John H (#19 - 1504 pts)

Tournaments played23
Tournaments won11 (47.83%)
World cups played7
Games played355
Games won251 (70.70%)
Games drawn27 (7.61%)
Games lost77 (21.69%)
Goals for2077 (5.85)
Goals against1037 (2.92)
Last tournamentWorld Cup 2015 (07-Nov-15)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentOlly D (vs)
2nd easiest opponentGary P (vs)
3rd easiest opponentDino D (vs)
1st hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
2nd hardest opponentMichael O (vs)
3rd hardest opponentSpyros P (vs)
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for30 player(s)
Different opponents110
Opponents' countries16
More frequent opponentBjorn P (16 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets34 (9.58%)
No goals scored3 (0.85%)
Scored double figures39 (10.99%)
Conceded double figures4 (1.13%)
Biggest winTor-Henning A - John H: 0 - 17
Biggest defeatBen G - John H: 10 - 2
Danger rating0.27

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
John HPhilipp H42World Cup V
John HMark W11World Cup V
John HJorn F40World Cup V
John HGiacomo T34World Cup V
John HKlaus Lo32World Cup V
John HTobias B31World Cup V
John HMichael O56World Cup V
John HMarco D43World Cup V
John HThomas K05World Cup V
John HKnut L41World Cup V
John HNils B45World Cup V
Jorn FJohn H25World Cup V
Giacomo TJohn H31World Cup V
Klaus LoJohn H63World Cup V
Tobias BJohn H14World Cup V
Philipp HJohn H01World Cup V
Mark WJohn H30World Cup V
Michael OJohn H62World Cup V
Marco DJohn H61World Cup V
Thomas KJohn H46World Cup V
Knut LJohn H03World Cup V
Nils BJohn H59World Cup V
John HJacob K73Copenhagen II
John HClaus H30Copenhagen II
John HHenrik R41Copenhagen II
John HJorn F21Copenhagen II
John HFinn R71Copenhagen II
John HJesper B51Copenhagen II
John HJonas S103Copenhagen II
John HNick P22Copenhagen II
Jesper BJohn H03Copenhagen II
Jonas SJohn H17Copenhagen II
Nick PJohn H38Copenhagen II
Jacob KJohn H34Copenhagen II
Claus HJohn H37Copenhagen II
Henrik RJohn H26Copenhagen II
Jorn FJohn H54Copenhagen II
Finn RJohn H17Copenhagen II
John HKetil B71Ostersund
John HJorn F32Ostersund
John HMattias N62Ostersund
John HJohnny O120Ostersund
John HJohn L110Ostersund
John HMattias N41Ostersund
Johnny OJohn H012Ostersund
John LJohn H08Ostersund
Kent HJohn H16Ostersund
Bjorn PJohn H66Ostersund
Lars AJohn H14Ostersund
Ketil BJohn H33Ostersund
Jorn FJohn H43Ostersund
Bjorn PJohn H14Ostersund
Lars AJohn H25Ostersund
John HLars A111Tromso II
John HBjorn P46Tromso II
John HTor-Henning A71Tromso II
John HJorn F65Tromso II
John HSindre B100Tromso II
John HAlex B42Tromso II
Sindre BJohn H27Tromso II
Alex BJohn H35Tromso II
Lars AJohn H012Tromso II
Bjorn PJohn H17Tromso II
Tor-Henning AJohn H017Tromso II
Jorn FJohn H17Tromso II
John HBjorn P22Ostersund II
John HNiclas L72Ostersund II
John HMattias N51Ostersund II
Mattias NJohn H35Ostersund II
Bjorn PJohn H34Ostersund II
Niclas LJohn H39Ostersund II
John HJesper K81World Cup VI
John HNick P43World Cup VI
John HBen G44World Cup VI
John HOliver St81World Cup VI
John HMichael Mu41World Cup VI
John HSpyros P26World Cup VI
John HBen G23World Cup VI
John HSteve C55World Cup VI
John HSimon B22World Cup VI
Saskia BJohn H09World Cup VI
James BuJohn H25World Cup VI
Michael OJohn H54World Cup VI
James BJohn H66World Cup VI
Gianni TJohn H93World Cup VI
Sascha WJohn H44World Cup VI
Garry CJohn H03World Cup VI
Spyros PJohn H64World Cup VI
Ben GJohn H102World Cup VI
Steve CJohn H63World Cup VI
Simon BJohn H26World Cup VI
John HNiclas L31Ostersund III
John HMattias N14Ostersund III
John HNiclas L104Ostersund III
John HMattias N71Ostersund III
John HNiclas L43Ostersund III
John HMattias N32Ostersund III
Bjorn PJohn H42Ostersund III
Bjorn PJohn H13Ostersund III
Bjorn PJohn H66Ostersund III
John HNiclas L83Ostersund IV
John HMattias N51Ostersund IV
John HNiclas L73Ostersund IV
John HMattias N82Ostersund IV
John HNiclas L56Ostersund IV
John HMattias N60Ostersund IV
Bjorn PJohn H37Ostersund IV
Bjorn PJohn H15Ostersund IV
Bjorn PJohn H26Ostersund IV
John HGarry C64Reading XIII
John HSimon B63Reading XIII
John HJames Bu40Reading XIII
John HPeter S71Reading XIII
John HMandhir S75Reading XIII
John HWayne L91Reading XIII
John HSteve E73Reading XIII
John HSascha W43Reading XIII
John HMichael O36Reading XIII
John HAlkis P35Reading XIII
John HMichael Mu91Reading XIII
Thomas KJohn H53Reading XIII
Gianni TJohn H103Reading XIII
Jon GJohn H27Reading XIII
Mark BJohn H310Reading XIII
Steve CJohn H42Reading XIII
Nazim CJohn H35Reading XIII
Simon KJohn H110Reading XIII
Stephen DJohn H46Reading XIII
Mark WJohn H17Reading XIII
Robert SJohn H44Reading XIII
Darren GJohn H05Reading XIII
Wolf HJohn H47Reading XIII
John HMandhir S62Reading XIV
John HWayne L61Reading XIV
John HSimon K71Reading XIV
Steve EJohn H18Reading XIV
Garry CJohn H49Reading XIV
Stephen DJohn H33Reading XIV
Mark BJohn H47Reading XIV
John HBjorn P52Ostersund V
John HNiclas L81Ostersund V
Kent HJohn H15Ostersund V
John HSpyros P46World Cup VII
John HFlavio Z81World Cup VII
John HMandhir S62World Cup VII
John HWayne L114World Cup VII
John HSteve C54World Cup VII
John HGianluca T35World Cup VII
John HMario F25World Cup VII
Peter SJohn H38World Cup VII
Fabio FJohn H14World Cup VII
Michael FJohn H112World Cup VII
Luca FJohn H16World Cup VII
Jorn FJohn H35World Cup VII
Steve CJohn H54World Cup VII
Gianluca TJohn H91World Cup VII
Alkis PJohn H45World Cup VII
John HAlessandro C82Milan XXIII
John HAlessandro Gu80Milan XXIII
John HMarco D54Milan XXIII
John HSandro T55Milan XXIII
John HPanayotis P56Milan XXIII
John HThorsten B102Milan XXIII
John HFlavio Z71Milan XXIII
John HSimone C121Milan XXIII
Alessandro VJohn H57Milan XXIII
Luigi FJohn H44Milan XXIII
Maurizio LJohn H17Milan XXIII
Gianni TJohn H106Milan XXIII
Volker BJohn H04Milan XXIII
Angelo SJohn H17Milan XXIII
Luca FJohn H65Milan XXIII
Robert SJohn H63Milan XXIII
John HMattias N73Ostersund VI
John HNick P42Ostersund VI
John HBjorn P93Ostersund VI
John HNiclas L64Ostersund VI
John HKent H194Ostersund VI
John HJacob K40Ostersund VI
John HMattias N62Ostersund VI
John HNick P91Ostersund VI
John HBjorn P61Ostersund VI
Niclas LJohn H110Ostersund VI
Kent HJohn H015Ostersund VI
Jacob KJohn H35Ostersund VI
Mattias NJohn H26Ostersund VI
Nick PJohn H24Ostersund VI
Bjorn PJohn H08Ostersund VI
Niclas LJohn H49Ostersund VI
Jacob KJohn H111Ostersund VI
John HSimon K72Newent XII
John HJames B32Newent XII
John HGarry C101Newent XII
John HSteve E101Newent XII
John HNick H90Newent XII
John HRobert S75Newent XII
Steve EJohn H36Newent XII
Nick HJohn H115Newent XII
Robert SJohn H58Newent XII
Simon KJohn H29Newent XII
James BJohn H31Newent XII
Garry CJohn H27Newent XII
John HClaus H61Copenhagen III
John HHenrik R91Copenhagen III
John HNiki B31Copenhagen III
John HJonas S60Copenhagen III
John HTorgny A63Copenhagen III
Dagh NJohn H23Copenhagen III
Nick PJohn H23Copenhagen III
Finn RJohn H49Copenhagen III
Dennis NJohn H49Copenhagen III
Jacob KJohn H46Copenhagen III
Mattias EJohn H29Copenhagen III
Dennis NJohn H25Copenhagen III Cup
Claus HJohn H25Copenhagen III Cup
Dagh NJohn H44Copenhagen III Cup
John HAlex B83World Cup VIII
John HMarco S81World Cup VIII
John HHenrik R60World Cup VIII
John HOliver St44World Cup VIII
John HSteve E22World Cup VIII
John HNikos A52World Cup VIII
John HSandro T63World Cup VIII
John HOliver St82World Cup VIII
John HSpyros P12World Cup VIII
John HPanayotis P25World Cup VIII
Yakos TJohn H05World Cup VIII
Vasilis KJohn H37World Cup VIII
Apostolos TJohn H15World Cup VIII
Panayotis PJohn H67World Cup VIII
Nick PJohn H28World Cup VIII
Nikos AJohn H13World Cup VIII
Sandro TJohn H84World Cup VIII
Steve EJohn H36World Cup VIII
Oliver StJohn H44World Cup VIII
Spyros PJohn H54World Cup VIII
Panayotis PJohn H33World Cup VIII
John HVolker B82London XXIII
John HJames B52London XXIII
John HGarry C32London XXIII
John HAndy H104London XXIII
John HGlenn L31London XXIII
John HRobert S35London XXIII
John HAlex B95London XXIII
John HAlessandro V78London XXIII
John HDarren G110London XXIII
John HSandro T89London XXIII
John HSteve E25London XXIII
John HDagh N47London XXIII
Gianni TJohn H54London XXIII
Pedro QJohn H110London XXIII
Panayotis PJohn H60London XXIII
Simon KJohn H46London XXIII
Andy GJohn H65London XXIII
Thorsten BJohn H18London XXIII
Andy EJohn H16London XXIII
Klaus LoJohn H46London XXIII
Rodolfo MJohn H57London XXIII
Flavio ZJohn H37London XXIII
Jon GJohn H64London XXIII
Mark EJohn H45London XXIII
John HRegis B73Lund II
John HDagh N25Lund II
John HThorsten B81Lund II
John HTorgny A81Lund II
John HVolker B94Lund II
John HJacob K84Lund II
Torgny AJohn H311Lund II
Volker BJohn H28Lund II
Jacob KJohn H17Lund II
Regis BJohn H26Lund II
Dagh NJohn H43Lund II
Thorsten BJohn H24Lund II
John HSindre B111Tromso XV
John HThorsten B91Tromso XV
John HJorn F90Tromso XV
John HVilde F70Tromso XV
John HLars A101Tromso XV
John HRune P153Tromso XV
John HFrank F63Tromso XV
Vilde FJohn H03Tromso XV
Lars AJohn H111Tromso XV
Rune PJohn H212Tromso XV
Frank FJohn H45Tromso XV
Sindre BJohn H77Tromso XV
Thorsten BJohn H27Tromso XV
Jorn FJohn H15Tromso XV
John HMichael F70World Cup X
John HJacob K43World Cup X
John HCornelius H121World Cup X
John HHeiko W51World Cup X
John HCarsten P80World Cup X
John HSandro T13World Cup X
John HOliver St44World Cup X
John HAlkis P18World Cup X
John HFrederic B52World Cup X
John HJacob K45World Cup X
Knut LJohn H48World Cup X
Klaus LJohn H44World Cup X
Garry CJohn H310World Cup X
Lorenzo CJohn H36World Cup X
Alessandro CJohn H15World Cup X
Frederic BJohn H65World Cup X
Oliver StJohn H33World Cup X
Alkis PJohn H44World Cup X
Garry CJohn H13World Cup X
George KaJohn H43World Cup X
John HMichele L104World Cup XIV
John HMark W42World Cup XIV
John HGianluca T27World Cup XIV
John HMario F22World Cup XIV
John HChristopher D35World Cup XIV
John HWolf H51World Cup XIV
John HThor S63World Cup XIV
John HGianni T57World Cup XIV
John HSandro T53World Cup XIV
John HChristopher D65World Cup XIV
John HGianluca T32World Cup XIV
John HDagh N39World Cup XIV
Peter SJohn H18World Cup XIV
Helmut HJohn H111World Cup XIV
Jorn FJohn H28World Cup XIV
Sandro TJohn H49World Cup XIV
Gianni TJohn H81World Cup XIV
Andy GJohn H11World Cup XIV
Jacob KJohn H36World Cup XIV
Fabio FJohn H53World Cup XIV
Steve CJohn H85World Cup XIV
Gianluca TJohn H43World Cup XIV
Christopher DJohn H35World Cup XIV
Dagh NJohn H102World Cup XIV
John HSteve C45World Cup 2015
John HOlly D171World Cup 2015
John HPeter S63World Cup 2015
John HGary P130World Cup 2015
John HSteve C35World Cup 2015
John HGianni T39World Cup 2015
John HOliver St47World Cup 2015
John HSandro T27World Cup 2015
John HMichele L70World Cup 2015
John HAlessandro V45World Cup 2015
John HSteve C53World Cup 2015
Fabio FJohn H83World Cup 2015
Dino DJohn H114World Cup 2015
Michele LJohn H210World Cup 2015
Tomasz AJohn H39World Cup 2015
Jorg PJohn H49World Cup 2015
Alessandro VJohn H57World Cup 2015
Andy GJohn H31World Cup 2015
Robert SJohn H26World Cup 2015
Michele LJohn H29World Cup 2015
Alessandro VJohn H54World Cup 2015
Steve CJohn H64World Cup 2015

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Bjorn P16vs
Mattias N13vs
Jorn F12vs
Niclas L12vs
Jacob K11vs
Steve C10vs
Garry C8vs
Nick P8vs
Sandro T8vs
Dagh N7vs