Gunther W (#431 - 581 pts)

Tournaments played20
Tournaments won1 (5.00%)
World cups played6
Games played212
Games won54 (25.47%)
Games drawn16 (7.55%)
Games lost142 (66.98%)
Goals for358 (1.69)
Goals against888 (4.19)
Last tournamentAmsterdam I (02-Apr-16)
Games per month in the last year0.83
1st easiest opponentWolfgang H (vs)
2nd easiest opponentTim K (vs)
3rd easiest opponentMarcel E (vs)
1st hardest opponentFabio F (vs)
2nd hardest opponentMario F (vs)
3rd hardest opponentKlaus Lo (vs)
Easiest opponent for16 player(s)
Hardest opponent for10 player(s)
Different opponents108
Opponents' countries14
More frequent opponentNiels T (8 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets33 (15.57%)
No goals scored48 (22.64%)
Scored double figures2 (0.94%)
Conceded double figures22 (10.38%)
Biggest winGunther W - Tim K: 10 - 0
Biggest defeatFabio F - Gunther W: 17 - 1
Danger rating-0.06

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Gunther WOliver S41World Cup I
Gunther WFabio A20World Cup I
Gunther WRiemer P02World Cup I
Gunther WCarl N10World Cup I
Gunther WMark P07World Cup I
James LGunther W30World Cup I
Helmut HGunther W12World Cup I
Steve CGunther W22World Cup I
Martin BGunther W01World Cup I
Klaus LeGunther W32World Cup I
Gunther WRiemer P03Groningen VII
Gunther WLuitzen B33Groningen VII
Gunther WNiels T33Groningen VII
Gunther WTim K100Groningen VII
Riemer PGunther W51Groningen VII
Luitzen BGunther W32Groningen VII
Niels TGunther W31Groningen VII
Tim KGunther W08Groningen VII
Gunther WKlaus Lo113World Cup III
Gunther WEvert V37World Cup III
Gunther WMatthias D03World Cup III
Gunther WGlenn L15World Cup III
Gunther WNick H31World Cup III
Gunther WRobert S010World Cup III
Gunther WMark P210World Cup III
Gunther WNick H00World Cup III
Robert SGunther W121World Cup III
Mark PGunther W30World Cup III
Klaus LoGunther W131World Cup III
Evert VGunther W81World Cup III
Matthias DGunther W61World Cup III
Glenn LGunther W51World Cup III
Nick HGunther W10World Cup III
Knut LGunther W21World Cup III
Gunther WGiacomo T14Rome III
Gunther WGianluca T14Rome III
Gunther WMarco S21Rome III
Marco SGunther W40Rome III
Giacomo TGunther W41Rome III
Gianluca TGunther W31Rome III
Gunther WMarkus H03World Cup V
Gunther WAndreas Be17World Cup V
Gunther WMichael Mu41World Cup V
Gunther WGlenn L14World Cup V
Gunther WStefan V17World Cup V
Gunther WMaurizio L26World Cup V
Gunther WSteve C16World Cup V
Stefan VGunther W100World Cup V
Maurizio LGunther W11World Cup V
Steve CGunther W80World Cup V
Markus HGunther W21World Cup V
Andreas BeGunther W02World Cup V
Michael MuGunther W32World Cup V
Glenn LGunther W60World Cup V
Gunther WRiemer P05World Cup V KOA Cup
Gunther WVolker K33World Cup V KOA Cup
Maurizio LGunther W40World Cup V KOA Cup
Michael MuGunther W32World Cup V KOA Cup
Gunther WHaydn H15London Marathon
Gunther WJacob K25London Marathon
Gunther WJames L15London Marathon
Gunther WJan T22London Marathon
Gunther WJon G111London Marathon
Gunther WMandhir S34London Marathon
Gunther WMark B43London Marathon
Gunther WMark P15London Marathon
Gunther WNiels T13London Marathon
Gunther WNikos A010London Marathon
Gunther WRiemer P06London Marathon
Gunther WRikki F15London Marathon
Gunther WRobert S16London Marathon
Gunther WSandro T09London Marathon
Gunther WSteve C07London Marathon
Gunther WVagelis D06London Marathon
Gunther WWayne L13London Marathon
Ben GGunther W81London Marathon
Darren GGunther W31London Marathon
Fabio AGunther W41London Marathon
Gianni TGunther W61London Marathon
Gunther WFrancesco D10Venice II
Gunther WFilippo D12Venice II
Gunther WFranco C12Venice II
Gunther WLuciano T10Venice II
Francesco DGunther W01Venice II
Filippo DGunther W31Venice II
Franco CGunther W10Venice II
Luciano TGunther W11Venice II
Brans VGunther W02Angeren I
Jan TGunther W30Angeren I
Martijn VGunther W40Angeren I
Niels TGunther W34Angeren I
Wouter VGunther W06Angeren I
Gunther WKai K10Kelkheim VII
Gunther WThorsten B11Kelkheim VII
Gunther WMichael O212Kelkheim VII
Gunther WMark B19Kelkheim VII
Gunther WSascha W17Kelkheim VII
Gunther WDesiree R80Kelkheim VII
Patrick DGunther W20Kelkheim VII
Stefan VGunther W100Kelkheim VII
Thomas KGunther W30Kelkheim VII
Mandhir SGunther W42Kelkheim VII
Oliver StGunther W91Kelkheim VII
Gunther WSascha W13Kelkheim VIII
Gunther WDesiree R60Kelkheim VIII
Thomas KGunther W84Kelkheim VIII
Michael OGunther W101Kelkheim VIII
Laurent LGunther W02Kelkheim VIII
Gunther WLaurent L32Kelkheim IX
Gunther WDesiree R21Kelkheim IX
Oliver StGunther W61Kelkheim IX
Michael OGunther W71Kelkheim IX
Sascha WGunther W61Kelkheim IX
Erwin SGunther W23Kelkheim IX
Gunther WPascal V23Braamt I
Gunther WNiels T13Braamt I
Gunther WGeorge N22Braamt I
Gunther WThorsten B10Braamt I
Gunther WPhil G30Braamt I
Niels TGunther W04Braamt II
Thorsten BGunther W33Braamt II
Pascal VGunther W30Braamt II
Gunther WLorenzo C14World Cup VII
Gunther WMark B13World Cup VII
Gunther WGianluca T07World Cup VII
Gunther WSimone C31World Cup VII
Gunther WJorg P27World Cup VII
Gunther WFlavio Z30World Cup VII
Gunther WLorenzo C33World Cup VII
Thorsten BGunther W16World Cup VII
Steve EGunther W20World Cup VII
Mario FGunther W150World Cup VII
Ektoras KGunther W131World Cup VII
Michael MaGunther W02World Cup VII
Jorg PGunther W75World Cup VII
Flavio ZGunther W12World Cup VII
Thomas NGunther W32World Cup VII
Gunther WJan T20Angeren II
Gunther WNiels T31Angeren II
Gunther WStef K30Angeren II
Jan TGunther W02Angeren II
Niels TGunther W12Angeren II
Stef KGunther W04Angeren II
Gunther WOliver St36Langenfeld II
Gunther WThomas Ni12Langenfeld II
Volker BGunther W41Langenfeld II
Frederic BGunther W52Langenfeld II
Klaus-Dieter MGunther W03Langenfeld II
Klaus-Dieter MGunther W04Langenfeld II
Wolfgang HGunther W010Langenfeld II
Gunther WThorsten B27Langenfeld XII
Gunther WFrank F17Langenfeld XII
Gunther WVolker B14Langenfeld XII
Frederic BGunther W41Langenfeld XII
Oliver StGunther W120Langenfeld XII
Cornelius HGunther W40Langenfeld XII
Jan KGunther W17Langenfeld XII
Gunther WAlkis P010World Cup X
Gunther WThorsten B13World Cup X
Gunther WRobert S010World Cup X
Gunther WLorenzo L07World Cup X
Gunther WSimon K06World Cup X
Gunther WMichael Ma11World Cup X
Gunther WAlessandro C13World Cup X
Gunther WJan K21World Cup X
Gunther WDirk B20World Cup X
Gunther WHorst L06World Cup X
Gunther WWolf H42World Cup X
Flavio ZGunther W32World Cup X
George KaGunther W40World Cup X
Frank FGunther W100World Cup X
Michael GGunther W42World Cup X
Peter KGunther W13World Cup X
Michael GGunther W31World Cup X
Carsten PGunther W62World Cup X
Heiko WGunther W13World Cup X
Steve SGunther W100World Cup X
Michael MaGunther W31World Cup X
Thomas NGunther W20World Cup X
Michael FGunther W32World Cup X
Gunther WDagh N110World Cup XIV
Gunther WJacob K18World Cup XIV
Gunther WEktoras K214World Cup XIV
Gunther WThor S07World Cup XIV
Gunther WAlessandro V16World Cup XIV
Gunther WTorgny A23World Cup XIV
Gunther WMark W14World Cup XIV
Gunther WPeter S66World Cup XIV
Gunther WMichele L35World Cup XIV
Gunther WTorgny A35World Cup XIV
Gunther WThomas N32World Cup XIV
Alkis PGunther W91World Cup XIV
Jorg PGunther W74World Cup XIV
Fabio FGunther W171World Cup XIV
Steve CGunther W60World Cup XIV
Oliver StGunther W91World Cup XIV
Thomas NGunther W43World Cup XIV
Wolf HGunther W13World Cup XIV
Helmut HGunther W71World Cup XIV
Jorg PGunther W33World Cup XIV
Ektoras KGunther W122World Cup XIV
Michele LGunther W62World Cup XIV
Gunther WAlan B02Amsterdam I
Gunther WDanny D51Amsterdam I
Gunther WKnut L13Amsterdam I
Marcel EGunther W06Amsterdam I
Mark PGunther W50Amsterdam I
Riemer PGunther W71Amsterdam I
Alan BGunther W00Amsterdam I
Thomas NGunther W03Amsterdam I
Ilija TGunther W03Amsterdam I
Knut LGunther W70Amsterdam I

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More frequent opponents

Niels T8vs
Riemer P6vs
Thorsten B6vs
Mark P5vs
Oliver St5vs
Steve C5vs
Thomas N5vs
Glenn L4vs
Jan T4vs
Jorg P4vs