Malcolm A (#86 - 1003 pts)

Tournaments played5
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played0
Games played95
Games won46 (48.42%)
Games drawn9 (9.47%)
Games lost40 (42.11%)
Goals for302 (3.18)
Goals against300 (3.16)
Last tournamentNottingham (05-Jun-04)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentSam B (vs)
2nd easiest opponentAnthony K (vs)
3rd easiest opponentJamie A (vs)
1st hardest opponentMartin J (vs)
2nd hardest opponentTrevor D (vs)
3rd hardest opponentRobert S (vs)
Easiest opponent for2 player(s)
Hardest opponent for1 player(s)
Different opponents33
Opponents' countries5
More frequent opponentRobert S (7 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets12 (12.63%)
No goals scored1 (1.05%)
Scored double figures0 (0.00%)
Conceded double figures3 (3.16%)
Biggest winMalcolm A - Sam B: 9 - 0
Biggest defeatMartin J - Malcolm A: 12 - 1
Danger rating-0.03

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Malcolm AMark W11Gloucester I
Malcolm APaul A50Gloucester I
Malcolm ARobert S35Gloucester I
Malcolm ASteve C31Gloucester I
Malcolm ASteve S11Gloucester I
Malcolm AAndy E54Gloucester I
Malcolm AAnthony K60Gloucester I
Malcolm ADanny D40Gloucester I
Malcolm ADan S11Gloucester I
Malcolm AJamie A62Gloucester I
Malcolm AJacob K61Gloucester I
Malcolm ABill V12Gloucester I
Mark EMalcolm A02Gloucester I
Nazim CMalcolm A25Gloucester I
Rikki FMalcolm A23Gloucester I
Simon BMalcolm A21Gloucester I
Simon LMalcolm A23Gloucester I
Andy HMalcolm A12Gloucester I
Carl NMalcolm A21Gloucester I
Dan GMalcolm A24Gloucester I
Greg NMalcolm A21Gloucester I
James BMalcolm A01Gloucester I
Martin BMalcolm A13Gloucester I
Malcolm ADan S37Gloucester I Cup
Mark EMalcolm A23Gloucester I Cup
Malcolm ADarren G61London IX
Malcolm ARobert S14London IX
Malcolm ASimon B53London IX
Robert SMalcolm A72London IX
Simon BMalcolm A17London IX
Darren GMalcolm A12London IX
Malcolm AJames B23Sheffield
Malcolm AMartin J25Sheffield
Malcolm AJon G92Sheffield
Malcolm ARikki F45Sheffield
Malcolm ASteve C28Sheffield
Malcolm ADan S25Sheffield
Malcolm APaul A50Sheffield
Malcolm AJacob K72Sheffield
Malcolm ARobert S32Sheffield
Malcolm AAndy B34Sheffield
Malcolm ANazim C64Sheffield
Malcolm AMartin B22Sheffield
Malcolm AJames L33Sheffield
Malcolm ATrevor D56Sheffield
Malcolm ANick H43Sheffield
Malcolm AMark W11Sheffield
Paul AMalcolm A35Sheffield
Jacob KMalcolm A21Sheffield
Robert SMalcolm A63Sheffield
Andy BMalcolm A23Sheffield
Nazim CMalcolm A62Sheffield
Martin BMalcolm A53Sheffield
James LMalcolm A23Sheffield
Trevor DMalcolm A122Sheffield
Nick HMalcolm A06Sheffield
Mark WMalcolm A53Sheffield
James BMalcolm A62Sheffield
Martin JMalcolm A121Sheffield
Jon GMalcolm A13Sheffield
Rikki FMalcolm A122Sheffield
Steve CMalcolm A42Sheffield
Dan SMalcolm A43Sheffield
Malcolm AHaydn H52Nottingham
Malcolm AJacob K33Nottingham
Malcolm AJames L15Nottingham
Malcolm ASteve C26Nottingham
Malcolm APaul A31Nottingham
Malcolm AMark W23Nottingham
Malcolm ARobert S34Nottingham
Malcolm ANick H30Nottingham
Malcolm AMartin B24Nottingham
Malcolm ASam B90Nottingham
Malcolm AMartin J16Nottingham
Malcolm ADanny D71Nottingham
Malcolm ASteve R61Nottingham
Malcolm ADan G64Nottingham
Malcolm AJon G21Nottingham
Malcolm AJames B17Nottingham
Martin BMalcolm A62Nottingham
Sam BMalcolm A06Nottingham
Martin JMalcolm A70Nottingham
Danny DMalcolm A23Nottingham
Steve RMalcolm A34Nottingham
Dan GMalcolm A42Nottingham
Jon GMalcolm A44Nottingham
James BMalcolm A31Nottingham
Haydn HMalcolm A15Nottingham
Jacob KMalcolm A52Nottingham
James LMalcolm A61Nottingham
Steve CMalcolm A45Nottingham
Paul AMalcolm A22Nottingham
Mark WMalcolm A03Nottingham
Robert SMalcolm A81Nottingham
Nick HMalcolm A04Nottingham

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More frequent opponents

Robert S7vs
Jacob K5vs
James B5vs
Mark W5vs
Martin B5vs
Paul A5vs
Steve C5vs
Dan S4vs
James L4vs
Jon G4vs