Jorg P (#222 - 977 pts)

Tournaments played26
Tournaments won2 (7.69%)
World cups played13
Games played408
Games won201 (49.26%)
Games drawn37 (9.07%)
Games lost170 (41.67%)
Goals for1525 (3.74)
Goals against1481 (3.63)
Last tournamentAmsterdam I (02-Apr-16)
Games per month in the last year0.83
1st easiest opponentAlessandro Gu (vs)
2nd easiest opponentWolfgang M (vs)
3rd easiest opponentCarsten R (vs)
1st hardest opponentDagh N (vs)
2nd hardest opponentEktoras K (vs)
3rd hardest opponentAndy G (vs)
Easiest opponent for3 player(s)
Hardest opponent for4 player(s)
Different opponents113
Opponents' countries16
More frequent opponentThorsten B (22 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets39 (9.56%)
No goals scored26 (6.37%)
Scored double figures6 (1.47%)
Conceded double figures20 (4.90%)
Biggest winJorg P - Wolfgang M: 12 - 0
Biggest defeatFabio F - Jorg P: 16 - 1
Danger rating0.01

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Jorg PMartin J26World Cup III
Jorg PMark W43World Cup III
Jorg PPascal V32World Cup III
Jorg PKees V35World Cup III
Jorg PWolf H21World Cup III
Jorg PSteve C44World Cup III
Jorg PSpyros P610World Cup III
Steve CJorg P71World Cup III
Spyros PJorg P141World Cup III
Martin JJorg P61World Cup III
Mark WJorg P41World Cup III
Pascal VJorg P13World Cup III
Kees VJorg P23World Cup III
Wolf HJorg P35World Cup III
Jorg PWolf H40Osnabruck I
Jorg PThomas N61Osnabruck I
Jorg PPeter S133Osnabruck I
Wolf HJorg P45Osnabruck I
Thomas NJorg P33Osnabruck I
Peter SJorg P15Osnabruck I
Jorg PThomas N74Homburg
Jorg PPatrick B35Homburg
Jorg PMatthias M70Homburg
Alexander SJorg P53Homburg
Jorg PSandro T84World Cup IV
Jorg PFabio F51World Cup IV
Jorg PSascha W44World Cup IV
Jorg PSteve C27World Cup IV
Jorg PLuigi F57World Cup IV
Jorg PMaurizio L41World Cup IV
Jorg PGiacomo T05World Cup IV
Jorg PGianni T56World Cup IV
Jorg PHaydn H21World Cup IV
Sascha WJorg P35World Cup IV
Steve CJorg P40World Cup IV
Luigi FJorg P50World Cup IV
Maurizio LJorg P51World Cup IV
Sandro TJorg P36World Cup IV
Fabio FJorg P02World Cup IV
Gianni TJorg P62World Cup IV
Giacomo TJorg P52World Cup IV
Haydn HJorg P32World Cup IV
Jorg PChristian D45Homburg II
Jorg PMichael O37Homburg II
Jorg PMichael M51Homburg II
Jorg PThorsten B51Homburg II
Jorg PThomas K45Homburg II
Jorg PSascha W32Homburg II
Jorg PWolf H51Homburg II
Michael OJorg P91Homburg II
Michael MJorg P13Homburg II
Thorsten BJorg P05Homburg II
Christian DJorg P61Homburg II
Thomas KJorg P61Homburg II
Sascha WJorg P21Homburg II
Wolf HJorg P16Homburg II
Jorg PThorsten B50World Cup V
Jorg PSpyros P67World Cup V
Jorg PMarco S61World Cup V
Jorg PMark B20World Cup V
Jorg PPeter S93World Cup V
Jorg PMartin O71World Cup V
Jorg PGianni T19World Cup V
Jorg PNikos A12World Cup V
Jorg PNick P14World Cup V
Jorg PKnut L20World Cup V
Jorg PThomas K33World Cup V
Jorg PGlenn L24World Cup V
Peter SJorg P00World Cup V
Martin OJorg P24World Cup V
Gianni TJorg P51World Cup V
Thorsten BJorg P03World Cup V
Spyros PJorg P63World Cup V
Marco SJorg P30World Cup V
Mark BJorg P34World Cup V
Nikos AJorg P20World Cup V
Nick PJorg P32World Cup V
Knut LJorg P13World Cup V
Thomas KJorg P31World Cup V
Glenn LJorg P42World Cup V
Jorg PAlkis P28World Cup VI
Jorg PClaus H33World Cup VI
Jorg PKnut L42World Cup VI
Jorg PPeter S72World Cup VI
Jorg PBen C33World Cup VI
Jorg PMarco D07World Cup VI
Jorg PJohn R40World Cup VI
Jorg PClaus H21World Cup VI
Jorg PMark B32World Cup VI
Jorg PJames Bu13World Cup VI
Robert SJorg P63World Cup VI
Jacob KJorg P54World Cup VI
Darren GJorg P15World Cup VI
Dan CJorg P52World Cup VI
Simon BJorg P74World Cup VI
John RJorg P06World Cup VI
Claus HJorg P15World Cup VI
Mark BJorg P84World Cup VI
James BuJorg P14World Cup VI
Jorg PAstrid L62World Cup VII
Jorg PGeorge Ka65World Cup VII
Jorg PHaydn H46World Cup VII
Jorg PSandro T310World Cup VII
Jorg PAlessandro V05World Cup VII
Jorg PGunther W75World Cup VII
Jorg PKnut L54World Cup VII
Jorg PWayne L75World Cup VII
Vasilis KJorg P43World Cup VII
Gianni TJorg P101World Cup VII
Alessandro GuJorg P010World Cup VII
Thomas NJorg P15World Cup VII
Gunther WJorg P27World Cup VII
Knut LJorg P24World Cup VII
Rodolfo MJorg P64World Cup VII
Jorg PThomas N80Wiesbaden V
Jorg POliver St58Wiesbaden V
Jorg PThorsten B51Wiesbaden V
Jorg PJan K71Wiesbaden V
Jorg PFrank F44Wiesbaden V
Jorg PJuan S50Wiesbaden V
Jorg PHeiko W31Wiesbaden V
Jorg PFrank F24Wiesbaden V
Jorg PJan G54Wiesbaden V
Robert StJorg P28Wiesbaden V
Andreas KlJorg P07Wiesbaden V
Jan GJorg P46Wiesbaden V
Heiko WJorg P27Wiesbaden V
Volker BJorg P36Wiesbaden V
Heiko WJorg P47Wiesbaden V
Frank FJorg P34Wiesbaden V
Jorg PThomas N72Wiesbaden VI
Jorg PThorsten B82Wiesbaden VI
Jorg PJan G53Wiesbaden VI
Heiko WJorg P13Wiesbaden VI
Frank FJorg P61Wiesbaden VI
Jan KJorg P05Wiesbaden VI
Jorg PHeiko W51Wiesbaden VII
Jorg PFrank F14Wiesbaden VII
Volker BJorg P06Wiesbaden VII
Thorsten BJorg P27Wiesbaden VII
Jan GJorg P12Wiesbaden VII
Jorg PJan K101Wiesbaden VIII
Jorg PThorsten B54Wiesbaden VIII
Jorg PFrank F20Wiesbaden VIII
Jorg PVolker B112Wiesbaden VIII
Frank FJorg P62Wiesbaden VIII
Volker BJorg P24Wiesbaden VIII
Jan KJorg P17Wiesbaden VIII
Thorsten BJorg P13Wiesbaden VIII
Jorg PRodolfo M25World Cup VIII
Jorg PFilippos M25World Cup VIII
Jorg PGeorge Ka37World Cup VIII
Jorg PAntonis T62World Cup VIII
Jorg PGeorge Ka35World Cup VIII
Jorg PStelios T76World Cup VIII
Jorg PMarco S74World Cup VIII
Jorg PFlavio Z82World Cup VIII
Jorg PJorn F12World Cup VIII
Dagh NJorg P102World Cup VIII
Spyros PJorg P85World Cup VIII
Nikos AJorg P73World Cup VIII
Thorsten BJorg P24World Cup VIII
Mark BJorg P11World Cup VIII
Kostas KaJorg P32World Cup VIII
Wayne LJorg P63World Cup VIII
Vasilis KJorg P60World Cup VIII
Jorn FJorg P25World Cup VIII
Jorg PCornelius H53Langenfeld X
Jorg PFrederic B11Langenfeld X
Jorg PVolker B33Langenfeld X
Jorg PThorsten B51Langenfeld X
Jorg PPeter S75Langenfeld X
Jorg PFrank F00Langenfeld X
Thorsten BJorg P13Langenfeld X
Peter SJorg P33Langenfeld X
Frank FJorg P64Langenfeld X
Cornelius HJorg P22Langenfeld X
Frederic BJorg P22Langenfeld X
Volker BJorg P11Langenfeld X
Jorg PNils B25Hamburg V
Jorg PHeiko W54Hamburg V
Jorg PThorsten B40Hamburg V
Jorg PJan K71Hamburg V
Jorg PPeter S42Hamburg V
Jorg PCarsten R70Hamburg V
Jorg PThorsten B52Hamburg V
Jorg PFrank F12Hamburg V
Jorg PVolker B24Hamburg V
Volker BJorg P26Hamburg V
Frank FJorg P65Hamburg V
Tom SJorg P24Hamburg V
Wolf HJorg P28Hamburg V
Jan GJorg P33Hamburg V
Thorsten BJorg P22Hamburg V
Frank FJorg P62Hamburg V
Jorg PGeorge Ka16World Cup IX
Jorg PWolfgang M120World Cup IX
Jorg PHarald B71World Cup IX
Jorg PAstrid L91World Cup IX
Jorg PRobert S24World Cup IX
Jorg PLorenzo L42World Cup IX
Jorg PFabio F09World Cup IX
Jorg PAlkis P17World Cup IX
Jorg PKostas Ka35World Cup IX
Jorg PRodolfo M24World Cup IX
Jorg PKlaus Le33World Cup IX
Jorg PLorenzo C13World Cup IX
Robert SJorg P63World Cup IX
Lorenzo LJorg P62World Cup IX
Fabio FJorg P54World Cup IX
Alkis PJorg P111World Cup IX
George KaJorg P62World Cup IX
Wolfgang MJorg P18World Cup IX
Harald BJorg P14World Cup IX
Astrid LJorg P15World Cup IX
Lorenzo LJorg P05World Cup IX
Volker BJorg P53World Cup IX
Flavio ZJorg P24World Cup IX
Jorg PPeter S64Langenfeld XIII
Jorg PCornelius H32Langenfeld XIII
Jorg PWolf H22Langenfeld XIII
Jorg PThomas N21Langenfeld XIII
Malte RJorg P55Langenfeld XIII
Carsten PJorg P23Langenfeld XIII
Wolfgang HJorg P13Langenfeld XIII
Volker BJorg P33Langenfeld XIII
Jorg PThomas N104Osnabruck II
Jorg PWolf H62Osnabruck II
Jorg PTom S35Osnabruck II
Jorg PVolker B55Osnabruck II
Jorg PVolker B42Osnabruck II
Jorg PFrank F17Osnabruck II
Thorsten BJorg P15Osnabruck II
Frank FJorg P60Osnabruck II
Jan KJorg P14Osnabruck II
Peter SJorg P47Osnabruck II
Volker BJorg P65Osnabruck II
Frank FJorg P42Osnabruck II
Jorg PKostas Ka64World Cup X
Jorg PAlessandro V56World Cup X
Jorg PFrederic B57World Cup X
Jorg PWolf H71World Cup X
Jorg PKnut L63World Cup X
Jorg PKostas Ka44World Cup X
Jorg PThorsten B51World Cup X
Jorg PHelmut H83World Cup X
Jorg PAlex B42World Cup X
Jorg PLorenzo C19World Cup X
Ektoras KJorg P94World Cup X
Volker BJorg P15World Cup X
Rodolfo MJorg P55World Cup X
Dagh NJorg P103World Cup X
Horst LJorg P14World Cup X
Peter KJorg P45World Cup X
Simon KJorg P32World Cup X
Cornelius HJorg P18World Cup X
Jan GJorg P42World Cup X
Alex BJorg P43World Cup X
Lorenzo CJorg P32World Cup X
Jorg PThomas N71Oldenburg II
Jorg PThorsten B32Oldenburg II
Jorg PHeiko W41Oldenburg II
Jorg PCornelius H42Oldenburg II
Jorg PPeter K51Oldenburg II
Jorg PHeiko W32Oldenburg II
Jan GJorg P35Oldenburg II
Tom SJorg P31Oldenburg II
Frank FJorg P93Oldenburg II
Frank FJorg P43Oldenburg II
Jorg PSteve S21World Cup XI
Jorg PEktoras K19World Cup XI
Jorg POliver St27World Cup XI
Jorg PLorenzo C26World Cup XI
Jorg PJames Bu50World Cup XI
Jorg PThomas N83World Cup XI
Jorg PAndy G311World Cup XI
Jorg PRodolfo M46World Cup XI
Jorg PThorsten B52World Cup XI
Jorg PWayne L43World Cup XI
James BuJorg P24World Cup XI
Thomas NJorg P12World Cup XI
Andy GJorg P73World Cup XI
Rodolfo MJorg P55World Cup XI
Steve SJorg P27World Cup XI
Ektoras KJorg P81World Cup XI
Oliver StJorg P83World Cup XI
Lorenzo CJorg P82World Cup XI
Wolf HJorg P05World Cup XI
Lorenzo LJorg P52World Cup XI
James BuJorg P15World Cup XI
Peter KJorg P23World Cup XI
Rodolfo MJorg P54World Cup XI
Graham SJorg P22World Cup XI
Jorn FJorg P64World Cup XI
Klaus LeJorg P34World Cup XI
Jorn FJorg P23World Cup XI
Jorg PPanayotis P45World Cup XII
Jorg PFlavio Z52World Cup XII
Jorg PFrank F56World Cup XII
Jorg PAndrea R42World Cup XII
Jorg PDagh N311World Cup XII
Jorg PGianluca P80World Cup XII
Jorg PDino D50World Cup XII
Jorg PLuigi F37World Cup XII
Jorg PCornelius H14World Cup XII
Jorg PMichele L63World Cup XII
Jorg PThorsten B33World Cup XII
Jorg PPeter S91World Cup XII
Jorg PGeorge Ka34World Cup XII
Jorg PCornelius H34World Cup XII
Jorg PKostas Ka34World Cup XII
Jorg PFabio R33World Cup XII
Jorg PThorsten B32World Cup XII
Gianluca PJorg P04World Cup XII
Dino DJorg P05World Cup XII
Luigi FJorg P71World Cup XII
Cornelius HJorg P45World Cup XII
Panayotis PJorg P75World Cup XII
Flavio ZJorg P43World Cup XII
Frank FJorg P51World Cup XII
Andrea RJorg P07World Cup XII
Dagh NJorg P134World Cup XII
Michele LJorg P75World Cup XII
Thorsten BJorg P10World Cup XII
Peter SJorg P45World Cup XII
Jorn FJorg P44World Cup XII
Peter SJorg P36World Cup XII
Jorg PAndy G213World Cup XIII
Jorg PPeter S83World Cup XIII
Jorg PRodolfo M62World Cup XIII
Jorg PLorenzo L52World Cup XIII
Jorg PMichael F62World Cup XIII
Jorg PMark W03World Cup XIII
Jorg PKlaus Le24World Cup XIII
Jorg PSteve C14World Cup XIII
Jorg PHelmut H51World Cup XIII
Jorg PLorenzo L15World Cup XIII
Jorg POliver St29World Cup XIII
Jorg PDino D50World Cup XIII
Jorg PAlkis P013World Cup XIII
Jorg PPeter S61World Cup XIII
Jorg PHelmut H50World Cup XIII
Michael MaJorg P32World Cup XIII
Alkis PJorg P104World Cup XIII
Jorn FJorg P40World Cup XIII
Oliver StJorg P103World Cup XIII
Gianni TJorg P82World Cup XIII
Dino DJorg P15World Cup XIII
Christopher DJorg P70World Cup XIII
Michele LJorg P34World Cup XIII
Alkis PJorg P63World Cup XIII
Lorenzo LJorg P32World Cup XIII
Oliver StJorg P80World Cup XIII
Dino DJorg P03World Cup XIII
Peter SJorg P36World Cup XIII
Helmut HJorg P14World Cup XIII
Jorg PDagh N110World Cup XIV
Jorg PJacob K26World Cup XIV
Jorg PEktoras K111World Cup XIV
Jorg PThor S46World Cup XIV
Jorg PGunther W74World Cup XIV
Jorg PAlkis P37World Cup XIV
Jorg PThomas N71World Cup XIV
Jorg PEktoras K110World Cup XIV
Jorg PGunther W33World Cup XIV
Jorg PWolf H31World Cup XIV
Jorg PHelmut H64World Cup XIV
Alessandro VJorg P72World Cup XIV
Torgny AJorg P55World Cup XIV
Fabio FJorg P161World Cup XIV
Steve CJorg P84World Cup XIV
Oliver StJorg P110World Cup XIV
Thomas NJorg P24World Cup XIV
Peter SJorg P46World Cup XIV
Michele LJorg P36World Cup XIV
Torgny AJorg P53World Cup XIV
Mark WJorg P31World Cup XIV
Jorg PDino D70World Cup 2015
Jorg PMichele L33World Cup 2015
Jorg PTomasz A62World Cup 2015
Jorg PFabio F012World Cup 2015
Jorg PJohn H49World Cup 2015
Jorg PTomasz A22World Cup 2015
Jorg PHelmut H31World Cup 2015
Jorg PJaume P11World Cup 2015
Jorg PDanny D10World Cup 2015
Jorg PStephen D01World Cup 2015
Jorg PPeter S62World Cup 2015
Steve CJorg P42World Cup 2015
Olly DJorg P05World Cup 2015
Peter SJorg P02World Cup 2015
Gary PJorg P11World Cup 2015
Charley DJorg P23World Cup 2015
Steve SJorg P55World Cup 2015
Alan BJorg P14World Cup 2015
Stephen DJorg P23World Cup 2015
Peter SJorg P24World Cup 2015
Lee WJorg P43World Cup 2015
Jorg PNiels T50Amsterdam I
Jorg PKnut L23Amsterdam I
Jorg PDino D60Amsterdam I
Jorg PDanny D62Amsterdam I
Jorg PKlaus Le03Amsterdam I
Klaus LeJorg P48Amsterdam I
Cornelius HJorg P30Amsterdam I
Riemer PJorg P30Amsterdam I
Jaume PJorg P30Amsterdam I
Mark PJorg P30Amsterdam I

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