St59Volkenrath IV
Oliver StMartin M100Duesseldorf VII
Oliver StDirk B62Duesseldorf VII
Oliver StFrederic B63Duesseldorf VII
Oliver StMartin M140Duesseldorf VII
Oliver StDirk B94Duesseldorf VII
Frederic BOliver St36Duesseldorf VII
Martin MOliver St07Duesseldorf VII
Dirk BOliver St27Duesseldorf VII
Frederic BOliver St19Duesseldorf VII
Oliver StSteve C41World Cup XIV
Oliver StThor S48World Cup XIV
Oliver StGunther W91World Cup XIV
Oliver StAlkis P16World Cup XIV
Oliver StJorg P110World Cup XIV
Oliver StFabio F37World Cup XIV
Oliver StMario F86World Cup XIV
Oliver StDagh N38World Cup XIV
Oliver StAlessandro V25World Cup XIV
Oliver StSteve C65World Cup XIV
Oliver StJacob K74World Cup XIV
Oliver StThor S35World Cup XIV
Thomas NOliver St011World Cup XIV
Alessandro VOliver St612World Cup XIV
Torgny AOliver St010World Cup XIV
Dagh NOliver St136World Cup XIV
Jacob KOliver St17World Cup XIV
Ektoras KOliver St310World Cup XIV
Jorn FOliver St35World Cup XIV
Christopher DOliver St58World Cup XIV
Andy GOliver St65World Cup XIV
Alkis POliver St42World Cup XIV
Steve COliver St46World Cup XIV
Jacob KOliver St59World Cup XIV
Thor SOliver St35World Cup XIV
Oliver StCornelius H111Koenigswinter XLIX
Oliver StDanny D100Koenigswinter XLIX
Oliver StFrank F51Koenigswinter XLIX
Oliver StCornelius H120Koenigswinter XLIX
Danny DOliver St16Koenigswinter XLIX
Frank FOliver St13Koenigswinter XLIX
Cornelius HOliver St114Koenigswinter XLIX
Danny DOliver St111Koenigswinter XLIX
Frank FOliver St16Koenigswinter XLIX
Oliver StAlessandro V75World Cup 2015
Oliver StMick N110World Cup 2015
Oliver StJaume P120World Cup 2015
Oliver StAlessandro V93World Cup 2015
Oliver StRobert S72World Cup 2015
Oliver StAndy G64World Cup 2015
Oliver StThor S44World Cup 2015
Oliver StChristopher D65World Cup 2015
Oliver StAndy G66World Cup 2015
Christopher DOliver St73World Cup 2015
Charley DOliver St314World Cup 2015
Lee WOliver St110World Cup 2015
Sean COliver St113World Cup 2015
Jorn FOliver St17World Cup 2015
Sandro TOliver St37World Cup 2015
John HOliver St47World Cup 2015
Steve COliver St58World Cup 2015
Gianni TOliver St62World Cup 2015
Thor SOliver St69World Cup 2015
Andy GOliver St75World Cup 2015
Oliver StFlorian K141World Cup XVI
Oliver StFrank F52World Cup XVI
Oliver StLorenzo C34World Cup XVI
Oliver StDenny M60World Cup XVI
Oliver StLee W72World Cup XVI
Oliver StMaurizio D120World Cup XVI
Oliver StJacob K63World Cup XVI
Oliver StAlkis P64World Cup XVI
Oliver StFabio F26World Cup XVI
Oliver StSandro T41World Cup XVI
Oliver StMario F63World Cup XVI
Oliver StGianni T45World Cup XVI
Gianni TOliver St94World Cup XVI
Michele LOliver St39World Cup XVI
Peter SOliver St08World Cup XVI
Alessandro VOliver St36World Cup XVI
Lorenzo COliver St58World Cup XVI
Dagh NOliver St94World Cup XVI
Thor SOliver St35World Cup XVI
Mario FOliver St65World Cup XVI
Gianni TOliver St111World Cup XVI
Dagh NOliver St74World Cup XVI

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