Mark P (#29 - 1308 pts)

Tournaments played17
Tournaments won11 (64.71%)
World cups played4
Games played197
Games won151 (76.65%)
Games drawn12 (6.09%)
Games lost34 (17.26%)
Goals for1026 (5.21)
Goals against472 (2.40)
Last tournamentAmsterdam I (02-Apr-16)
Games per month in the last year0.83
1st easiest opponentMarcel E (vs)
2nd easiest opponentRichard (vs)
3rd easiest opponentThomas N (vs)
1st hardest opponentMartin J (vs)
2nd hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
3rd hardest opponentNikos A (vs)
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for13 player(s)
Different opponents62
Opponents' countries12
More frequent opponentRiemer P (27 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets39 (19.80%)
No goals scored0 (0.00%)
Scored double figures8 (4.06%)
Conceded double figures0 (0.00%)
Biggest winMark P - Sjoerd K: 12 - 0
Biggest defeatMark P - Robert S: 1 - 7
Danger rating0.21

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Mark PVasilis K41World Cup I
Mark PAnthony K50World Cup I
Mark PJames B31World Cup I
Mark PKlaus Le51World Cup I
Mark PMartin B32World Cup I
Mark PNazim C74World Cup I
Mark PGianluca T63World Cup I
Mark PAlkis P36World Cup I
Mark EMark P08World Cup I
Filippo DMark P13World Cup I
Niels TMark P04World Cup I
Gunther WMark P07World Cup I
Nazim CMark P42World Cup I
Gianluca TMark P43World Cup I
Mark PSjoerd K60Groningen I
Mark PRiemer P53Groningen I
Mark PKees V44Groningen I
Kees VMark P13Groningen I
Sjoerd KMark P28Groningen I
Riemer PMark P35Groningen I
Mark PSjoerd K80Groningen II
Mark PRiemer P32Groningen II
Mark PKees V41Groningen II
Kees VMark P28Groningen II
Sjoerd KMark P24Groningen II
Riemer PMark P25Groningen II
Mark PSjoerd K31Groningen III
Mark PRiemer P61Groningen III
Mark PKees V41Groningen III
Kees VMark P34Groningen III
Sjoerd KMark P05Groningen III
Riemer PMark P25Groningen III
Mark PRichard90Groningen IV
Mark PRiemer P61Groningen IV
Mark PKees V51Groningen IV
Kees VMark P23Groningen IV
RichardMark P09Groningen IV
Riemer PMark P05Groningen IV
Mark PSjoerd K31Groningen V
Mark PRiemer P64Groningen V
Mark PKees V43Groningen V
Mark PLuitzen B30Groningen V
Kees VMark P24Groningen V
Sjoerd KMark P14Groningen V
Riemer PMark P52Groningen V
Luitzen BMark P37Groningen V
Mark PSjoerd K43Groningen VI
Mark PRiemer P61Groningen VI
Mark PKees V41Groningen VI
Kees VMark P22Groningen VI
Sjoerd KMark P15Groningen VI
Riemer PMark P24Groningen VI
Mark PSjoerd K61Groningen VII
Mark PNiels T111Groningen VII
Mark PRiemer P62Groningen VII
Mark PEvert V44Groningen VII
Mark PLuitzen B54Groningen VII
Mark PKees V81Groningen VII
Sjoerd KMark P05Groningen VII
Niels TMark P08Groningen VII
Riemer PMark P29Groningen VII
Evert VMark P26Groningen VII
Luitzen BMark P14Groningen VII
Kees VMark P53Groningen VII
Mark PSjoerd K120Groningen VIII
Mark PEvert V62Groningen VIII
Mark PRiemer P51Groningen VIII
Mark PLuitzen B61Groningen VIII
Mark PKees V43Groningen VIII
Sjoerd KMark P05Groningen VIII
Evert VMark P25Groningen VIII
Riemer PMark P71Groningen VIII
Luitzen BMark P16Groningen VIII
Kees VMark P35Groningen VIII
Mark PSjoerd K30Groningen IX
Mark PEvert V81Groningen IX
Mark PRiemer P74Groningen IX
Mark PLuitzen B32Groningen IX
Mark PKees V52Groningen IX
Sjoerd KMark P04Groningen IX
Evert VMark P45Groningen IX
Riemer PMark P28Groningen IX
Luitzen BMark P27Groningen IX
Kees VMark P74Groningen IX
Mark PEvert V80Groningen X
Mark PRiemer P36Groningen X
Mark PKees V12Groningen X
Mark PLuitzen B32Groningen X
Kees VMark P52Groningen X
Evert VMark P37Groningen X
Riemer PMark P43Groningen X
Luitzen BMark P05Groningen X
Mark PSjoerd K60Groningen XI
Mark PRiemer P52Groningen XI
Mark PLuitzen B83Groningen XI
Mark PKees V72Groningen XI
Sjoerd KMark P04Groningen XI
Riemer PMark P62Groningen XI
Luitzen BMark P33Groningen XI
Kees VMark P44Groningen XI
Mark PMatthias D81World Cup III
Mark PNick H80World Cup III
Mark PGunther W30World Cup III
Mark PEvert V50World Cup III
Mark PGlenn L54World Cup III
Mark PKlaus Lo15World Cup III
Mark PRobert S52World Cup III
Mark PMark W43World Cup III
Mark PRiemer P74World Cup III
Mark PPanayotis P45World Cup III
Mark PMartin J26World Cup III
Evert VMark P16World Cup III
Glenn LMark P26World Cup III
Klaus LoMark P73World Cup III
Robert SMark P43World Cup III
Matthias DMark P57World Cup III
Nick HMark P06World Cup III
Gunther WMark P210World Cup III
Riemer PMark P25World Cup III
Panayotis PMark P35World Cup III
Mark WMark P72World Cup III
Martin JMark P82World Cup III
Mark PRodolfo M63World Cup IV
Mark PDanny D81World Cup IV
Mark PAlessandro V32World Cup IV
Mark PLuca A73World Cup IV
Mark PThomas N110World Cup IV
Mark PMark B81World Cup IV
Mark PRiccardo P42World Cup IV
Mark PMaurizio L90World Cup IV
Mark PAlex B61World Cup IV
Mark PGianluca T57World Cup IV
Thomas NMark P06World Cup IV
Mark BMark P310World Cup IV
Rodolfo MMark P56World Cup IV
Danny DMark P19World Cup IV
Alessandro VMark P17World Cup IV
Luca AMark P412World Cup IV
Riccardo PMark P110World Cup IV
Maurizio LMark P48World Cup IV
Alex BMark P44World Cup IV
Gianluca TMark P52World Cup IV
Mark POlaf S80World Cup V
Mark PNiels T80World Cup V
Mark POlaf Sc80World Cup V
Mark PHaydn H72World Cup V
Mark PPascal V73World Cup V
Mark PMario F84World Cup V
Mark PFabio F67World Cup V
Mark PKees V53World Cup V
Mark PKlaus Lo44World Cup V
Mark PStefan V25World Cup V
Mark PSteve C31World Cup V
Mark PMark W72World Cup V
Haydn HMark P14World Cup V
Pascal VMark P19World Cup V
Mario FMark P84World Cup V
Fabio FMark P52World Cup V
Olaf SMark P07World Cup V
Niels TMark P36World Cup V
Olaf ScMark P04World Cup V
Kees VMark P34World Cup V
Klaus LoMark P44World Cup V
Stefan VMark P32World Cup V
Steve CMark P44World Cup V
Mark WMark P33World Cup V
Mark PNiels T51London Marathon
Mark PNikos A26London Marathon
Mark PRiemer P21London Marathon
Mark PRikki F57London Marathon
Mark PRobert S17London Marathon
Mark PSandro T34London Marathon
Mark PSteve C35London Marathon
Mark PVagelis D63London Marathon
Mark PWayne L41London Marathon
Ben GMark P74London Marathon
Darren GMark P14London Marathon
Fabio AMark P24London Marathon
Gianni TMark P83London Marathon
Gunther WMark P15London Marathon
Haydn HMark P48London Marathon
Jacob KMark P55London Marathon
James LMark P44London Marathon
Jan TMark P08London Marathon
Jon GMark P26London Marathon
Mandhir SMark P16London Marathon
Mark BMark P14London Marathon
Mark PRiemer P35Amsterdam I
Mark PMarcel E100Amsterdam I
Mark PGunther W50Amsterdam I
Mark PAlan B80Amsterdam I
Mark PKlaus Le72Amsterdam I
Mark PJorg P30Amsterdam I
Mark PKlaus Le54Amsterdam I
Riemer PMark P36Amsterdam I
Jaume PMark P03Amsterdam I
Cornelius HMark P37Amsterdam I

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Gunther W5vs
Gianluca T4vs
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