Nikos A (#22 - 1464 pts)

Tournaments played55
Tournaments won6 (10.91%)
World cups played7
Games played657
Games won401 (61.04%)
Games drawn69 (10.50%)
Games lost187 (28.46%)
Goals for2996 (4.56)
Goals against1963 (2.99)
Last tournamentAthens LXXXV (08-May-16)
Games per month in the last year1.92
1st easiest opponentAstrid L (vs)
2nd easiest opponentGunther W (vs)
3rd easiest opponentHaakon E (vs)
1st hardest opponentDagh N (vs)
2nd hardest opponentMario F (vs)
3rd hardest opponentJohn H (vs)
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for19 player(s)
Different opponents99
Opponents' countries13
More frequent opponentAlkis P (99 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets72 (10.96%)
No goals scored6 (0.91%)
Scored double figures18 (2.74%)
Conceded double figures2 (0.30%)
Biggest winNikos A - Patrick D: 10 - 0
Biggest defeatNikos A - Gianni T: 1 - 10
Danger rating0.19

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Nikos ADimitris K74Athens IV
Nikos AAlkis P13Athens IV
Nikos AVasilis K22Athens IV
Nikos AGeorge K24Athens IV
Nikos AApostolos T24Athens IV
Dimitris KNikos A44Athens IV
Alkis PNikos A41Athens IV
Vasilis KNikos A51Athens IV
George KNikos A62Athens IV
Apostolos TNikos A51Athens IV
Nikos ADimitris K42Athens IV Cup
Alkis PNikos A60Athens IV Cup
Nikos AGeorge K20Athens V
Nikos AVasilis K42Athens V
Nikos AAlkis P24Athens V
Alkis PNikos A52Athens V
George KNikos A25Athens V
Vasilis KNikos A35Athens V
Nikos AVasilis K41Athens VI
Nikos AAlkis P61Athens VI
Nikos AGeorge K11Athens VI
Alkis PNikos A30Athens VI
George KNikos A03Athens VI
Vasilis KNikos A22Athens VI
Nikos AAlkis P43Athens VII
Nikos AGeorge K31Athens VII
Nikos AVasilis K35Athens VII
Vasilis KNikos A22Athens VII
Alkis PNikos A13Athens VII
George KNikos A53Athens VII
Nikos AGeorge K63Athens VIII
Nikos AVasilis K41Athens VIII
Nikos AAlkis P22Athens VIII
George KNikos A33Athens VIII
Vasilis KNikos A54Athens VIII
Alkis PNikos A81Athens VIII
Nikos AVasilis K14Athens IX
Nikos AGeorge K25Athens IX
Nikos ASpyros P21Athens IX
Nikos AAlkis P35Athens IX
Nikos ADimitris K81Athens IX
Vasilis KNikos A23Athens IX
George KNikos A65Athens IX
Spyros PNikos A33Athens IX
Alkis PNikos A52Athens IX
Dimitris KNikos A58Athens IX
Nikos AVasilis K62Mediterrenean
Nikos ALeonardo C40Mediterrenean
Nikos AAlkis P15Mediterrenean
Nikos AGeorge K36Mediterrenean
Nikos ASpyros P74Mediterrenean
Nikos ADimitris K71Mediterrenean
Nikos AFilippo D60Mediterrenean
Vasilis KNikos A12Mediterrenean
Leonardo CNikos A04Mediterrenean
Alkis PNikos A42Mediterrenean
George KNikos A13Mediterrenean
Spyros PNikos A15Mediterrenean
Dimitris KNikos A110Mediterrenean
Filippo DNikos A17Mediterrenean
Nikos AJames B41World Cup II
Nikos ADarren G72World Cup II
Nikos ASpyros P15World Cup II
Nikos APanayotis P34World Cup II
Nikos ABill V54World Cup II
Nikos AAnthony K60World Cup II
Nikos AJacob K81World Cup II
Nikos AMark W63World Cup II
Nikos AYakos T81World Cup II
Nikos AFilippo D62World Cup II
Nikos AYakos T31World Cup II
Bill VNikos A41World Cup II
Anthony KNikos A07World Cup II
James BNikos A41World Cup II
Darren GNikos A07World Cup II
Spyros PNikos A20World Cup II
Panayotis PNikos A83World Cup II
Darren GNikos A111World Cup II
Filippo DNikos A15World Cup II
Yakos TNikos A04World Cup II
Nikos AGeorge K22Athens X
Nikos ADimitris K61Athens X
Nikos APanayotis P48Athens X
Nikos AAlkis P35Athens X
Nikos ASpyros P24Athens X
Nikos AVasilis K41Athens X
George KNikos A51Athens X
Dimitris KNikos A14Athens X
Panayotis PNikos A64Athens X
Alkis PNikos A41Athens X
Spyros PNikos A46Athens X
Vasilis KNikos A52Athens X
Nikos AYakos T50Athens XI
Nikos ASpyros P23Athens XI
Nikos AVasilis K60Athens XI
Nikos APanayotis P74Athens XI
Nikos AGeorge K14Athens XI
Nikos AAlkis P33Athens XI
Yakos TNikos A14Athens XI
Spyros PNikos A33Athens XI
Vasilis KNikos A12Athens XI
Panayotis PNikos A43Athens XI
George KNikos A25Athens XI
Alkis PNikos A33Athens XI
Nikos ASpyros P34Athens XII
Nikos AAlkis P24Athens XII
Nikos AYakos T51Athens XII
Nikos ASpyros P75Athens XII
Nikos AAlkis P44Athens XII
Nikos AYakos T81Athens XII
Yakos TNikos A06Athens XII
Spyros PNikos A24Athens XII
Alkis PNikos A43Athens XII
Yakos TNikos A04Athens XII
Spyros PNikos A53Athens XII
Alkis PNikos A33Athens XII
Nikos AYakos T80Helland
Nikos APanayotis P54Helland
Nikos ASpyros P53Helland
Nikos AAlkis P61Helland
Nikos AVasilis K74Helland
Nikos ADimitris K102Helland
Nikos AGeorge K36Helland
Nikos AMartin J45Helland
Nikos ARobert S31Helland
Dimitris KNikos A310Helland
George KNikos A45Helland
Martin JNikos A21Helland
Robert SNikos A23Helland
Yakos TNikos A24Helland
Panayotis PNikos A71Helland
Spyros PNikos A41Helland
Alkis PNikos A53Helland
Vasilis KNikos A64Helland
Nikos AGeorge K23Athens XIII
Nikos AVasilis K52Athens XIII
Nikos AAlkis P51Athens XIII
Nikos ASpyros P44Athens XIII
Nikos AYakos T81Athens XIII
Spyros PNikos A41Athens XIII
Yakos TNikos A311Athens XIII
George KNikos A25Athens XIII
Vasilis KNikos A22Athens XIII
Alkis PNikos A75Athens XIII
Nikos AGeorge K63KMAB
Nikos AAlkis P53KMAB
Nikos ASpyros P24KMAB
Nikos APanayotis P37KMAB
Nikos AVasilis K83KMAB
Nikos AYakos T65KMAB
Panayotis PNikos A31KMAB
Vasilis KNikos A43KMAB
Yakos TNikos A14KMAB
George KNikos A33KMAB
Alkis PNikos A22KMAB
Spyros PNikos A22KMAB
Nikos AYakos T70Athens XVI
Nikos AVasilis K22Athens XVI
Nikos AYakos T11Athens XVI
Nikos AAlkis P52Athens XVI
Nikos AVasilis K62Athens XVI
Nikos AAlkis P411Athens XVI
Alkis PNikos A72Athens XVI
Vasilis KNikos A53Athens XVI
Yakos TNikos A04Athens XVI
Nikos AAlessandro V52Milan
Nikos APino D43Milan
Nikos ALuigi F53Milan
Nikos AFranco C41Milan
Nikos AGianni T43Milan
Franco CNikos A12Milan
Luca CNikos A35Milan
Alessandro GNikos A06Milan
Mauro GNikos A16Milan
Alessandro VNikos A06Milan
Gianni TNikos A62Milan
Nikos AVagelis D91Athens XX
Nikos AVasilis K33Athens XX
Nikos AAlkis P53Athens XX
Nikos APanayotis P65Athens XX
Nikos AAntonis T92Athens XX
Vasilis KNikos A24Athens XX
Alkis PNikos A34Athens XX
Panayotis PNikos A73Athens XX
Antonis TNikos A25Athens XX
Vagelis DNikos A39Athens XX
Nikos AApostolos T81Athens XXI
Nikos AVasilis K80Athens XXI
Nikos APanayotis P48Athens XXI
Nikos AAlkis P62Athens XXI
Nikos ASpyros P56Athens XXI
Alkis PNikos A31Athens XXI
Spyros PNikos A13Athens XXI
Apostolos TNikos A15Athens XXI
Vasilis KNikos A38Athens XXI
Panayotis PNikos A23Athens XXI
Nikos AAlkis P42Athens XXII
Nikos AGeorge K32Athens XXII
Nikos AVasilis K75Athens XXII
George KNikos A54Athens XXII
Vasilis KNikos A35Athens XXII
Alkis PNikos A47Athens XXII
Nikos APanayotis P33Athens XXIII
Nikos AGeorge K61Athens XXIII
Nikos AAlkis P46Athens XXIII
Nikos AVasilis K62Athens XXIII
Alkis PNikos A62Athens XXIII
Vasilis KNikos A34Athens XXIII
Panayotis PNikos A76Athens XXIII
George KNikos A33Athens XXIII
Nikos AKnut L93World Cup III
Nikos ANiels T61World Cup III
Nikos AMark E70World Cup III
Nikos AGiacomo T71World Cup III
Nikos ARiemer P71World Cup III
Nikos AAlkis P64World Cup III
Nikos AChristian D20World Cup III
Nikos AJames B33World Cup III
Nikos ARobert S52World Cup III
Nikos AMartin J56World Cup III
Nikos APanayotis P42World Cup III
Nikos AGianluca T33World Cup III
Nikos AAlkis P32World Cup III
Giacomo TNikos A35World Cup III
Riemer PNikos A37World Cup III
Alkis PNikos A52World Cup III
Christian DNikos A14World Cup III
Knut LNikos A410World Cup III
Niels TNikos A05World Cup III
Mark ENikos A35World Cup III
Robert SNikos A23World Cup III
Martin JNikos A64World Cup III
James BNikos A12World Cup III
Panayotis PNikos A55World Cup III
Gianluca TNikos A32World Cup III
Alkis PNikos A62World Cup III
Nikos AVasilis K21Athens XXIV
Nikos AAlkis P36Athens XXIV
Nikos AGeorge K32Athens XXIV
Nikos AAntonis T41Athens XXIV
Vasilis KNikos A45Athens XXIV
Alkis PNikos A33Athens XXIV
George KNikos A47Athens XXIV
Antonis TNikos A36Athens XXIV
Nikos ASpyros P43Athens XXV
Nikos AKostas L62Athens XXV
Nikos AAntonis T82Athens XXV
Nikos AAlkis P72Athens XXV
Nikos AYakos T83Athens XXV
Nikos AMarios K61Athens XXV
Kostas LNikos A13Athens XXV
Antonis TNikos A56Athens XXV
Alkis PNikos A32Athens XXV
Yakos TNikos A24Athens XXV
Marios KNikos A16Athens XXV
Spyros PNikos A45Athens XXV
Nikos ASpyros P24Athens XXVI
Nikos AAlkis P43Athens XXVI
Nikos AKostas L62Athens XXVI
Alkis PNikos A54Athens XXVI
Kostas LNikos A14Athens XXVI
Spyros PNikos A76Athens XXVI
Nikos AMarios K73Athens XXVII
Nikos AAlkis P72Athens XXVII
Nikos ASpyros P54Athens XXVII
Nikos AKostas L60Athens XXVII
Kostas LNikos A02Athens XXVII
Marios KNikos A16Athens XXVII
Alkis PNikos A52Athens XXVII
Spyros PNikos A33Athens XXVII
Nikos AAlkis P52Athens XXVIII
Nikos AMarios K93Athens XXVIII
Nikos ASpyros P43Athens XXVIII
Spyros PNikos A44Athens XXVIII
Alkis PNikos A60Athens XXVIII
Marios KNikos A48Athens XXVIII
Nikos ARiemer P40World Cup IV
Nikos ARiccardo P72World Cup IV
Nikos AKees V30World Cup IV
Nikos ACristian Z90World Cup IV
Nikos AFabio A51World Cup IV
Nikos AAngelo S101World Cup IV
Nikos ANazim C72World Cup IV
Nikos APatrick D41World Cup IV
Nikos AFilippo D70World Cup IV
Nikos ARodolfo M51World Cup IV
Nikos AGianluca T35World Cup IV
Nikos ASteve C56World Cup IV
Fabio ANikos A110World Cup IV
Angelo SNikos A05World Cup IV
Riemer PNikos A07World Cup IV
Riccardo PNikos A27World Cup IV
Kees VNikos A13World Cup IV
Cristian ZNikos A04World Cup IV
Nazim CNikos A14World Cup IV
Patrick DNikos A38World Cup IV
Filippo DNikos A35World Cup IV
Rodolfo MNikos A010World Cup IV
Gianluca TNikos A44World Cup IV
Steve CNikos A13World Cup IV
Nikos AAlkis P32Athens XXIX
Nikos ASpyros P62Athens XXIX
Nikos AMarios K71Athens XXIX
Spyros PNikos A42Athens XXIX
Marios KNikos A26Athens XXIX
Alkis PNikos A44Athens XXIX
Nikos AKostas L71Athens XXX
Nikos AVagelis D62Athens XXX
Nikos AMarios K53Athens XXX
Nikos AVasilis K51Athens XXX
Nikos AAlkis P43Athens XXX
Marios KNikos A34Athens XXX
Vasilis KNikos A32Athens XXX
Alkis PNikos A55Athens XXX
Kostas LNikos A28Athens XXX
Vagelis DNikos A16Athens XXX
Nikos AMarios K84Athens XXXI
Nikos AVasilis K52Athens XXXI
Nikos AAlkis P27Athens XXXI
Marios KNikos A16Athens XXXI
Vasilis KNikos A03Athens XXXI
Alkis PNikos A31Athens XXXI
Nikos AAlkis P34Athens XXXII
Nikos AVasilis K66Athens XXXII
Nikos AAntonis T90Athens XXXII
Nikos APanayotis P94Athens XXXII
Antonis TNikos A22Athens XXXII
Panayotis PNikos A34Athens XXXII
Alkis PNikos A73Athens XXXII
Vasilis KNikos A33Athens XXXII
Nikos AJan T80World Cup V
Nikos APatrick D100World Cup V
Nikos ASascha W54World Cup V
Nikos AOliver St93World Cup V
Nikos AFabian K70World Cup V
Nikos ARodolfo M62World Cup V
Nikos AAlessandro V63World Cup V
Nikos AJorg P20World Cup V
Nikos AStefan V51World Cup V
Nikos AKlaus Lo22World Cup V
Nikos AMichael O54World Cup V
Nikos ARobert S94World Cup V
Oliver StNikos A44World Cup V
Fabian KNikos A08World Cup V
Rodolfo MNikos A16World Cup V
Alessandro VNikos A25World Cup V
Jan TNikos A37World Cup V
Patrick DNikos A07World Cup V
Sascha WNikos A46World Cup V
Jorg PNikos A12World Cup V
Stefan VNikos A36World Cup V
Klaus LoNikos A51World Cup V
Michael ONikos A74World Cup V
Robert SNikos A66World Cup V
Nikos ARiemer P52London Marathon
Nikos ARikki F62London Marathon
Nikos ARobert S33London Marathon
Nikos ASandro T52London Marathon
Nikos ASteve C63London Marathon
Nikos AVagelis D80London Marathon
Nikos AWayne L93London Marathon
Ben GNikos A28London Marathon
Darren GNikos A15London Marathon
Fabio ANikos A06London Marathon
Gianni TNikos A33London Marathon
Gunther WNikos A010London Marathon
Haydn HNikos A14London Marathon
Jacob KNikos A14London Marathon
James LNikos A76London Marathon
Jan TNikos A14London Marathon
Jon GNikos A45London Marathon
Mandhir SNikos A210London Marathon
Mark BNikos A37London Marathon
Mark PNikos A26London Marathon
Niels TNikos A17London Marathon
Nikos AVagelis D51Athens XXXIII
Nikos AAlkis P26Athens XXXIII
Nikos AKostas O51Athens XXXIII
Nikos AChris K32Athens XXXIII
Nikos AApostolos T64Athens XXXIII
Nikos AOrestis G91Athens XXXIII
Chris KNikos A05Athens XXXIII
Apostolos TNikos A26Athens XXXIII
Orestis GNikos A04Athens XXXIII
Vagelis DNikos A39Athens XXXIII
Alkis PNikos A54Athens XXXIII
Kostas ONikos A07Athens XXXIII
Nikos APanayotis P55Athens XXXIV
Nikos AVasilis K53Athens XXXIV
Nikos AKostas O101Athens XXXIV
Nikos AChris K62Athens XXXIV
Spyros PNikos A73Athens XXXIV
Antonis TNikos A26Athens XXXIV
Alkis PNikos A64Athens XXXIV
Nikos AAstrid L100World Cup VI
Nikos AGlenn L72World Cup VI
Nikos AStefan V57World Cup VI
Nikos AMartin B52World Cup VI
Nikos AMario F58World Cup VI
Nikos AHaakon E91World Cup VI
Nikos AAlkis P56World Cup VI
Nikos AMartin B56World Cup VI
Nikos ASimon B62World Cup VI
Nikos ASteve C24World Cup VI
Marco SNikos A24World Cup VI
Maurizio LNikos A16World Cup VI
Mark BNikos A66World Cup VI
Mark ENikos A32World Cup VI
John RNikos A17World Cup VI
Martin JNikos A69World Cup VI
Alkis PNikos A33World Cup VI
Martin BNikos A53World Cup VI
Simon BNikos A17World Cup VI
Steve CNikos A53World Cup VI
Nikos ANikos Al62Athens LIII
Nikos AVasilis K62Athens LIII
Nikos AStelios T81Athens LIII
Nikos AKostas O53Athens LIII
Nikos AVagelis D91Athens LIII
Nikos ASpyros P43Athens LIII
Nikos AAlkis P27Athens LIII
Nikos APanayotis P45Athens LIII
Nikos ASpyros P56Athens LIII
Nikos AAlkis P28Athens LIII
Kostas ONikos A17Athens LIII
Vagelis DNikos A17Athens LIII
Spyros PNikos A23Athens LIII
Nikos AlNikos A27Athens LIII
Vasilis KNikos A23Athens LIII
Stelios TNikos A22Athens LIII
George KaNikos A54Athens LIII
Ektoras KNikos A16Athens LIII
Spyros PNikos A24Athens LIII
Alkis PNikos A71Athens LIII
Nikos AVasilis K22Athens LXII
Nikos APanayotis P45Athens LXII
Nikos AKostas O32Athens LXII
Nikos AAlkis P16Athens LXII
Kostas ONikos A36Athens LXII
Alkis PNikos A41Athens LXII
Vasilis KNikos A15Athens LXII
Panayotis PNikos A34Athens LXII
Nikos APanayotis P26Athens LXIV
Nikos AFilippos M60Athens LXIV
Nikos AAlkis P27Athens LXIV
Nikos APanayotis P02Athens LXIV
Nikos AFilippos M61Athens LXIV
Alkis PNikos A84Athens LXIV
Panayotis PNikos A43Athens LXIV
Filippos MNikos A24Athens LXIV
Alkis PNikos A77Athens LXIV
Nikos AEktoras K52Athens LXVII
Nikos AAlkis P45Athens LXVII
Nikos AKostas O11Athens LXVII
Nikos ASpyros P46Athens LXVII
Nikos AKostas Ka60Athens LXVII
Nikos APanayotis P45Athens LXVII
Spyros PNikos A52Athens LXVII
Kostas KaNikos A07Athens LXVII
Panayotis PNikos A56Athens LXVII
Ektoras KNikos A65Athens LXVII
Alkis PNikos A62Athens LXVII
Kostas ONikos A44Athens LXVII
Nikos AFilippos M23World Cup VIII
Nikos ADagh N27World Cup VIII
Nikos AJorg P73World Cup VIII
Nikos AThorsten B31World Cup VIII
Nikos AMark B111World Cup VIII
Nikos AJohn H13World Cup VIII
Nikos ASandro T43World Cup VIII
Nikos ASteve E40World Cup VIII
Nikos AEktoras K58World Cup VIII
Nikos AKnut L30World Cup VIII
Nikos ASteve C66World Cup VIII
Spyros PNikos A33World Cup VIII
Antonis TNikos A15World Cup VIII
George KaNikos A34World Cup VIII
Rodolfo MNikos A25World Cup VIII
Steve ENikos A42World Cup VIII
John HNikos A52World Cup VIII
Sandro TNikos A62World Cup VIII
Ektoras KNikos A31World Cup VIII
Knut LNikos A34World Cup VIII
Steve CNikos A54World Cup VIII
Nikos AVagelis D63Athens LXVIII
Nikos AMichalis I70Athens LXVIII
Nikos AMinas K80Athens LXVIII
Nikos AGeorge Ka31Athens LXVIII
Nikos AEktoras K95Athens LXVIII
Nikos AAlkis P38Athens LXVIII
Nikos AGeorge A60Athens LXVIII
Nikos AKostas Ka60Athens LXVIII
Nikos ASpyros P55Athens LXVIII
Nikos AKostas O70Athens LXVIII
Nikos APanayotis P57Athens LXVIII
Alkis PNikos A84Athens LXVIII
George ANikos A06Athens LXVIII
Kostas KaNikos A06Athens LXVIII
Spyros PNikos A44Athens LXVIII
Kostas ONikos A25Athens LXVIII
Panayotis PNikos A31Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DNikos A24Athens LXVIII
Michalis INikos A16Athens LXVIII
Minas KNikos A07Athens LXVIII
George KaNikos A03Athens LXVIII
Ektoras KNikos A24Athens LXVIII
Nikos ALuca F21World Cup IX
Nikos ASpyros P56World Cup IX
Nikos AMark W100World Cup IX
Nikos AFlavio Z60World Cup IX
Nikos AAndreas Kl60World Cup IX
Nikos AKnut L13World Cup IX
Nikos AKlaus Le124World Cup IX
Nikos AMichael F80World Cup IX
Nikos AGianni T110World Cup IX
Nikos AOliver St62World Cup IX
Nikos ARobert S73World Cup IX
Nikos AFabio F12World Cup IX
Nikos AAlessandro V53World Cup IX
Nikos AGeorge Ka34World Cup IX
Flavio ZNikos A24World Cup IX
Andreas KlNikos A07World Cup IX
Knut LNikos A26World Cup IX
Klaus LeNikos A34World Cup IX
Michael FNikos A06World Cup IX
Luca FNikos A110World Cup IX
Spyros PNikos A64World Cup IX
Mark WNikos A06World Cup IX
Oliver StNikos A12World Cup IX
Robert SNikos A34World Cup IX
Gianni TNikos A52World Cup IX
Fabio FNikos A42World Cup IX
Alessandro VNikos A46World Cup IX
George KaNikos A26World Cup IX
Nikos APanayotis P26Athens LXXII
Nikos AEktoras K42Athens LXXII
Nikos AGeorge Ka33Athens LXXII
Nikos AKostas O50Athens LXXII
Nikos AVagelis D81Athens LXXII
Filippos MNikos A25Athens LXXII
Kostas KaNikos A15Athens LXXII
Marios MNikos A12Athens LXXII
Alkis PNikos A64Athens LXXII
Nikos AAlkis P38Athens LXXVI
Nikos AEktoras K48Athens LXXVI
Nikos AKostas O41Athens LXXVI
Nikos AAntonis T91Athens LXXVI
Nikos AFilippos M32Athens LXXVI
Nikos AMarios M75Athens LXXVI
Nikos APanayotis P36Athens LXXVI
Antonis TNikos A08Athens LXXVI
Filippos MNikos A47Athens LXXVI
Marios MNikos A15Athens LXXVI
Panayotis PNikos A35Athens LXXVI
Alkis PNikos A52Athens LXXVI
Ektoras KNikos A76Athens LXXVI
Kostas ONikos A36Athens LXXVI
Nikos AKostas O43Athens LXXVII
Nikos APanayotis P42Athens LXXVII
Nikos AKostas Ka82Athens LXXVII
Nikos ASpyros P43Athens LXXVII
Nikos AGeorge Ka60Athens LXXVII
Nikos AEktoras K63Athens LXXVII
Nikos AAlkis P17Athens LXXVII
George KaNikos A24Athens LXXVII
Ektoras KNikos A92Athens LXXVII
Alkis PNikos A64Athens LXXVII
Kostas ONikos A38Athens LXXVII
Panayotis PNikos A62Athens LXXVII
Kostas KaNikos A38Athens LXXVII
Spyros PNikos A12Athens LXXVII
Nikos AGianni T35Athens LXXVIII
Nikos AVasilis K54Athens LXXVIII
Nikos AEktoras K34Athens LXXVIII
Nikos AAlkis P54Athens LXXVIII
Nikos AKostas Ka42Athens LXXVIII
Nikos ASpyros P41Athens LXXVIII
Michael MaNikos A14Athens LXXVIII
Panayotis PNikos A24Athens LXXVIII
George KaNikos A55Athens LXXVIII
Stelios TNikos A33Athens LXXVIII
Antonis TNikos A36Athens LXXVIII
Kostas ONikos A37Athens LXXVIII
Robert SNikos A38Athens LXXVIII
Nikos AKostas O34Athens LXXIX
Nikos AVagelis D72Athens LXXIX
Nikos AEktoras K45Athens LXXIX
Nikos AAlkis P55Athens LXXIX
Nikos AKostas O73Athens LXXIX
Nikos AVagelis D44Athens LXXIX
Ektoras KNikos A43Athens LXXIX
Alkis PNikos A43Athens LXXIX
Kostas ONikos A33Athens LXXIX
Vagelis DNikos A46Athens LXXIX
Ektoras KNikos A55Athens LXXIX
Alkis PNikos A55Athens LXXIX
Nikos AAlkis P25Athens LXXX
Nikos APanayotis P52Athens LXXX
Nikos AEktoras K45Athens LXXX
Nikos AKostas O33Athens LXXX
Nikos AAlkis P57Athens LXXX
Nikos APanayotis P33Athens LXXX
Ektoras KNikos A61Athens LXXX
Kostas ONikos A34Athens LXXX
Alkis PNikos A45Athens LXXX
Panayotis PNikos A53Athens LXXX
Ektoras KNikos A44Athens LXXX
Kostas ONikos A25Athens LXXX
Nikos AEktoras K14Athens LXXXI
Nikos AVasilis K53Athens LXXXI
Nikos AKostas Ka41Athens LXXXI
Nikos ASpyros P43Athens LXXXI
Kostas ONikos A22Athens LXXXI
George KaNikos A15Athens LXXXI
Alkis PNikos A53Athens LXXXI
Nikos AEktoras K66Athens LXXXII
Nikos AGeorge Ka34Athens LXXXII
Nikos AAntonis T50Athens LXXXII
Nikos AVasilis K54Athens LXXXII
Stelios TNikos A24Athens LXXXII
Alkis PNikos A71Athens LXXXII
Kostas ONikos A32Athens LXXXII
Nikos AAlkis P65Athens LXXXIII
Nikos AGeorge Ka13Athens LXXXIII
Nikos AEktoras K49Athens LXXXIII
Nikos APanayotis P55Athens LXXXIII
Nikos AAlkis P25Athens LXXXIII
Nikos AGeorge Ka43Athens LXXXIII
Ektoras KNikos A85Athens LXXXIII
Panayotis PNikos A33Athens LXXXIII
Alkis PNikos A81Athens LXXXIII
George KaNikos A23Athens LXXXIII
Ektoras KNikos A93Athens LXXXIII
Panayotis PNikos A72Athens LXXXIII
Nikos AAntonis T42Athens LXXXIV
Nikos AStelios T33Athens LXXXIV
Nikos AEktoras K54Athens LXXXIV
Nikos AKostas O23Athens LXXXIV
Nikos AAlkis P07Athens LXXXIV
Kostas ONikos A24Athens LXXXIV
Alkis PNikos A65Athens LXXXIV
Antonis TNikos A24Athens LXXXIV
Stelios TNikos A12Athens LXXXIV
Ektoras KNikos A41Athens LXXXIV
Nikos ASpyros P32Athens LXXXV
Nikos AAlkis P43Athens LXXXV
Nikos AVagelis D91Athens LXXXV
Nikos AKostas L83Athens LXXXV
Nikos AKostas Ka52Athens LXXXV
Nikos ASpyros P65Athens LXXXV
Vasilis KNikos A24Athens LXXXV
Kostas ONikos A13Athens LXXXV
Ektoras KNikos A53Athens LXXXV
George KaNikos A63Athens LXXXV
Antonis TNikos A32Athens LXXXV
Andy GNikos A29Athens LXXXV
Spyros PNikos A72Athens LXXXV

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