George Ka (#36 - 1229 pts)

Tournaments played24
Tournaments won1 (4.17%)
World cups played6
Games played349
Games won162 (46.42%)
Games drawn38 (10.89%)
Games lost149 (42.69%)
Goals for1268 (3.63)
Goals against1253 (3.59)
Last tournamentAthens LXXXV (08-May-16)
Games per month in the last year1.08
1st easiest opponentKostas L (vs)
2nd easiest opponentFabio R (vs)
3rd easiest opponentDenny M (vs)
1st hardest opponentFabio F (vs)
2nd hardest opponentAndy G (vs)
3rd hardest opponentMario F (vs)
Easiest opponent for1 player(s)
Hardest opponent for3 player(s)
Different opponents66
Opponents' countries12
More frequent opponentEktoras K (39 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets28 (8.02%)
No goals scored11 (3.15%)
Scored double figures2 (0.57%)
Conceded double figures7 (2.01%)
Biggest winGeorge Ka - Peter S: 12 - 2
Biggest defeatGeorge Ka - Alkis P: 0 - 11
Danger rating0.03

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
George KaThomas N40World Cup VII
George KaHaydn H12World Cup VII
George KaSandro T26World Cup VII
George KaAlessandro V15World Cup VII
George KaAstrid L51World Cup VII
George KaLorenzo C33World Cup VII
George KaWayne L66World Cup VII
Jorg PGeorge Ka65World Cup VII
Vasilis KGeorge Ka43World Cup VII
Gianni TGeorge Ka102World Cup VII
Alessandro GuGeorge Ka05World Cup VII
Lorenzo CGeorge Ka24World Cup VII
Wayne LGeorge Ka20World Cup VII
Knut LGeorge Ka43World Cup VII
Haydn HGeorge Ka32World Cup VII
George KaKostas Ka10Athens L
George KaFilippos M55Athens L
George KaNikos Al72Athens L
Kostas OGeorge Ka63Athens L
Marios MGeorge Ka14Athens L
Ektoras KGeorge Ka80Athens L
George KaEktoras K03Athens LII
George KaAlkis P07Athens LII
George KaKostas Ka10Athens LII
George KaFilippos M33Athens LII
George KaKostas O13Athens LII
Filippos MGeorge Ka25Athens LII
Kostas OGeorge Ka21Athens LII
Ektoras KGeorge Ka13Athens LII
Alkis PGeorge Ka71Athens LII
Kostas KaGeorge Ka15Athens LII
George KaYakos T21Athens LIII
George KaAlkis P17Athens LIII
George KaEktoras K24Athens LIII
George KaFilippos M52Athens LIII
George KaKostas Ka20Athens LIII
George KaPanayotis P15Athens LIII
George KaNikos A54Athens LIII
George KaVasilis K33Athens LIII
Filippos MGeorge Ka22Athens LIII
Kostas KaGeorge Ka26Athens LIII
Panayotis PGeorge Ka36Athens LIII
Yakos TGeorge Ka23Athens LIII
Alkis PGeorge Ka32Athens LIII
Ektoras KGeorge Ka42Athens LIII
Spyros PGeorge Ka51Athens LIII
Stelios TGeorge Ka13Athens LIII
Vasilis KGeorge Ka34Athens LIII
Stelios TGeorge Ka22Athens LIII
George KaAlkis P37Athens LVIII
George KaKostas O10Athens LVIII
George KaVasilis K56Athens LVIII
George KaFilippos M36Athens LVIII
George KaKostas Ka41Athens LVIII
George KaAntonis T22Athens LVIII
George KaStelios T52Athens LVIII
George KaPanayotis P24Athens LVIII
George KaEktoras K24Athens LVIII
Antonis TGeorge Ka03Athens LVIII
Stelios TGeorge Ka24Athens LVIII
Panayotis PGeorge Ka52Athens LVIII
Ektoras KGeorge Ka43Athens LVIII
Alkis PGeorge Ka100Athens LVIII
Kostas OGeorge Ka13Athens LVIII
Vasilis KGeorge Ka53Athens LVIII
Filippos MGeorge Ka45Athens LVIII
Kostas KaGeorge Ka11Athens LVIII
George KaSpyros P44Athens LX
George KaVasilis K33Athens LX
George KaKostas Ka61Athens LX
George KaPanayotis P17Athens LX
George KaAlkis P15Athens LX
Panayotis PGeorge Ka61Athens LX
Alkis PGeorge Ka103Athens LX
Spyros PGeorge Ka45Athens LX
Vasilis KGeorge Ka42Athens LX
Kostas KaGeorge Ka28Athens LX
George KaKostas O31Athens LXI
George KaPanayotis P37Athens LXI
George KaEktoras K33Athens LXI
George KaKostas K12Athens LXI
George KaKostas Ka82Athens LXI
George KaNikos Al50Athens LXI
George KaAlkis P57Athens LXI
George KaFilippos M62Athens LXI
Kostas KaGeorge Ka35Athens LXI
Nikos AlGeorge Ka27Athens LXI
Alkis PGeorge Ka75Athens LXI
Filippos MGeorge Ka36Athens LXI
Kostas OGeorge Ka27Athens LXI
Panayotis PGeorge Ka23Athens LXI
Ektoras KGeorge Ka80Athens LXI
Kostas KGeorge Ka13Athens LXI
George KaAlkis P16Athens LXI Cup
Alkis PGeorge Ka53Athens LXI Cup
George KaAlkis P33Athens LXIII
George KaEktoras K52Athens LXIII
George KaKostas O33Athens LXIII
George KaAlkis P011Athens LXIII
George KaEktoras K35Athens LXIII
George KaKostas O41Athens LXIII
Ektoras KGeorge Ka55Athens LXIII
Kostas OGeorge Ka53Athens LXIII
Alkis PGeorge Ka84Athens LXIII
Ektoras KGeorge Ka32Athens LXIII
Kostas OGeorge Ka02Athens LXIII
George KaThorsten B40World Cup VIII
George KaAntonis T42World Cup VIII
George KaDagh N38World Cup VIII
George KaNikos A34World Cup VIII
George KaFilippos M24World Cup VIII
George KaKostas Ka31World Cup VIII
George KaWayne L43World Cup VIII
George KaVasilis K51World Cup VIII
George KaRodolfo M33World Cup VIII
Mark BGeorge Ka24World Cup VIII
Rodolfo MGeorge Ka22World Cup VIII
Jorg PGeorge Ka37World Cup VIII
Spyros PGeorge Ka62World Cup VIII
Jorg PGeorge Ka35World Cup VIII
Stelios TGeorge Ka42World Cup VIII
Marco SGeorge Ka26World Cup VIII
Flavio ZGeorge Ka16World Cup VIII
George KaSpyros P35Athens LXVIII
George KaKostas O35Athens LXVIII
George KaPanayotis P33Athens LXVIII
George KaVagelis D23Athens LXVIII
George KaMichalis I71Athens LXVIII
George KaMinas K50Athens LXVIII
George KaGeorge A80Athens LXVIII
George KaKostas Ka11Athens LXVIII
George KaEktoras K26Athens LXVIII
George KaNikos A03Athens LXVIII
George KaAlkis P34Athens LXVIII
George AGeorge Ka02Athens LXVIII
Kostas KaGeorge Ka25Athens LXVIII
Ektoras KGeorge Ka23Athens LXVIII
Nikos AGeorge Ka31Athens LXVIII
Alkis PGeorge Ka52Athens LXVIII
Spyros PGeorge Ka55Athens LXVIII
Kostas OGeorge Ka21Athens LXVIII
Panayotis PGeorge Ka44Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DGeorge Ka02Athens LXVIII
Michalis IGeorge Ka15Athens LXVIII
Minas KGeorge Ka14Athens LXVIII
George KaRobert S24World Cup IX
George KaFabio F07World Cup IX
George KaJorg P62World Cup IX
George KaAlkis P110World Cup IX
George KaHarald B82World Cup IX
George KaAstrid L91World Cup IX
George KaLorenzo L26World Cup IX
George KaWolfgang M30World Cup IX
George KaJacob K83World Cup IX
George KaSpyros P55World Cup IX
George KaEktoras K23World Cup IX
George KaAlkis P26World Cup IX
George KaSteve C53World Cup IX
George KaNikos A26World Cup IX
Jorg PGeorge Ka16World Cup IX
Alkis PGeorge Ka95World Cup IX
Harald BGeorge Ka06World Cup IX
Astrid LGeorge Ka15World Cup IX
Lorenzo LGeorge Ka36World Cup IX
Wolfgang MGeorge Ka24World Cup IX
Robert SGeorge Ka31World Cup IX
Fabio FGeorge Ka93World Cup IX
Spyros PGeorge Ka63World Cup IX
Ektoras KGeorge Ka58World Cup IX
Jacob KGeorge Ka34World Cup IX
Alkis PGeorge Ka62World Cup IX
Steve CGeorge Ka11World Cup IX
Nikos AGeorge Ka34World Cup IX
George KaEktoras K23Athens LXX
George KaKostas Ka21Athens LXX
George KaKostas O52Athens LXX
George KaAntonis T60Athens LXX
Kostas OGeorge Ka34Athens LXX
Antonis TGeorge Ka35Athens LXX
Ektoras KGeorge Ka44Athens LXX
Kostas KaGeorge Ka16Athens LXX
George KaKostas Ka62Athens LXXI
George KaAntonis T53Athens LXXI
Kostas OGeorge Ka36Athens LXXI
Ektoras KGeorge Ka31Athens LXXI
George KaMarios M61Athens LXXII
George KaPanayotis P26Athens LXXII
George KaEktoras K35Athens LXXII
George KaVagelis D82Athens LXXII
George KaKostas Ka42Athens LXXII
Kostas OGeorge Ka34Athens LXXII
Nikos AGeorge Ka33Athens LXXII
Alkis PGeorge Ka65Athens LXXII
Filippos MGeorge Ka56Athens LXXII
George KaVasilis K53Athens LXXIII
George KaEktoras K25Athens LXXIII
George KaKostas Ka51Athens LXXIII
George KaKostas O73Athens LXXIII
George KaPanayotis P54Athens LXXIII
George KaAlkis P86Athens LXXIII
Kostas OGeorge Ka15Athens LXXIII
Panayotis PGeorge Ka75Athens LXXIII
Alkis PGeorge Ka82Athens LXXIII
Vasilis KGeorge Ka25Athens LXXIII
Ektoras KGeorge Ka81Athens LXXIII
Kostas KaGeorge Ka36Athens LXXIII
George KaNikos A24Athens LXXVII
George KaAlkis P46Athens LXXVII
George KaKostas Ka52Athens LXXVII
George KaSpyros P36Athens LXXVII
George KaEktoras K38Athens LXXVII
George KaKostas O15Athens LXXVII
George KaPanayotis P44Athens LXXVII
Spyros PGeorge Ka55Athens LXXVII
Ektoras KGeorge Ka63Athens LXXVII
Kostas OGeorge Ka63Athens LXXVII
Panayotis PGeorge Ka52Athens LXXVII
Nikos AGeorge Ka60Athens LXXVII
Alkis PGeorge Ka73Athens LXXVII
Kostas KaGeorge Ka15Athens LXXVII
George KaThorsten B70World Cup X
George KaFrank F15World Cup X
George KaRobert S64World Cup X
George KaGunther W40World Cup X
George KaLorenzo L106World Cup X
George KaMichael G43World Cup X
George KaSteve C15World Cup X
George KaJacob K30World Cup X
George KaEktoras K34World Cup X
George KaJohn H43World Cup X
Simon KGeorge Ka33World Cup X
Alkis PGeorge Ka54World Cup X
Flavio ZGeorge Ka25World Cup X
Michael MaGeorge Ka37World Cup X
Jacob KGeorge Ka22World Cup X
Ektoras KGeorge Ka42World Cup X
Steve CGeorge Ka22World Cup X
Sascha WGeorge Ka46World Cup X
Robert SGeorge Ka37World Cup X
George KaEktoras K28Athens LXXVIII
George KaAlkis P45Athens LXXVIII
George KaKostas Ka51Athens LXXVIII
George KaSpyros P64Athens LXXVIII
George KaNikos A55Athens LXXVIII
George KaPanayotis P25Athens LXXVIII
Kostas OGeorge Ka13Athens LXXVIII
Robert SGeorge Ka26Athens LXXVIII
Gianni TGeorge Ka57Athens LXXVIII
Vasilis KGeorge Ka12Athens LXXVIII
Michael MaGeorge Ka12Athens LXXVIII
Stelios TGeorge Ka62Athens LXXVIII
Antonis TGeorge Ka36Athens LXXVIII
George KaEktoras K36Athens LXXXI
George KaNikos A15Athens LXXXI
George KaKostas O14Athens LXXXI
George KaVasilis K45Athens LXXXI
Kostas KaGeorge Ka02Athens LXXXI
Spyros PGeorge Ka63Athens LXXXI
Alkis PGeorge Ka62Athens LXXXI
George KaSteve E15World Cup XI
George KaMandhir S43World Cup XI
George KaGianni T311World Cup XI
George KaLorenzo L52World Cup XI
George KaPeter K82World Cup XI
George KaSimon B24World Cup XI
George KaThorsten B34World Cup XI
George KaAlkis P06World Cup XI
George KaLorenzo C35World Cup XI
George KaEktoras K14World Cup XI
George KaMichael Ma23World Cup XI
George KaEktoras K37World Cup XI
George KaFrank F44World Cup XI
Gianni TGeorge Ka101World Cup XI
Lorenzo LGeorge Ka04World Cup XI
Peter KGeorge Ka13World Cup XI
Simon BGeorge Ka53World Cup XI
Thorsten BGeorge Ka02World Cup XI
Steve EGeorge Ka56World Cup XI
Mandhir SGeorge Ka04World Cup XI
Steve CGeorge Ka43World Cup XI
Steve EGeorge Ka01World Cup XI
Andy GGeorge Ka84World Cup XI
Oliver StGeorge Ka56World Cup XI
Michael MaGeorge Ka35World Cup XI
Ektoras KGeorge Ka65World Cup XI
Frank FGeorge Ka35World Cup XI
George KaAlkis P15Athens LXXXII
George KaKostas O44Athens LXXXII
George KaEktoras K45Athens LXXXII
Antonis TGeorge Ka14Athens LXXXII
Nikos AGeorge Ka34Athens LXXXII
Stelios TGeorge Ka25Athens LXXXII
Vasilis KGeorge Ka12Athens LXXXII
George KaPanayotis P56Athens LXXXIII
George KaAlkis P21Athens LXXXIII
George KaNikos A23Athens LXXXIII
George KaEktoras K52Athens LXXXIII
George KaPanayotis P14Athens LXXXIII
George KaAlkis P38Athens LXXXIII
Nikos AGeorge Ka13Athens LXXXIII
Ektoras KGeorge Ka64Athens LXXXIII
Panayotis PGeorge Ka64Athens LXXXIII
Alkis PGeorge Ka53Athens LXXXIII
Nikos AGeorge Ka43Athens LXXXIII
Ektoras KGeorge Ka76Athens LXXXIII
George KaOliver St35World Cup XII
George KaDenny M80World Cup XII
George KaMark W22World Cup XII
George KaLorenzo C23World Cup XII
George KaGianni T19World Cup XII
George KaPeter S122World Cup XII
George KaMassimo M70World Cup XII
George KaMario F38World Cup XII
George KaLorenzo L22World Cup XII
George KaRodolfo M33World Cup XII
George KaMark W46World Cup XII
George KaKostas Ka31World Cup XII
George KaCornelius H52World Cup XII
George KaFabio R81World Cup XII
Gianni TGeorge Ka71World Cup XII
Peter SGeorge Ka33World Cup XII
Massimo MGeorge Ka15World Cup XII
Mario FGeorge Ka93World Cup XII
Lorenzo LGeorge Ka12World Cup XII
Oliver StGeorge Ka56World Cup XII
Denny MGeorge Ka05World Cup XII
Mark WGeorge Ka24World Cup XII
Lorenzo CGeorge Ka53World Cup XII
Rodolfo MGeorge Ka13World Cup XII
Mark WGeorge Ka44World Cup XII
Klaus LeGeorge Ka23World Cup XII
Jorg PGeorge Ka34World Cup XII
Peter SGeorge Ka32World Cup XII
Jorn FGeorge Ka24World Cup XII
Thorsten BGeorge Ka27World Cup XII
George KaAlkis P18Athens LXXXV
George KaVagelis D41Athens LXXXV
George KaKostas L91Athens LXXXV
George KaKostas Ka34Athens LXXXV
George KaNikos A63Athens LXXXV
George KaAntonis T92Athens LXXXV
George KaEktoras K35Athens LXXXV
Andy GGeorge Ka92Athens LXXXV
Vasilis KGeorge Ka28Athens LXXXV
Kostas OGeorge Ka46Athens LXXXV
Ektoras KGeorge Ka56Athens LXXXV
Spyros PGeorge Ka75Athens LXXXV
Ektoras KGeorge Ka43Athens LXXXV

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Ektoras K39vs
Alkis P36vs
Kostas Ka26vs
Kostas O25vs
Panayotis P19vs
Nikos A16vs
Vasilis K14vs
Spyros P13vs
Filippos M11vs
Antonis T9vs