Lorenzo C (#11 - 1987 pts)

Tournaments played15
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played6
Games played240
Games won151 (62.92%)
Games drawn23 (9.58%)
Games lost66 (27.50%)
Goals for978 (4.08)
Goals against644 (2.68)
Last tournamentWorld Cup XVI (12-Nov-16)
Games per month in the last year3.00
1st easiest opponentMartino C (vs)
2nd easiest opponentDenny M (vs)
3rd easiest opponentFrancesco S (vs)
1st hardest opponentDagh N (vs)
2nd hardest opponentCarlo S (vs)
3rd hardest opponentGiacomo T (vs)
Easiest opponent for2 player(s)
Hardest opponent for1 player(s)
Different opponents79
Opponents' countries11
More frequent opponentGianni T (16 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets41 (17.08%)
No goals scored9 (3.75%)
Scored double figures7 (2.92%)
Conceded double figures7 (2.92%)
Biggest winFabrizio R - Lorenzo C: 0 - 14
Biggest defeatLorenzo C - Gianni T: 1 - 11
Danger rating-0.01

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Lorenzo CFabio M32Rome IV
Lorenzo CStefano A50Rome IV
Lorenzo CGiacomo T26Rome IV
Lorenzo CAlessandro M52Rome IV
Luca FLorenzo C02Rome IV
Gianluca TLorenzo C41Rome IV
Marco SLorenzo C22Rome IV
Lorenzo CMichael Ma20World Cup VII
Lorenzo CThorsten B30World Cup VII
Lorenzo CSteve E23World Cup VII
Lorenzo CMario F17World Cup VII
Lorenzo CEktoras K05World Cup VII
Lorenzo CGeorge Ka24World Cup VII
Lorenzo CAlessandro C20World Cup VII
Mark BLorenzo C32World Cup VII
Gianluca TLorenzo C100World Cup VII
Simone CLorenzo C05World Cup VII
Gunther WLorenzo C14World Cup VII
George KaLorenzo C33World Cup VII
Alessandro CLorenzo C13World Cup VII
Gunther WLorenzo C33World Cup VII
Mandhir SLorenzo C21World Cup VII
Lorenzo CFederico P24Rome V
Lorenzo CGianluca T06Rome V
Lorenzo CCarlo S04Rome V
Lorenzo CClaudio C21Rome V
Marco SLorenzo C33Rome V
Luca FLorenzo C42Rome V
Alessandro MLorenzo C26Rome V
Lorenzo LLorenzo C16Rome V
Lorenzo CGianni T111World Cup IX
Lorenzo CThorsten B20World Cup IX
Lorenzo CVolker B31World Cup IX
Lorenzo CArmin K20World Cup IX
Lorenzo CEktoras K511World Cup IX
Lorenzo CFrank F49World Cup IX
Lorenzo CAlex B23World Cup IX
Lorenzo CFlavio Z32World Cup IX
Lorenzo CVolker B11World Cup IX
Lorenzo CLorenzo L15World Cup IX
Lorenzo CKostas Ka20World Cup IX
Lorenzo CRodolfo M14World Cup IX
Ektoras KLorenzo C61World Cup IX
Frank FLorenzo C22World Cup IX
Alex BLorenzo C44World Cup IX
Gianni TLorenzo C85World Cup IX
Thorsten BLorenzo C11World Cup IX
Volker BLorenzo C22World Cup IX
Armin KLorenzo C03World Cup IX
Klaus LeLorenzo C15World Cup IX
Rodolfo MLorenzo C12World Cup IX
Jorg PLorenzo C13World Cup IX
Lorenzo CKlaus L20World Cup X
Lorenzo CGarry C13World Cup X
Lorenzo CCarsten P51World Cup X
Lorenzo CJohn H36World Cup X
Lorenzo CJacob K28World Cup X
Lorenzo CFlavio Z22World Cup X
Lorenzo CKlaus L71World Cup X
Lorenzo CAlex B33World Cup X
Lorenzo CJan G22World Cup X
Lorenzo CJorg P32World Cup X
Cornelius HLorenzo C31World Cup X
Heiko WLorenzo C14World Cup X
Alessandro CLorenzo C13World Cup X
Sandro TLorenzo C62World Cup X
Michael FLorenzo C15World Cup X
Knut LLorenzo C10World Cup X
Peter SLorenzo C25World Cup X
Rodolfo MLorenzo C23World Cup X
Volker BLorenzo C24World Cup X
Lorenzo LLorenzo C10World Cup X
Jan GLorenzo C05World Cup X
Jorg PLorenzo C19World Cup X
Lorenzo CKoney K50Milan XXVIII
Lorenzo CMarco D55Milan XXVIII
Lorenzo CFlavio Z42Milan XXVIII
Lorenzo CLorenzo L15Milan XXVIII
Lorenzo CFrank F32Milan XXVIII
Thorsten BLorenzo C14Milan XXVIII
Gianni TLorenzo C51Milan XXVIII
Fabrizio RLorenzo C13Milan XXVIII
Paolo DLorenzo C30Milan XXVIII
Alessandro VLorenzo C22Milan XXVIII
Lorenzo CLorenzo L34Milan XXIX
Lorenzo CFlavio Z31Milan XXIX
Lorenzo CAlessandro V34Milan XXIX
Lorenzo CFrank F33Milan XXIX
Koney KLorenzo C06Milan XXIX
Thorsten BLorenzo C32Milan XXIX
Fabrizio RLorenzo C014Milan XXIX
Paolo DLorenzo C24Milan XXIX
Gianni TLorenzo C103Milan XXIX
Lorenzo CSteve S51World Cup XI
Lorenzo CEktoras K76World Cup XI
Lorenzo CRodolfo M63World Cup XI
Lorenzo CJames Bu32World Cup XI
Lorenzo CAndy G02World Cup XI
Lorenzo CJorg P82World Cup XI
Lorenzo CThomas N71World Cup XI
Lorenzo COliver St63World Cup XI
Lorenzo CSteve E34World Cup XI
Lorenzo CEktoras K56World Cup XI
Lorenzo CGarry C43World Cup XI
Lorenzo CGianni T15World Cup XI
James BuLorenzo C19World Cup XI
Andy GLorenzo C44World Cup XI
Jorg PLorenzo C26World Cup XI
Thomas NLorenzo C27World Cup XI
Oliver StLorenzo C75World Cup XI
Steve SLorenzo C26World Cup XI
Ektoras KLorenzo C47World Cup XI
Rodolfo MLorenzo C37World Cup XI
George KaLorenzo C35World Cup XI
Steve CLorenzo C35World Cup XI
Alkis PLorenzo C37World Cup XI
Andy GLorenzo C33World Cup XI
Oliver StLorenzo C26World Cup XI
Garry CLorenzo C17World Cup XI
Gianni TLorenzo C55World Cup XI
Andy GLorenzo C43World Cup XI
Lorenzo CFlavio Z71Milan XXX
Lorenzo CSandro T56Milan XXX
Lorenzo CMario F14Milan XXX
Lorenzo CLuigi F43Milan XXX
Lorenzo CFabio F31Milan XXX
Lorenzo CGianni T23Milan XXX
Luigi FLorenzo C46Milan XXX
Fabio FLorenzo C44Milan XXX
Gianni TLorenzo C103Milan XXX
Flavio ZLorenzo C15Milan XXX
Sandro TLorenzo C26Milan XXX
Mario FLorenzo C46Milan XXX
Lorenzo CPeter S54World Cup XII
Lorenzo CMark W53World Cup XII
Lorenzo CGianni T57World Cup XII
Lorenzo CMassimo M70World Cup XII
Lorenzo CMario F42World Cup XII
Lorenzo CDenny M100World Cup XII
Lorenzo CLorenzo L62World Cup XII
Lorenzo COliver St42World Cup XII
Lorenzo CGeorge Ka53World Cup XII
Lorenzo CEktoras K61World Cup XII
Lorenzo CMichael Ma73World Cup XII
Lorenzo CDagh N312World Cup XII
Lorenzo CGianluca T65World Cup XII
Lorenzo CAlkis P26World Cup XII
Lorenzo CSteve C53World Cup XII
Lorenzo CEktoras K73World Cup XII
Lorenzo CPanayotis P32World Cup XII
Mario FLorenzo C52World Cup XII
Denny MLorenzo C08World Cup XII
Lorenzo LLorenzo C24World Cup XII
Oliver StLorenzo C36World Cup XII
George KaLorenzo C23World Cup XII
Peter SLorenzo C09World Cup XII
Mark WLorenzo C36World Cup XII
Gianni TLorenzo C44World Cup XII
Massimo MLorenzo C15World Cup XII
Frank FLorenzo C03World Cup XII
Mario FLorenzo C65World Cup XII
Steve CLorenzo C18World Cup XII
Ektoras KLorenzo C03World Cup XII
Panayotis PLorenzo C25World Cup XII
Lorenzo CMario F45Milan XXXII
Lorenzo CLorenzo L72Milan XXXII
Lorenzo CFabio F14Milan XXXII
Lorenzo CFlavio Z60Milan XXXII
Lorenzo CAlessandro V60Milan XXXII
Lorenzo CGianni T34Milan XXXII
Lorenzo CPaolo S110Milan XXXII
Lorenzo CSandro T43Milan XXXII
Alessandro VLorenzo C24Milan XXXII
Gianni TLorenzo C51Milan XXXII
Paolo SLorenzo C39Milan XXXII
Sandro TLorenzo C01Milan XXXII
Mario FLorenzo C65Milan XXXII
Lorenzo LLorenzo C02Milan XXXII
Fabio FLorenzo C61Milan XXXII
Flavio ZLorenzo C27Milan XXXII
Lorenzo CAndrea R61Milan XXXIII
Lorenzo CDenny M111Milan XXXIII
Lorenzo CLorenzo L41Milan XXXIII
Lorenzo CJaume P31Milan XXXIII
Lorenzo CPaolo S52Milan XXXIII
Flavio ZLorenzo C03Milan XXXIII
Fabio RLorenzo C12Milan XXXIII
Mario FLorenzo C42Milan XXXIII
Gianni TLorenzo C102Milan XXXIII
Alessandro VLorenzo C43Milan XXXIII
Fabrizio RLorenzo C04Milan XXXIII
Lorenzo CDenny M81Papozze II
Lorenzo CAlex Br52Papozze II
Lorenzo CMarco B70Papozze II
Lorenzo CMichele L60Papozze II
Lorenzo CAndy G31Papozze II
Lorenzo CGianni T33Papozze II
Lorenzo CChristopher D42Papozze II
Alessandro VLorenzo C23Papozze II
Flavio ZLorenzo C03Papozze II
Fabio FLorenzo C50Papozze II
Lorenzo LLorenzo C23Papozze II
Koney KLorenzo C06Papozze II
Michael MaLorenzo C24Papozze II
Lorenzo CJorn F51Milan XXXV
Lorenzo CGianni T14Milan XXXV
Lorenzo CFrancesco S80Milan XXXV
Lorenzo CAlessandro V48Milan XXXV
Lorenzo CLorenzo L10Milan XXXV
Lorenzo CAlex B113Milan XXXV
Lorenzo CFabrizio R82Milan XXXV
Fabio FLorenzo C22Milan XXXV
Denny MLorenzo C06Milan XXXV
Martino CLorenzo C09Milan XXXV
Paolo SLorenzo C210Milan XXXV
Mauro MLorenzo C17Milan XXXV
Flavio ZLorenzo C25Milan XXXV
Lorenzo CAlessandro V41World Cup XVI
Lorenzo CMichele L31World Cup XVI
Lorenzo CPeter S50World Cup XVI
Lorenzo CFrank F52World Cup XVI
Lorenzo COliver St58World Cup XVI
Lorenzo CAlkis P31World Cup XVI
Lorenzo CSandro T53World Cup XVI
Lorenzo CJacob K72World Cup XVI
Lorenzo CAlessandro V52World Cup XVI
Lorenzo CEktoras K30World Cup XVI
Lorenzo CAlkis P53World Cup XVI
Maurizio DLorenzo C06World Cup XVI
Denny MLorenzo C010World Cup XVI
Oliver StLorenzo C34World Cup XVI
Lee WLorenzo C23World Cup XVI
Gianni TLorenzo C72World Cup XVI
Florian KLorenzo C04World Cup XVI
Thor SLorenzo C13World Cup XVI
Fabio FLorenzo C66World Cup XVI
Dagh NLorenzo C71World Cup XVI
Alessandro VLorenzo C15World Cup XVI
Ektoras KLorenzo C34World Cup XVI
Alkis PLorenzo C42World Cup XVI

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Gianni T16vs
Lorenzo L12vs
Ektoras K11vs
Flavio Z11vs
Alessandro V10vs
Mario F9vs
Fabio F7vs
Oliver St7vs
Denny M6vs
Frank F6vs