Luigi F (#15 - 1613 pts)

Tournaments played22
Tournaments won3 (13.64%)
World cups played2
Games played296
Games won210 (70.95%)
Games drawn21 (7.09%)
Games lost65 (21.96%)
Goals for1819 (6.15)
Goals against1023 (3.46)
Last tournamentMilan XXXIV (29-Dec-14)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentGianluca P (vs)
2nd easiest opponentAndrea R (vs)
3rd easiest opponentDenny M (vs)
1st hardest opponentDagh N (vs)
2nd hardest opponentAndy G (vs)
3rd hardest opponentNikos A (vs)
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for10 player(s)
Different opponents53
Opponents' countries8
More frequent opponentGianni T (47 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets30 (10.14%)
No goals scored0 (0.00%)
Scored double figures31 (10.47%)
Conceded double figures1 (0.34%)
Biggest winLuigi F - Simone C: 13 - 0
Biggest defeatLuigi F - Mario F: 1 - 9
Danger rating0.19

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Luigi FAlessandro V30Milan
Luigi FPino D31Milan
Luigi FLuca C40Milan
Luigi FAlessandro G90Milan
Luigi FAlessandro V62Milan
Luigi FMauro G71Milan
Luigi FFilippo D23Milan
Luigi FGianluca T34Milan
Luigi FMorris C40Milan
Mauro GLuigi F25Milan
Franco CLuigi F13Milan
Nikos ALuigi F53Milan
Filippo DLuigi F16Milan
Gianluca TLuigi F64Milan
Morris CLuigi F110Milan
Luigi FFranco C91Milan II
Luigi FAlessandro V91Milan II
Luigi FSandro T71Milan II
Luigi FFilippo D81Milan II
Luigi FFabio A71Milan II
Luigi FGianni T65Milan II
Filippo DLuigi F29Milan II
Fabio ALuigi F36Milan II
Gianni TLuigi F43Milan II
Franco CLuigi F35Milan II
Alessandro VLuigi F06Milan II
Sandro TLuigi F39Milan II
Luigi FAlessandro V40Milan III
Luigi FFilippo D81Milan III
Luigi FSandro T103Milan III
Luigi FGabriele B50Milan III
Luigi FGianni T54Milan III
Sandro TLuigi F24Milan III
Gabriele BLuigi F04Milan III
Gianni TLuigi F62Milan III
Alessandro VLuigi F34Milan III
Filippo DLuigi F37Milan III
Luigi FAlessandro V90Milan IV
Luigi FGianni T63Milan IV
Luigi FSandro T71Milan IV
Luigi FFranco C81Milan IV
Luigi FDiego D62Milan IV
Luigi FFilippo D30Milan IV
Luigi FFranco C61Milan IV
Luigi FGianni T36Milan IV
Diego DLuigi F110Milan IV
Filippo DLuigi F15Milan IV
Alessandro VLuigi F26Milan IV
Gianni TLuigi F52Milan IV
Sandro TLuigi F28Milan IV
Franco CLuigi F57Milan IV
Franco CLuigi F33Milan IV
Gianni TLuigi F43Milan IV
Luigi FSascha W51World Cup IV
Luigi FJorg P50World Cup IV
Luigi FMaurizio L71World Cup IV
Luigi FSteve C113World Cup IV
Luigi FSandro T72World Cup IV
Luigi FFabio F20World Cup IV
Luigi FFilippo D52World Cup IV
Luigi FHaydn H100World Cup IV
Luigi FNazim C81World Cup IV
Luigi FRobert S63World Cup IV
Luigi FSteve C62World Cup IV
Luigi FGianluca T27World Cup IV
Steve CLuigi F210World Cup IV
Sandro TLuigi F45World Cup IV
Fabio FLuigi F28World Cup IV
Sascha WLuigi F18World Cup IV
Jorg PLuigi F57World Cup IV
Maurizio LLuigi F310World Cup IV
Filippo DLuigi F14World Cup IV
Haydn HLuigi F411World Cup IV
Nazim CLuigi F53World Cup IV
Robert SLuigi F64World Cup IV
Steve CLuigi F55World Cup IV
Gianluca TLuigi F61World Cup IV
Luigi FMaurizio L102Milan V
Luigi FGianni T33Milan V
Luigi FAlessandro V83Milan V
Luigi FMaurizio L91Milan V
Luigi FMaurizio L51Milan V
Luigi FGianni T55Milan V
Luigi FGianni T34Milan V
Alessandro VLuigi F25Milan V
Maurizio LLuigi F28Milan V
Gianni TLuigi F48Milan V
Gianni TLuigi F53Milan V
Gianni TLuigi F24Milan V
Luigi FMario F44Milan XII
Luigi FGianni T52Milan XII
Luigi FMarco D100Milan XII
Luigi FMaurizio L71Milan XII
Luigi FFulvio O103Milan XII
Luigi FAngelo S72Milan XII
Luigi FLorenzo V42Milan XII
Luigi FMarco D60Milan XII
Luigi FGianni T78Milan XII
Fulvio OLuigi F22Milan XII
Angelo SLuigi F39Milan XII
Lorenzo VLuigi F35Milan XII
Mario FLuigi F55Milan XII
Gianni TLuigi F78Milan XII
Marco DLuigi F27Milan XII
Maurizio LLuigi F38Milan XII
Marco DLuigi F58Milan XII
Gianni TLuigi F64Milan XII
Gianni TLuigi F76Milan XII
Luigi FAlessandro V45Milan XIII
Luigi FMarco D42Milan XIII
Luigi FMario F75Milan XIII
Luigi FFabio F103Milan XIII
Luigi FLorenzo V82Milan XIII
Luigi FGianni T76Milan XIII
Fabio FLuigi F42Milan XIII
Lorenzo VLuigi F43Milan XIII
Gianni TLuigi F54Milan XIII
Alessandro VLuigi F513Milan XIII
Marco DLuigi F69Milan XIII
Mario FLuigi F37Milan XIII
Luigi FMaurizio L41Milan XIV
Luigi FSandro T71Milan XIV
Luigi FAlessandro V43Milan XIV
Luigi FGianni T34Milan XIV
Luigi FMarco D64Milan XIV
Luigi FMarco D63Milan XIV
Luigi FGianni T55Milan XIV
Alessandro VLuigi F65Milan XIV
Gianni TLuigi F93Milan XIV
Marco DLuigi F52Milan XIV
Maurizio LLuigi F47Milan XIV
Sandro TLuigi F38Milan XIV
Marco DLuigi F34Milan XIV
Gianni TLuigi F73Milan XIV
Luigi FAngelo S92Milan XVI
Luigi FAlkis P65Milan XVI
Luigi FMaurizio L84Milan XVI
Luigi FAlessandro V66Milan XVI
Luigi FFabio A102Milan XVI
Luigi FRobert S63Milan XVI
Luigi FFabio F64Milan XVI
Luigi FMarco D83Milan XVI
Luigi FGianni T38Milan XVI
Luigi FMario F55Milan XVI
Robert SLuigi F45Milan XVI
Fabio FLuigi F67Milan XVI
Marco DLuigi F39Milan XVI
Gianni TLuigi F78Milan XVI
Mario FLuigi F49Milan XVI
Angelo SLuigi F410Milan XVI
Alkis PLuigi F44Milan XVI
Maurizio LLuigi F38Milan XVI
Alessandro VLuigi F36Milan XVI
Fabio ALuigi F315Milan XVI
Luigi FMario F93Milan XVII
Luigi FAlessandro V72Milan XVII
Luigi FMaurizio L53Milan XVII
Luigi FMarco D73Milan XVII
Luigi FGianni T86Milan XVII
Alessandro VLuigi F38Milan XVII
Mario FLuigi F46Milan XVII
Maurizio LLuigi F38Milan XVII
Marco DLuigi F45Milan XVII
Gianni TLuigi F25Milan XVII
Luigi FGabriele B82Milan XVIII
Luigi FMarco D65Milan XVIII
Luigi FAlessandro V24Milan XVIII
Luigi FFabio F46Milan XVIII
Luigi FSandro T75Milan XVIII
Luigi FGianni T33Milan XVIII
Sandro TLuigi F88Milan XVIII
Gianni TLuigi F77Milan XVIII
Maurizio LLuigi F35Milan XVIII
Gabriele BLuigi F09Milan XVIII
Marco DLuigi F54Milan XVIII
Luigi FMario F53Milan XX
Luigi FFabio F34Milan XX
Luigi FMaurizio L116Milan XX
Luigi FMarco D32Milan XX
Luigi FGianni T57Milan XX
Maurizio LLuigi F16Milan XX
Marco DLuigi F46Milan XX
Gianni TLuigi F37Milan XX
Mario FLuigi F45Milan XX
Fabio FLuigi F48Milan XX
Luigi FGianni T38Milan XXI
Luigi FSandro T95Milan XXI
Luigi FMarco D77Milan XXI
Marco DLuigi F67Milan XXI
Gianni TLuigi F82Milan XXI
Sandro TLuigi F67Milan XXI
Luigi FMarco D44Milan XXII
Luigi FMario F54Milan XXII
Luigi FAlessandro V48Milan XXII
Luigi FGianni T57Milan XXII
Luigi FSandro T69Milan XXII
Simone CLuigi F07Milan XXII
Lorenzo VLuigi F38Milan XXII
Maurizio LLuigi F36Milan XXII
Alessandro GuLuigi F36Milan XXII
Fabio FLuigi F54Milan XXII
Luigi FSimone C130Milan XXIII
Luigi FJohn H44Milan XXIII
Luigi FAlessandro V108Milan XXIII
Luigi FMarco D53Milan XXIII
Luigi FSandro T43Milan XXIII
Luigi FPanayotis P38Milan XXIII
Luigi FThorsten B82Milan XXIII
Luigi FFlavio Z103Milan XXIII
Maurizio LLuigi F49Milan XXIII
Gianni TLuigi F77Milan XXIII
Volker BLuigi F37Milan XXIII
Angelo SLuigi F29Milan XXIII
Luca FLuigi F47Milan XXIII
Robert SLuigi F57Milan XXIII
Alessandro CLuigi F07Milan XXIII
Alessandro GuLuigi F011Milan XXIII
Luigi FAlessandro Gu110Milan XXV
Luigi FAlessandro C81Milan XXV
Luigi FDiego D62Milan XXV
Luigi FFlavio Z72Milan XXV
Luigi FGianni T69Milan XXV
Luigi FMarco S64Milan XXV
Luigi FMario F77Milan XXV
Alessandro VLuigi F36Milan XXV
Dagh NLuigi F64Milan XXV
Frank FLuigi F310Milan XXV
Fabio FLuigi F36Milan XXV
Paolo DLuigi F26Milan XXV
Thorsten BLuigi F47Milan XXV
Simone CLuigi F211Milan XXV
Panayotis PLuigi F62Milan XXV
Luigi FDenny M100Milan XXVII
Luigi FGianni T65Milan XXVII
Luigi FPanayotis P93Milan XXVII
Luigi FFlavio Z81Milan XXVII
Luigi FMarco S53Milan XXVII
Luigi FKoney K81Milan XXVII
Luigi FFrank F34Milan XXVII
Gianluca TLuigi F45Milan XXVII
Oliver StLuigi F55Milan XXVII
Robert SLuigi F54Milan XXVII
Fabrizio RLuigi F28Milan XXVII
Thorsten BLuigi F05Milan XXVII
Paolo DLuigi F65Milan XXVII
Alessandro VLuigi F78Milan XXVII
Luigi FLorenzo C46Milan XXX
Luigi FGianni T57Milan XXX
Luigi FMario F19Milan XXX
Luigi FFabio F47Milan XXX
Luigi FFlavio Z61Milan XXX
Luigi FSandro T59Milan XXX
Fabio FLuigi F96Milan XXX
Flavio ZLuigi F16Milan XXX
Sandro TLuigi F23Milan XXX
Lorenzo CLuigi F43Milan XXX
Gianni TLuigi F53Milan XXX
Mario FLuigi F45Milan XXX
Luigi FGianluca P110World Cup XII
Luigi FAndrea R110World Cup XII
Luigi FJorg P71World Cup XII
Luigi FDino D100World Cup XII
Luigi FDagh N411World Cup XII
Luigi FFlavio Z42World Cup XII
Luigi FFrank F42World Cup XII
Luigi FCornelius H91World Cup XII
Luigi FPanayotis P54World Cup XII
Luigi FAndy G36World Cup XII
Luigi FAlessandro V63World Cup XII
Luigi FPanayotis P45World Cup XII
Luigi FMichael Ma23World Cup XII
Luigi FFrank F52World Cup XII
Luigi FAlessandro V72World Cup XII
Cornelius HLuigi F38World Cup XII
Panayotis PLuigi F72World Cup XII
Gianluca PLuigi F012World Cup XII
Andrea RLuigi F011World Cup XII
Jorg PLuigi F37World Cup XII
Dino DLuigi F09World Cup XII
Dagh NLuigi F87World Cup XII
Flavio ZLuigi F37World Cup XII
Frank FLuigi F28World Cup XII
Gianni TLuigi F94World Cup XII
Oliver StLuigi F83World Cup XII
Fabio FLuigi F23World Cup XII
Steve CLuigi F27World Cup XII
Michael MaLuigi F44World Cup XII
Frank FLuigi F32World Cup XII
Alessandro VLuigi F07World Cup XII
Luigi FGianni T36Milan XXXIV
Luigi FSandro T63Milan XXXIV
Luigi FAlessandro V64Milan XXXIV
Alessandro VLuigi F63Milan XXXIV
Gianni TLuigi F910Milan XXXIV
Sandro TLuigi F59Milan XXXIV

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Gianni T47vs
Alessandro V30vs
Marco D24vs
Maurizio L22vs
Sandro T20vs
Fabio F16vs
Mario F16vs
Filippo D10vs
Angelo S7vs
Flavio Z7vs