Gianluca T (#9 - 2078 pts)

Tournaments played14
Tournaments won9 (64.29%)
World cups played7
Games played225
Games won187 (83.11%)
Games drawn16 (7.11%)
Games lost22 (9.78%)
Goals for1233 (5.48)
Goals against454 (2.02)
Last tournamentWorld Cup XIV (01-Nov-14)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentMichele L (vs)
2nd easiest opponentKoney K (vs)
3rd easiest opponentDenny M (vs)
1st hardest opponentDagh N (vs)
2nd hardest opponentChristopher D (vs)
3rd hardest opponentKees V (vs)
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for24 player(s)
Different opponents86
Opponents' countries12
More frequent opponentGianni T (16 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets45 (20.00%)
No goals scored0 (0.00%)
Scored double figures8 (3.56%)
Conceded double figures0 (0.00%)
Biggest winGianluca T - Lorenzo C: 10 - 0
Biggest defeatGianluca T - Gianni T: 1 - 6
Danger rating0.28

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Gianluca TAndy M81World Cup I
Gianluca TKees V33World Cup I
Gianluca TKlaus Le60World Cup I
Gianluca TDanny D60World Cup I
Gianluca TVasilis K72World Cup I
Gianluca TJames L41World Cup I
Gianluca TKlaus Le51World Cup I
Gianluca TMark P43World Cup I
Gianluca TRiemer P51World Cup I
Michael QGianluca T06World Cup I
Jan TGianluca T05World Cup I
Robert SGianluca T16World Cup I
Nazim CGianluca T14World Cup I
Klaus LeGianluca T13World Cup I
Mark PGianluca T63World Cup I
Gianluca TFilippo D21Rome
Gianluca TFabio A50Rome
Gianluca TGiacomo T61Rome
Gianluca TFranco C72Rome
Gianluca TAlessandro Co51Rome
Gianluca TAlessandro Co61Rome
Filippo DGianluca T06Rome
Fabio AGianluca T18Rome
Giacomo TGianluca T24Rome
Franco CGianluca T04Rome
Alessandro CoGianluca T13Rome
Alessandro CoGianluca T25Rome
Gianluca TFilippo D72Milan
Gianluca TMarco C70Milan
Gianluca TMarco M50Milan
Gianluca TMorris C21Milan
Gianluca TDino D50Milan
Gianluca TPino D31Milan
Gianluca TLuigi F64Milan
Gianluca TGianni T13Milan
Sandro TGianluca T13Milan
Gianni TGianluca T36Milan
Pino DGianluca T06Milan
Luigi FGianluca T34Milan
Gianni TGianluca T14Milan
Gianluca TAlex B61World Cup III
Gianluca TLuitzen B71World Cup III
Gianluca TRodolfo M66World Cup III
Gianluca TJames B13World Cup III
Gianluca TPanayotis P36World Cup III
Gianluca TMartin B22World Cup III
Gianluca TSteve C62World Cup III
Gianluca TGlenn L50World Cup III
Gianluca TAlkis P35World Cup III
Gianluca TMartin B51World Cup III
Gianluca TNikos A32World Cup III
Gianluca TMartin J33World Cup III
Rodolfo MGianluca T34World Cup III
James BGianluca T16World Cup III
Panayotis PGianluca T35World Cup III
Martin BGianluca T33World Cup III
Alex BGianluca T05World Cup III
Luitzen BGianluca T37World Cup III
Steve CGianluca T25World Cup III
Glenn LGianluca T03World Cup III
Alkis PGianluca T47World Cup III
Martin BGianluca T63World Cup III
Nikos AGianluca T33World Cup III
Martin JGianluca T23World Cup III
Gianluca TGianni T72World Cup IV
Gianluca TWolf H72World Cup IV
Gianluca TNazim C83World Cup IV
Gianluca TMichael Mu61World Cup IV
Gianluca THaydn H51World Cup IV
Gianluca TMarco D51World Cup IV
Gianluca TMark W71World Cup IV
Gianluca TRiemer P81World Cup IV
Gianluca TGianni T73World Cup IV
Gianluca TMark P52World Cup IV
Gianluca TNikos A44World Cup IV
Gianluca TLuigi F61World Cup IV
Haydn HGianluca T14World Cup IV
Marco DGianluca T25World Cup IV
Gianni TGianluca T46World Cup IV
Wolf HGianluca T03World Cup IV
Nazim CGianluca T28World Cup IV
Michael MuGianluca T28World Cup IV
Mark WGianluca T02World Cup IV
Riemer PGianluca T26World Cup IV
Gianni TGianluca T15World Cup IV
Mark PGianluca T57World Cup IV
Nikos AGianluca T35World Cup IV
Luigi FGianluca T27World Cup IV
Gianluca TGiacomo T40Rome II
Gianluca TMarco S40Rome II
Gianluca TStefano M52Rome II
Marco SGianluca T06Rome II
Stefano MGianluca T05Rome II
Giacomo TGianluca T05Rome II
Gianluca TMarco S61Rome III
Gianluca TGiacomo T62Rome III
Gianluca TGunther W31Rome III
Giacomo TGianluca T25Rome III
Gunther WGianluca T14Rome III
Marco SGianluca T56Rome III
Gianluca TAlex B53World Cup V
Gianluca TKnut L72World Cup V
Gianluca THenrik R40World Cup V
Gianluca TWolf H102World Cup V
Gianluca TSandro T70World Cup V
Gianluca TMichael O42World Cup V
Gianluca TJens T80World Cup V
Gianluca TGiacomo T52World Cup V
Gianluca TFabio F91World Cup V
Gianluca TSpyros P60World Cup V
Gianluca TAlkis P55World Cup V
Gianluca TGianni T81World Cup V
Wolf HGianluca T59World Cup V
Sandro TGianluca T19World Cup V
Michael OGianluca T35World Cup V
Jens TGianluca T05World Cup V
Alex BGianluca T06World Cup V
Knut LGianluca T310World Cup V
Henrik RGianluca T06World Cup V
Giacomo TGianluca T14World Cup V
Fabio FGianluca T38World Cup V
Spyros PGianluca T68World Cup V
Alkis PGianluca T110World Cup V
Gianni TGianluca T27World Cup V
Gianluca TGiacomo T11Rome IV
Gianluca TLorenzo C41Rome IV
Gianluca TLuca F53Rome IV
Alessandro MGianluca T06Rome IV
Marco SGianluca T17Rome IV
Fabio MGianluca T38Rome IV
Stefano AGianluca T08Rome IV
Gianluca TEktoras K101World Cup VII
Gianluca TMichael Ma50World Cup VII
Gianluca TLorenzo C100World Cup VII
Gianluca TMark B61World Cup VII
Gianluca TThorsten B101World Cup VII
Gianluca TVasilis K93World Cup VII
Gianluca TJohn H91World Cup VII
Gianluca TGianni T16World Cup VII
Mario FGianluca T27World Cup VII
Simone CGianluca T14World Cup VII
Gunther WGianluca T07World Cup VII
Steve EGianluca T26World Cup VII
Vasilis KGianluca T06World Cup VII
John HGianluca T35World Cup VII
Gianni TGianluca T43World Cup VII
Sandro TGianluca T78World Cup VII
Gianluca TLorenzo L92Rome V
Gianluca TCarlo S61Rome V
Gianluca TClaudio C52Rome V
Gianluca TFederico P71Rome V
Lorenzo CGianluca T06Rome V
Marco SGianluca T37Rome V
Luca FGianluca T44Rome V
Alessandro MGianluca T17Rome V
Gianluca TFrank F43Milan XXVII
Gianluca TDenny M80Milan XXVII
Gianluca TGianni T47Milan XXVII
Gianluca TLuigi F45Milan XXVII
Gianluca TFlavio Z70Milan XXVII
Gianluca TMarco S82Milan XXVII
Gianluca TKoney K90Milan XXVII
Oliver StGianluca T27Milan XXVII
Robert SGianluca T38Milan XXVII
Fabrizio RGianluca T07Milan XXVII
Thorsten BGianluca T05Milan XXVII
Paolo DGianluca T27Milan XXVII
Alessandro VGianluca T33Milan XXVII
Panayotis PGianluca T24Milan XXVII
Gianluca TThorsten B51World Cup XII
Gianluca TEktoras K70World Cup XII
Gianluca TMarco B81World Cup XII
Gianluca THelmut H44World Cup XII
Gianluca TKlaus Le62World Cup XII
Gianluca TFabio F53World Cup XII
Gianluca TFabio R52World Cup XII
Gianluca TWolf H100World Cup XII
Gianluca TSteve C62World Cup XII
Gianluca TAlkis P63World Cup XII
Gianluca TMario F42World Cup XII
Gianluca TFrank F61World Cup XII
Gianluca TFabio F64World Cup XII
Gianluca TGianni T33World Cup XII
Gianluca TDagh N38World Cup XII
Klaus LeGianluca T23World Cup XII
Fabio FGianluca T75World Cup XII
Fabio RGianluca T06World Cup XII
Wolf HGianluca T18World Cup XII
Steve CGianluca T36World Cup XII
Thorsten BGianluca T15World Cup XII
Ektoras KGianluca T53World Cup XII
Marco BGianluca T07World Cup XII
Helmut HGianluca T17World Cup XII
Ektoras KGianluca T57World Cup XII
Lorenzo CGianluca T65World Cup XII
Dagh NGianluca T64World Cup XII
Michael MaGianluca T27World Cup XII
Fabio FGianluca T25World Cup XII
Gianni TGianluca T34World Cup XII
Dagh NGianluca T65World Cup XII
Gianluca TGianni T25World Cup XIV
Gianluca TAndy G41World Cup XIV
Gianluca TSandro T54World Cup XIV
Gianluca TPeter S91World Cup XIV
Gianluca THelmut H51World Cup XIV
Gianluca TJorn F21World Cup XIV
Gianluca TSteve C53World Cup XIV
Gianluca TJacob K61World Cup XIV
Gianluca TJohn H43World Cup XIV
Gianluca TFabio F55World Cup XIV
Gianluca TAndy G44World Cup XIV
Gianluca TAlkis P15World Cup XIV
Mario FGianluca T63World Cup XIV
Christopher DGianluca T54World Cup XIV
Wolf HGianluca T17World Cup XIV
Mark WGianluca T18World Cup XIV
John HGianluca T27World Cup XIV
Michele LGianluca T010World Cup XIV
Sandro TGianluca T27World Cup XIV
Thor SGianluca T36World Cup XIV
Gianni TGianluca T42World Cup XIV
Andy GGianluca T13World Cup XIV
John HGianluca T32World Cup XIV
Alkis PGianluca T22World Cup XIV

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Alkis P7vs
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