James L (#55 - 1079 pts)

Tournaments played21
Tournaments won1 (4.76%)
World cups played1
Games played276
Games won145 (52.54%)
Games drawn29 (10.51%)
Games lost102 (36.96%)
Goals for1035 (3.75)
Goals against852 (3.09)
Last tournamentLondon XXV (11-Dec-09)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentSam B (vs)
2nd easiest opponentNiels T (vs)
3rd easiest opponentJan T (vs)
1st hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
2nd hardest opponentDan C (vs)
3rd hardest opponentBill V (vs)
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for3 player(s)
Different opponents56
Opponents' countries12
More frequent opponentRobert S (42 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets39 (14.13%)
No goals scored9 (3.26%)
Scored double figures2 (0.72%)
Conceded double figures4 (1.45%)
Biggest winJames L - Sam B: 11 - 0
Biggest defeatMartin J - James L: 13 - 2
Danger rating0.05

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
James LGunther W30World Cup I
James LCarl N10World Cup I
James LFabio A30World Cup I
James LNazim C01World Cup I
James LVasilis K10World Cup I
Riemer PJames L22World Cup I
Steve CJames L32World Cup I
Oliver SJames L27World Cup I
Helmut HJames L22World Cup I
Gianluca TJames L41World Cup I
James LSimon B34London I
James LRobert S11London I
James LNazim C21London I
James LRikki F34London I
Rikki FJames L60London I
Nazim CJames L34London I
Robert SJames L23London I
Simon BJames L53London I
James LGlenn L10Lund
James LKlaus Lo45Lund
James LGlenn L02Lund
James LKlaus Lo44Lund
James LRobert S10Lund
James LJacob K61Lund
James LRobert S12Lund
James LJacob K31Lund
Robert SJames L72Lund
Jacob KJames L02Lund
Robert SJames L40Lund
Jacob KJames L24Lund
Klaus LoJames L63Lund
Glenn LJames L23Lund
Klaus LoJames L54Lund
Glenn LJames L11Lund
James LNazim C22London II
James LRobert S32London II
James LBill V23London II
James LSimon B23London II
James LRikki F44London II
James LMark E80London II
Simon BJames L21London II
Bill VJames L51London II
Nazim CJames L23London II
Robert SJames L42London II
Rikki FJames L22London II
Mark EJames L08London II
James LGlenn L52London III
James LBill V27London III
James LNazim C35London III
James LRobert S07London III
James LKlaus Lo56London III
James LRikki F36London III
James LSimon B25London III
Klaus LoJames L62London III
Rikki FJames L102London III
Simon BJames L62London III
Glenn LJames L22London III
Bill VJames L111London III
Nazim CJames L45London III
Robert SJames L52London III
James LBill V02Gloucester III
James LHaydn H51Gloucester III
James LSimon B43Gloucester III
James LJames B52Gloucester III
James LTrevor D34Gloucester III
James LSteve C23Gloucester III
James LMartin J44Gloucester III
James LRobert S35Gloucester III
James LMartin B33Gloucester III
Steve CJames L62Gloucester III
Martin JJames L73Gloucester III
Robert SJames L52Gloucester III
Martin BJames L84Gloucester III
Bill VJames L81Gloucester III
Haydn HJames L06Gloucester III
Simon BJames L11Gloucester III
James BJames L11Gloucester III
Trevor DJames L43Gloucester III
James LSimon B26London VI
James LYakos T41London VI
James LRobert S32London VI
James LSimon B21London VI
James LYakos T61London VI
James LRobert S23London VI
Yakos TJames L09London VI
Robert SJames L13London VI
Simon BJames L52London VI
Yakos TJames L15London VI
Robert SJames L63London VI
Simon BJames L44London VI
James LMartin J37Wolverhampton
James LRobert S34Wolverhampton
James LHaydn H54Wolverhampton
James LSteve C44Wolverhampton
James LPaul M31Wolverhampton
James LMark W21Wolverhampton
James LTrevor D25Wolverhampton
James LGreg N81Wolverhampton
Mark WJames L33Wolverhampton
Trevor DJames L50Wolverhampton
Greg NJames L16Wolverhampton
Martin JJames L91Wolverhampton
Robert SJames L18Wolverhampton
Haydn HJames L26Wolverhampton
Steve CJames L33Wolverhampton
Paul MJames L03Wolverhampton
James LMark E72London VIII
James LDarren G51London VIII
James LSteve S40London VIII
James LRobert S33London VIII
James LSimon B32London VIII
Robert SJames L92London VIII
Simon BJames L30London VIII
Mark EJames L23London VIII
Darren GJames L13London VIII
Steve SJames L14London VIII
James LRikki F58Sheffield
James LRobert S53Sheffield
James LSteve C53Sheffield
James LDan S43Sheffield
James LPaul A61Sheffield
James LJacob K62Sheffield
James LMalcolm A23Sheffield
James LAndy B80Sheffield
James LNazim C82Sheffield
James LMartin B54Sheffield
James LTrevor D36Sheffield
James LNick H52Sheffield
James LMark W71Sheffield
James LJames B41Sheffield
James LMartin J48Sheffield
James LJon G21Sheffield
Martin BJames L53Sheffield
Trevor DJames L72Sheffield
Nick HJames L19Sheffield
Mark WJames L21Sheffield
James BJames L27Sheffield
Martin JJames L62Sheffield
Jon GJames L39Sheffield
Rikki FJames L42Sheffield
Robert SJames L62Sheffield
Steve CJames L62Sheffield
Dan SJames L10Sheffield
Paul AJames L02Sheffield
Jacob KJames L35Sheffield
Malcolm AJames L33Sheffield
Andy BJames L23Sheffield
Nazim CJames L33Sheffield
James LRobert S35London XI
James LSteve S42London XI
James LSimon B43London XI
Steve SJames L43London XI
Simon BJames L31London XI
Robert SJames L12London XI
James LRobert S20London XII
James LSteve S10London XII
James LSimon B73London XII
James LRobert S62London XII
James LSteve S72London XII
James LSimon B53London XII
Steve SJames L24London XII
Simon BJames L33London XII
Robert SJames L72London XII
Steve SJames L34London XII
Simon BJames L35London XII
Robert SJames L63London XII
James LWayne L90London XIII
James LRobert S53London XIII
James LSimon B64London XIII
Robert SJames L53London XIII
Simon BJames L24London XIII
Wayne LJames L210London XIII
James LJacob K51Nottingham
James LDanny D70Nottingham
James LSam B110Nottingham
James LPaul A40Nottingham
James LJon G52Nottingham
James LSteve R62Nottingham
James LMartin B64Nottingham
James LJames B53Nottingham
James LMartin J512Nottingham
James LMark W61Nottingham
James LMalcolm A61Nottingham
James LSteve C74Nottingham
James LDan G72Nottingham
James LHaydn H70Nottingham
James LRobert S26Nottingham
James LNick H82Nottingham
Martin JJames L132Nottingham
Mark WJames L02Nottingham
Malcolm AJames L15Nottingham
Steve CJames L65Nottingham
Dan GJames L22Nottingham
Haydn HJames L25Nottingham
Robert SJames L84Nottingham
Nick HJames L06Nottingham
Jacob KJames L41Nottingham
Danny DJames L06Nottingham
Sam BJames L08Nottingham
Paul AJames L34Nottingham
Jon GJames L02Nottingham
Steve RJames L05Nottingham
Martin BJames L51Nottingham
James BJames L21Nottingham
James LRobert S43London XV
Philippe CJames L01London XV
Mark BJames L06London XV
Wayne LJames L36London XV
Mark EJames L05London XV
Simon BJames L43London XV
James LHaydn H61London XVI
James LAlkis P18London XVI
James LRobert S52London XVI
James LSimon B65London XVI
James LMark B93London XVI
Simon BJames L23London XVI
Mark BJames L05London XVI
Haydn HJames L04London XVI
Alkis PJames L32London XVI
Robert SJames L22London XVI
James LSimon B35London XVII
James LHaydn H21London XVII
James LRobert S24London XVII
Darren GJames L23London XVII
Wayne LJames L05London XVII
Mandhir SJames L19London XVII
Mark BJames L19London XVII
James LJan T70London Marathon
James LJon G37London Marathon
James LMandhir S41London Marathon
James LMark B54London Marathon
James LMark P44London Marathon
James LNiels T70London Marathon
James LNikos A76London Marathon
James LRiemer P23London Marathon
James LRikki F37London Marathon
James LRobert S15London Marathon
James LSandro T75London Marathon
James LSteve C57London Marathon
James LWayne L27London Marathon
Ben GJames L74London Marathon
Darren GJames L04London Marathon
Fabio AJames L37London Marathon
Gianni TJames L93London Marathon
Gunther WJames L15London Marathon
Haydn HJames L32London Marathon
Jacob KJames L08London Marathon
James LHaydn H81Manchester II
James LJon G37Manchester II
James LRobert S19Manchester II
James LDan C16Manchester II
James LSimon K52Manchester II
James LBen G16Manchester II
Mark BJames L05Manchester II
Mark WJames L12Manchester II
Wayne LJames L35Manchester II
Steve BJames L14Manchester II
Ben CJames L13Manchester II
Garry CJames L26Manchester II
Paul MJames L44Manchester II
Steve CJames L24Manchester II
James LSimon K52Manchester II Cup
James LSteve B52Manchester II Cup
James LSteve C34Manchester II Cup
James LWayne L22London XXV
James LRobert S23London XXV
James LSimon B42London XXV
Simon BJames L22London XXV
Wayne LJames L65London XXV
Robert SJames L77London XXV
James LWayne L23London XXVI
James LRobert S33London XXVI
James LSimon B25London XXVI
Simon BJames L46London XXVI
Wayne LJames L43London XXVI
Robert SJames L73London XXVI

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Robert S42vs
Simon B30vs
Steve C12vs
Haydn H11vs
Wayne L10vs
Jacob K9vs
Martin J9vs
Nazim C9vs
Rikki F9vs
Steve S8vs