Garry C (#33 - 1188 pts)

Tournaments played92
Tournaments won15 (16.30%)
World cups played4
Games played950
Games won426 (44.84%)
Games drawn117 (12.32%)
Games lost407 (42.84%)
Goals for3210 (3.38)
Goals against3194 (3.36)
Last tournamentMilton Keynes I (12/5/2019)
Games per month in the last year4.17
1st easiest opponentSteve Sm (vs)
2nd easiest opponentJohn M (vs)
3rd easiest opponentJohn V (vs)
1st hardest opponentFabio F (vs)
2nd hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
3rd hardest opponentBen G (vs)
Easiest opponent for3 player(s)
Hardest opponent for7 player(s)
Different opponents102
Opponents' countries14
More frequent opponentSteve E (176 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets70 (7.37%)
No goals scored45 (4.74%)
Scored double figures7 (0.74%)
Conceded double figures18 (1.89%)
Biggest winGarry C - John M: 10 - 0
Biggest defeatGarry C - Gianni T: 1 - 13
Danger rating0.04

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Garry CMark B13Manchester II
Garry CSteve C14Manchester II
Garry CRobert S17Manchester II
Garry CWayne L12Manchester II
Garry CBen G05Manchester II
Garry CJames L26Manchester II
Garry CPaul M02Manchester II
Dan CGarry C40Manchester II
Haydn HGarry C41Manchester II
Ben CGarry C50Manchester II
Jon GGarry C41Manchester II
Mark WGarry C10Manchester II
Simon KGarry C12Manchester II
Steve BGarry C22Manchester II
Steve BGarry C22Manchester II Cup
Garry CJames B16World Cup VI
Garry CGianni T111World Cup VI
Garry CSascha W14World Cup VI
Garry CMichael O06World Cup VI
Garry CJesper K23World Cup VI
Garry CJohn H03World Cup VI
Garry CThomas N31World Cup VI
Garry CHaydn H12World Cup VI
Garry CMichael Mu43World Cup VI
Garry CMark E34World Cup VI
Nick PGarry C61World Cup VI
Ben GGarry C104World Cup VI
Oliver StGarry C41World Cup VI
Michael MuGarry C12World Cup VI
Saskia BGarry C05World Cup VI
James BuGarry C61World Cup VI
Thomas NGarry C43World Cup VI
Haydn HGarry C62World Cup VI
Michael MuGarry C31World Cup VI
Mark EGarry C22World Cup VI
Garry CSteve C11Birmingham I
Garry CJon G06Birmingham I
Garry CSimon K12Birmingham I
Garry CSteve C08Birmingham I
Garry CJon G13Birmingham I
Simon KGarry C03Birmingham I
Steve CGarry C50Birmingham I
Simon KGarry C40Birmingham I
Jon GGarry C50Birmingham I
Garry CJon G15Birmingham II
Garry CSteve E10Birmingham II
Garry CMandhir S01Birmingham II
Garry CMark B25Birmingham II
Garry CHaydn H12Birmingham II
Garry CSimon K22Birmingham II
Mark BGarry C43Birmingham II
Haydn HGarry C40Birmingham II
Simon KGarry C14Birmingham II
Jon GGarry C50Birmingham II
Steve EGarry C13Birmingham II
Mandhir SGarry C22Birmingham II
Garry CRob H60Reading IX
Garry CSteve E30Reading IX
Garry CMandhir S24Reading IX
Garry CRandhir S31Reading IX
Garry CRobert S17Reading IX
Garry CMark B12Reading IX
Garry CDarren G50Reading IX
Robert SGarry C73Reading IX
Mark BGarry C43Reading IX
Darren GGarry C23Reading IX
Rob HGarry C16Reading IX
Steve EGarry C11Reading IX
Mandhir SGarry C51Reading IX
Randhir SGarry C16Reading IX
Garry CJon G25Birmingham III
Garry CPete S20Birmingham III
Garry CSimon K22Birmingham III
Garry CSteve E34Birmingham III
Garry CMark B010Birmingham III
Steve EGarry C21Birmingham III
Mark BGarry C33Birmingham III
Jon GGarry C75Birmingham III
Pete SGarry C13Birmingham III
Simon KGarry C22Birmingham III
Garry CPete S70Dudley I
Garry CJon G48Dudley I
Garry CWayne L22Dudley I
Garry CSteve E42Dudley I
Garry CMandhir S13Dudley I
Garry CSimon K02Dudley I
Garry CGraham S42Dudley I
Garry CMark B31Dudley I
Mandhir SGarry C51Dudley I
Simon KGarry C14Dudley I
Graham SGarry C14Dudley I
Mark BGarry C71Dudley I
Pete SGarry C02Dudley I
Jon GGarry C120Dudley I
Wayne LGarry C30Dudley I
Steve EGarry C03Dudley I
Garry CGraham S25Dudley II
Garry CSteve E01Dudley II
Garry CSimon K44Dudley II
Garry CMark B23Dudley II
Simon KGarry C13Dudley II
Mark BGarry C42Dudley II
Graham SGarry C35Dudley II
Steve EGarry C35Dudley II
Garry CSteve C33Reading XIII
Garry CNazim C27Reading XIII
Garry CSimon K10Reading XIII
Garry CStephen D22Reading XIII
Garry CMark W41Reading XIII
Garry CRobert S25Reading XIII
Garry CDarren G11Reading XIII
Garry CWolf H45Reading XIII
Garry CThomas K22Reading XIII
Garry CGianni T14Reading XIII
Garry CJon G17Reading XIII
Garry CMark B32Reading XIII
Michael OGarry C30Reading XIII
Alkis PGarry C71Reading XIII
Michael MuGarry C31Reading XIII
John HGarry C64Reading XIII
Simon BGarry C23Reading XIII
James BuGarry C42Reading XIII
Peter SGarry C23Reading XIII
Mandhir SGarry C45Reading XIII
Wayne LGarry C42Reading XIII
Steve EGarry C43Reading XIII
Sascha WGarry C23Reading XIII
Garry CSimon K13Reading XIV
Garry CJohn H49Reading XIV
Garry CSteve E31Reading XIV
Garry CMark B36Reading XIV
Stephen DGarry C22Reading XIV
Mandhir SGarry C23Reading XIV
Wayne LGarry C51Reading XIV
Garry CSimon K15Dudley III
Garry CSteve E62Dudley III
Garry CGraham S52Dudley III
Graham SGarry C42Dudley III
Simon KGarry C35Dudley III
Steve EGarry C24Dudley III
Garry CSteve E02Dudley IV
Garry CMark B43Dudley IV
Garry CStephen D32Dudley IV
Garry CJon G14Dudley IV
Stephen DGarry C21Dudley IV
Jon GGarry C71Dudley IV
Steve EGarry C33Dudley IV
Mark BGarry C91Dudley IV
Garry CFabio A43Heathrow II
Garry CRobert S45Heathrow II
Garry CSascha W15Heathrow II
Garry CGraham S41Heathrow II
Garry CSteve E23Heathrow II
Garry CWayne L26Heathrow II
Graham SGarry C35Heathrow II
Steve EGarry C01Heathrow II
Wayne LGarry C12Heathrow II
Fabio AGarry C33Heathrow II
Robert SGarry C51Heathrow II
Sascha WGarry C91Heathrow II
Garry CHaydn H15Heathrow III
Garry CGraham S52Heathrow III
Garry CSascha W14Heathrow III
Mark BGarry C42Heathrow III
Steve EGarry C02Heathrow III
Wayne LGarry C20Heathrow III
Garry CSteve E37Heathrow IV
Garry CWayne L23Heathrow IV
Garry CHaydn H23Heathrow IV
Garry CSascha W33Heathrow IV
Haydn HGarry C11Heathrow IV
Sascha WGarry C60Heathrow IV
Steve EGarry C41Heathrow IV
Wayne LGarry C64Heathrow IV
Garry CSimon K31Dudley V
Garry CSteve E22Dudley V
Garry CHaydn H41Dudley V
Garry CSimon K52Dudley V
Garry CSteve E32Dudley V
Garry CHaydn H21Dudley V
Haydn HGarry C34Dudley V
Simon KGarry C13Dudley V
Steve EGarry C83Dudley V
Haydn HGarry C52Dudley V
Simon KGarry C04Dudley V
Steve EGarry C13Dudley V
Garry CMandhir S51Birmingham IV
Garry CSteve E53Birmingham IV
Garry CSimon K23Birmingham IV
Garry CMandhir S11Birmingham IV
Garry CSteve E40Birmingham IV
Garry CSimon K44Birmingham IV
Simon KGarry C14Birmingham IV
Mandhir SGarry C48Birmingham IV
Steve EGarry C72Birmingham IV
Simon KGarry C15Birmingham IV
Mandhir SGarry C14Birmingham IV
Steve EGarry C33Birmingham IV
Garry CMandhir S32Birmingham V
Garry CSteve E33Birmingham V
Garry CSimon K41Birmingham V
Garry CMandhir S41Birmingham V
Garry CSteve E34Birmingham V
Garry CSimon K42Birmingham V
Steve EGarry C41Birmingham V
Simon KGarry C11Birmingham V
Mandhir SGarry C41Birmingham V
Simon KGarry C00Birmingham V
Mandhir SGarry C34Birmingham V
Garry CWayne L41Heathrow V
Garry CHaydn H22Heathrow V
Garry CSimon K12Heathrow V
Garry CSteve E01Heathrow V
Garry CMandhir S82Heathrow V
Garry CMark B33Heathrow V
Steve EGarry C50Heathrow V
Mandhir SGarry C14Heathrow V
Mark BGarry C63Heathrow V
Wayne LGarry C43Heathrow V
Haydn HGarry C102Heathrow V
Simon KGarry C20Heathrow V
Garry CJon G312Birmingham VI
Garry CSteve E11Birmingham VI
Garry CSimon K53Birmingham VI
Garry CJon G45Birmingham VI
Garry CSteve E54Birmingham VI
Garry CSimon K13Birmingham VI
Steve EGarry C41Birmingham VI
Simon KGarry C13Birmingham VI
Jon GGarry C42Birmingham VI
Steve EGarry C11Birmingham VI
Simon KGarry C55Birmingham VI
Jon GGarry C53Birmingham VI
Garry CSteve E35Dudley VI
Garry CStephen D51Dudley VI
Garry CSimon K24Dudley VI
Garry CMark B11Dudley VI
Garry CSteve E13Dudley VI
Garry CStephen D42Dudley VI
Simon KGarry C22Dudley VI
Mark BGarry C85Dudley VI
Steve EGarry C21Dudley VI
Stephen DGarry C23Dudley VI
Simon KGarry C41Dudley VI
Mark BGarry C44Dudley VI
Garry CStephen D11Dudley VII
Garry CSteve E54Dudley VII
Garry CSimon K11Dudley VII
Steve EGarry C53Dudley VII
Simon KGarry C53Dudley VII
Stephen DGarry C33Dudley VII
Garry CAlessandro V35London XXII
Garry CMark B34London XXII
Garry CSimon K33London XXII
Garry CHaydn H10London XXII
Garry CWayne L75London XXII
Garry CSteve E31London XXII
Garry CGianni T210London XXII
Garry CLee M25London XXII
Garry CJerry M32London XXII
John WGarry C35London XXII
Mandhir SGarry C33London XXII
Mark WGarry C31London XXII
Jon GGarry C52London XXII
Sandro TGarry C62London XXII
Darren GGarry C37London XXII
Stephen DGarry C36London XXII
Karl BGarry C03London XXII
Fabio FGarry C113London XXII
Robert SGarry C82London XXII
Garry CSimon K62Birmingham VII
Garry CBrian C20Birmingham VII
Garry CSteve E42Birmingham VII
Garry CBrian C32Birmingham VII
Steve EGarry C52Birmingham VII
Simon KGarry C13Birmingham VII
Brian CGarry C05Birmingham VII
Steve EGarry C42Birmingham VII
Garry CGraham S24Droitwich II
Garry CSteve E36Droitwich II
Garry CSimon K43Droitwich II
Garry CGraham S51Droitwich II
Garry CSteve E45Droitwich II
Garry CSimon K62Droitwich II
Steve EGarry C72Droitwich II
Simon KGarry C14Droitwich II
Graham SGarry C14Droitwich II
Steve EGarry C37Droitwich II
Simon KGarry C22Droitwich II
Graham SGarry C33Droitwich II
Garry CStephen D32Dudley VIII
Garry CSteve E63Dudley VIII
Garry CSimon K65Dudley VIII
Garry CGreg N33Dudley VIII
Garry CStephen D11Dudley VIII
Garry CSteve E30Dudley VIII
Garry CSimon K15Dudley VIII
Garry CGreg N52Dudley VIII
Simon KGarry C03Dudley VIII
Greg NGarry C15Dudley VIII
Stephen DGarry C24Dudley VIII
Steve EGarry C22Dudley VIII
Simon KGarry C43Dudley VIII
Greg NGarry C14Dudley VIII
Stephen DGarry C38Dudley VIII
Steve EGarry C35Dudley VIII
Garry CSteve E24Dudley IX
Garry CGreg N31Dudley IX
Garry CMark W33Dudley IX
Greg NGarry C62Dudley IX
Mark WGarry C12Dudley IX
Steve EGarry C46Dudley IX
Garry CGreg N14Dudley X
Garry CSteve E13Dudley X
Garry CMark W55Dudley X
Mark WGarry C16Dudley X
Greg NGarry C71Dudley X
Steve EGarry C23Dudley X
Garry CSteve C26Birmingham VIII
Garry CNick H70Birmingham VIII
Garry CDarren G72Birmingham VIII
Garry CJon G33Birmingham VIII
Garry CGreg N33Birmingham VIII
Garry CAndy H31Birmingham VIII
Garry CRobert S24Birmingham VIII
James BGarry C21Birmingham VIII
Andy EGarry C36Birmingham VIII
Mark WGarry C33Birmingham VIII
Wayne LGarry C31Birmingham VIII
Mandhir SGarry C32Birmingham VIII
John WGarry C23Birmingham VIII
Steve EGarry C63Birmingham VIII
John WGarry C24Birmingham VIII Silver Cup
Mandhir SGarry C14Birmingham VIII Silver Cup
Garry CJon G44Birmingham IX
Garry CSteve E22Birmingham IX
Garry CSimon K42Birmingham IX
Garry CJon G25Birmingham IX
Garry CSteve E34Birmingham IX
Garry CSimon K62Birmingham IX
Steve EGarry C33Birmingham IX
Simon KGarry C74Birmingham IX
Jon GGarry C51Birmingham IX
Steve EGarry C41Birmingham IX
Simon KGarry C04Birmingham IX
Garry CJames B73Newent IX
Garry CRobert S25Newent IX
Garry CNick H31Newent IX
Garry CMartin B06Newent IX
Garry CSteve E33Newent IX
Martin BGarry C04Newent IX
Steve EGarry C55Newent IX
James BGarry C32Newent IX
Robert SGarry C32Newent IX
Nick HGarry C15Newent IX
Garry CJohn B61Dudley XI
Garry CGraham S34Dudley XI
Garry CSimon K24Dudley XI
Garry CSteve E34Dudley XI
Simon KGarry C24Dudley XI
Steve EGarry C71Dudley XI
John BGarry C16Dudley XI
Graham SGarry C31Dudley XI
Garry CSimon K45Newent X
Garry CGraham S10Newent X
Garry CMandhir S54Newent X
Garry CMark W13Newent X
Steve EGarry C33Newent X
Robert SGarry C12Newent X
James BGarry C46Newent X
Jon GGarry C72Newent X
Garry CSteve E14Newent XI
Garry CRobert S19Newent XI
Garry CSteve C11Newent XI
Garry CJon G26Newent XI
Garry CSimon K45Newent XI
Garry CJames B22Newent XI
Garry CNick H91Newent XI
Simon KGarry C20Newent XI
James BGarry C52Newent XI
Nick HGarry C15Newent XI
Steve EGarry C62Newent XI
Robert SGarry C61Newent XI
Steve CGarry C24Newent XI
Jon GGarry C44Newent XI
Garry CSteve E33Newent XII
Garry CNick H50Newent XII
Garry CRobert S22Newent XII
Garry CSimon K12Newent XII
Garry CJames B17Newent XII
Garry CJohn H27Newent XII
Simon KGarry C33Newent XII
James BGarry C73Newent XII
John HGarry C101Newent XII
Steve EGarry C70Newent XII
Nick HGarry C27Newent XII
Robert SGarry C62Newent XII
Garry CSteve E14Birmingham X
Garry CGrant N61Birmingham X
Garry CJon G39Birmingham X
Garry CSimon K24Birmingham X
Jon GGarry C26Birmingham X
Simon KGarry C15Birmingham X
Steve EGarry C65Birmingham X
Grant NGarry C16Birmingham X
Garry CRobert S18Newent XIII
Garry CSteve E53Newent XIII
Garry CSimon K23Newent XIII
Garry CJames B25Newent XIII
Garry CRobert S24Newent XIII
Garry CSteve E32Newent XIII
Simon KGarry C23Newent XIII
James BGarry C44Newent XIII
Robert SGarry C25Newent XIII
Steve EGarry C73Newent XIII
Simon KGarry C13Newent XIII
James BGarry C20Newent XIII
Garry CSimon K35Newent XIV
Garry CNick H53Newent XIV
Garry CJames B46Newent XIV
Garry CSteve E23Newent XIV
Garry CSimon K31Newent XIV
Garry CNick H41Newent XIV
James BGarry C26Newent XIV
Steve EGarry C34Newent XIV
Simon KGarry C20Newent XIV
Nick HGarry C27Newent XIV
James BGarry C32Newent XIV
Steve EGarry C35Newent XIV
Garry CSimon K22Newent XV
Garry CJames B22Newent XV
Garry CJon G411Newent XV
Nick HGarry C05Newent XV
Robert SGarry C63Newent XV
Steve EGarry C61Newent XV
Martin BGarry C64Newent XV
Garry CJon G39Birmingham XI
Garry CSteve E46Birmingham XI
Garry CBen G28Birmingham XI
Garry CSimon K43Birmingham XI
Ben GGarry C61Birmingham XI
Simon KGarry C52Birmingham XI
Jon GGarry C54Birmingham XI
Steve EGarry C41Birmingham XI
Garry CGraham S52Worcester I
Garry CSteve E35Worcester I
Garry CSimon K51Worcester I
Garry CGraham S43Worcester I
Steve EGarry C13Worcester I
Simon KGarry C11Worcester I
Graham SGarry C36Worcester I
Steve EGarry C33Worcester I
Simon KGarry C44Worcester I
Garry CRobert S44Dudley XII
Garry CSteve E32Dudley XII
Garry CSimon K54Dudley XII
Garry CRobert S13Dudley XII
Garry CSteve E37Dudley XII
Garry CSimon K24Dudley XII
Steve EGarry C44Dudley XII
Simon KGarry C04Dudley XII
Robert SGarry C44Dudley XII
Steve EGarry C71Dudley XII
Simon KGarry C32Dudley XII
Robert SGarry C32Dudley XII
Garry CJohn R51Worcester II
Garry CSimon K10Worcester II
Garry CSteve E11Worcester II
Garry CGraham S72Worcester II
Steve EGarry C33Worcester II
Graham SGarry C35Worcester II
John RGarry C17Worcester II
Simon KGarry C23Worcester II
Garry CThorsten B11London XXIII
Garry CAndy E41London XXIII
Garry CKlaus Lo66London XXIII
Garry CRodolfo M42London XXIII
Garry CFlavio Z45London XXIII
Garry CJon G38London XXIII
Garry CMark E61London XXIII
Garry CGianni T113London XXIII
Garry CPedro Q31London XXIII
Garry CVolker B21London XXIII
Garry CJames B25London XXIII
Garry CPanayotis P68London XXIII
Darren GGarry C14London XXIII
Sandro TGarry C60London XXIII
Steve EGarry C33London XXIII
Dagh NGarry C32London XXIII
John HGarry C32London XXIII
Simon KGarry C05London XXIII
Andy GGarry C63London XXIII
Andy HGarry C23London XXIII
Glenn LGarry C41London XXIII
Robert SGarry C32London XXIII
Alex BGarry C87London XXIII
Alessandro VGarry C51London XXIII
Garry CJohn B61Birmingham XII
Garry CSimon K04Birmingham XII
Garry CJon G25Birmingham XII
Garry CSteve E35Birmingham XII
Jon GGarry C41Birmingham XII
Steve EGarry C12Birmingham XII
John BGarry C06Birmingham XII
Simon KGarry C62Birmingham XII
Garry CSimon K13Dudley XIII
Garry CGraham S92Dudley XIII
Garry CSteve E34Dudley XIII
Steve EGarry C32Dudley XIII
Simon KGarry C22Dudley XIII
Graham SGarry C43Dudley XIII
Garry CSimon K20Dudley XIV
Garry CGraham S22Dudley XIV
Garry CSteve E51Dudley XIV
Graham SGarry C23Dudley XIV
Steve EGarry C44Dudley XIV
Simon KGarry C13Dudley XIV
Garry CRobert S42Dudley XV
Garry CSimon K35Dudley XV
Garry CSteve E16Dudley XV
Steve EGarry C44Dudley XV
Robert SGarry C63Dudley XV
Simon KGarry C02Dudley XV
Garry CSimon K36Dudley XVI
Garry CSteve E28Dudley XVI
Garry CRobert S25Dudley XVI
Robert SGarry C43Dudley XVI
Simon KGarry C21Dudley XVI
Steve EGarry C63Dudley XVI
Garry CSteve E77Birmingham XIII
Garry CJohn B51Birmingham XIII
Garry CSimon K23Birmingham XIII
Garry CGrant N62Birmingham XIII
Simon KGarry C15Birmingham XIII
Grant NGarry C26Birmingham XIII
Steve EGarry C42Birmingham XIII
John BGarry C13Birmingham XIII
Garry CSimon K43Birmingham XIV
Garry CGraham S63Birmingham XIV
Garry CSteve C26Birmingham XIV
Garry CAndy H21Birmingham XIV
Garry CGrant N71Birmingham XIV
Garry CMandhir S70Birmingham XIV
Ren AGarry C06Birmingham XIV
Steve EGarry C52Birmingham XIV
Andy GGarry C73Birmingham XIV
Martin BGarry C42Birmingham XIV
Andy EGarry C25Birmingham XIV
Jon GGarry C70Birmingham XIV
Robert SGarry C54Birmingham XIV
Garry CSteve C63Birmingham XIV Gold Cup
Jon GGarry C73Birmingham XIV Gold Cup
Garry CJon G16Birmingham XV
Garry CSteve E34Birmingham XV
Robert SGarry C72Birmingham XV
Simon KGarry C62Birmingham XV
Mark WGarry C34Birmingham XV
Garry CSteve E44Birmingham XVI
Garry CSimon K30Birmingham XVI
Garry CMark W64Birmingham XVI
Garry CJon G35Birmingham XVI
Garry CRobert S45Birmingham XVI
Mark WGarry C34Birmingham XVI
Jon GGarry C71Birmingham XVI
Robert SGarry C64Birmingham XVI
Steve EGarry C44Birmingham XVI
Simon KGarry C12Birmingham XVI
Garry CSteve E32Birmingham XVII
Jon GGarry C73Birmingham XVII
Grant NGarry C05Birmingham XVII
Garry CGrant N70Birmingham XVIII
Garry CSteve E25Birmingham XVIII
Garry CGraham S60Birmingham XVIII
Garry CSimon K42Birmingham XVIII
Garry CJon G410Birmingham XVIII
Graham SGarry C33Birmingham XVIII
Simon KGarry C62Birmingham XVIII
Jon GGarry C74Birmingham XVIII
Grant NGarry C25Birmingham XVIII
Steve EGarry C55Birmingham XVIII
Garry CSimon K35Birmingham XIX
Garry CSteve E55Birmingham XIX
Garry CVolker B50Birmingham XIX
Volker BGarry C42Birmingham XIX
Simon KGarry C56Birmingham XIX
Steve EGarry C56Birmingham XIX
Garry CSimon K42Birmingham XX
Garry CSteve E35Birmingham XX
Garry CVolker B62Birmingham XX
Steve EGarry C48Birmingham XX
Volker BGarry C37Birmingham XX
Simon KGarry C33Birmingham XX
Garry CSimon K53Dudley XVII
Garry CSteve E86Dudley XVII
Garry CVolker B34Dudley XVII
Volker BGarry C24Dudley XVII
Simon KGarry C42Dudley XVII
Steve EGarry C44Dudley XVII
Garry CVolker B42Dudley XVIII
Garry CSteve E94Dudley XVIII
Garry CSimon K55Dudley XVIII
Simon KGarry C35Dudley XVIII
Volker BGarry C45Dudley XVIII
Steve EGarry C58Dudley XVIII
Garry CSteve E66Dudley XIX
Garry CVolker B61Dudley XIX
Garry CSimon K33Dudley XIX
Volker BGarry C14Dudley XIX
Simon KGarry C33Dudley XIX
Steve EGarry C34Dudley XIX
Garry CSimon K43Birmingham XXI
Garry CGrant N30Birmingham XXI
Garry CMandhir S84Birmingham XXI
Garry CJon G04Birmingham XXI
Garry CAndy E40Birmingham XXI
Garry CSteve E17Birmingham XXI
Steve SmGarry C09Birmingham XXI
Steve CGarry C55Birmingham XXI
Mark WGarry C53Birmingham XXI
Andy HGarry C15Birmingham XXI
Robert SGarry C21Birmingham XXI
Graham SGarry C07Birmingham XXI
Garry CSteve E48Birmingham XXI Gold Cup
Garry CSimon K53Dudley XX
Garry CSteve E35Dudley XX
Garry CKostas O42Dudley XX
Garry CSimon K31Dudley XX
Garry CSteve E33Dudley XX
Kostas OGarry C23Dudley XX
Simon KGarry C23Dudley XX
Steve EGarry C46Dudley XX
Kostas OGarry C61Dudley XX
Garry CSimon K53Dudley XX Cup
Garry CSteve E52Dudley XX Cup
Garry CKostas O52Dudley XX Cup
Garry CSteve E48Dudley XX Cup
Kostas OGarry C47Dudley XX Cup
Garry CCarl Ne20Birmingham XXII
Garry CKostas O54Birmingham XXII
Garry CSteve E56Birmingham XXII
Kostas OGarry C35Birmingham XXII
Steve EGarry C53Birmingham XXII
Carl NeGarry C04Birmingham XXII
Garry CCarl Ne50Birmingham XXIII
Garry CJohn B81Birmingham XXIII
Garry CSteve E54Birmingham XXIII
John BGarry C05Birmingham XXIII
Steve EGarry C35Birmingham XXIII
Carl NeGarry C05Birmingham XXIII
Garry CSimon K22Birmingham XXIV
Garry CJohn B41Birmingham XXIV
Garry CSteve E44Birmingham XXIV
Steve EGarry C47Birmingham XXIV
Simon KGarry C44Birmingham XXIV
John BGarry C010Birmingham XXIV
Garry CSandro T57World Cup X
Garry CJohn H310World Cup X
Garry CKlaus L23World Cup X
Garry CHeiko W71World Cup X
Garry CCornelius H92World Cup X
Garry CRobert S12World Cup X
Garry CGianni T26World Cup X
Garry CDagh N212World Cup X
Garry CJohn H13World Cup X
Garry CSandro T34World Cup X
Alessandro CGarry C24World Cup X
Lorenzo CGarry C13World Cup X
Knut LGarry C25World Cup X
Carsten PGarry C26World Cup X
Michael FGarry C04World Cup X
Jacob KGarry C56World Cup X
Dagh NGarry C121World Cup X
Robert SGarry C20World Cup X
Gianni TGarry C61World Cup X
Sascha WGarry C46World Cup X
Garry CSimon K43Birmingham XXV
Garry CRobert S52Birmingham XXV
Garry CGraham S65Birmingham XXV
Garry CSteve E57Birmingham XXV
Graham SGarry C13Birmingham XXV
Steve EGarry C34Birmingham XXV
Simon KGarry C20Birmingham XXV
Robert SGarry C37Birmingham XXV
Garry CJon G56Birmingham XXVI
Garry CSteve E37Birmingham XXVI
Garry CSimon K54Birmingham XXVI
Simon KGarry C21Birmingham XXVI
Jon GGarry C41Birmingham XXVI
Steve EGarry C53Birmingham XXVI
Jon GGarry C65Birmingham XXVII
John MGarry C15Birmingham XXVIII
Steve EGarry C75Birmingham XXVIII
Garry CSteve E36Dudley XXI
Garry CFrank F43Dudley XXI
Garry CThorsten B72Dudley XXI
Frank FGarry C32Dudley XXI
Thorsten BGarry C14Dudley XXI
Steve EGarry C24Dudley XXI
Garry CFrank F32Dudley XXII
Garry CThorsten B41Dudley XXII
Garry CSteve E23Dudley XXII
Thorsten BGarry C19Dudley XXII
Steve EGarry C12Dudley XXII
Frank FGarry C68Dudley XXII
Garry CJon G13Birmingham XXIX
Garry CFrank F63Birmingham XXIX
Garry CJohn M60Birmingham XXIX
Simon KGarry C32Birmingham XXIX
Steve EGarry C103Birmingham XXIX
Thorsten BGarry C25Birmingham XXIX
Garry CSimon K23Birmingham XXX
Garry CAndy E63Birmingham XXX
Garry CJon G35Birmingham XXX
Garry CRobert S42Birmingham XXX
Garry CSteve E45Birmingham XXX
Garry CMark W61Birmingham XXX
Garry CSimon B56Birmingham XXX
Garry CSteve C76Birmingham XXX
Garry CAndy H80Birmingham XXX
Steve EGarry C44Birmingham XXX
Mark WGarry C16Birmingham XXX
Simon BGarry C46Birmingham XXX
Steve CGarry C33Birmingham XXX
Andy HGarry C27Birmingham XXX
Simon KGarry C44Birmingham XXX
Andy EGarry C24Birmingham XXX
Jon GGarry C95Birmingham XXX
Robert SGarry C32Birmingham XXX
Garry CJon G41Birmingham XXXI
Garry CSteve E36Birmingham XXXI
Simon KGarry C12Birmingham XXXI
John MGarry C05Birmingham XXXI
Garry CSimon K11Birmingham XXXII
Garry CSteve E410Birmingham XXXII
Garry CRobert S81Birmingham XXXII
Garry CJohn B91Birmingham XXXII
Garry CJon G17Birmingham XXXII
Garry CJohn M100Birmingham XXXII
John BGarry C04Birmingham XXXII
Jon GGarry C33Birmingham XXXII
John MGarry C08Birmingham XXXII
Simon KGarry C27Birmingham XXXII
Steve EGarry C63Birmingham XXXII
Robert SGarry C54Birmingham XXXII
Garry CSimon K54Birmingham XXXIII
John MGarry C16Birmingham XXXIII
Tom PGarry C15Birmingham XXXIII
Garry CJon G34Birmingham XXXIV
Garry CSteve E55Birmingham XXXIV
Garry CSimon K43Birmingham XXXIV
Steve EGarry C53Birmingham XXXIV
Simon KGarry C44Birmingham XXXIV
Jon GGarry C56Birmingham XXXIV
Garry CSteve E53Birmingham XXXV
Garry CSimon K20Birmingham XXXV
Steve EGarry C74Birmingham XXXV
Simon KGarry C45Birmingham XXXV
Garry CMark W43World Cup XI
Garry CWayne L91World Cup XI
Garry CPeter S72World Cup XI
Garry CSteve C43World Cup XI
Garry CFrederic B31World Cup XI
Garry CMichael Ma24World Cup XI
Garry CGraham S61World Cup XI
Garry CAlkis P36World Cup XI
Garry CFrank F33World Cup XI
Garry CMichael Ma52World Cup XI
Garry CRobert S34World Cup XI
Garry CJon G32World Cup XI
Garry CGianni T19World Cup XI
Garry CLorenzo C17World Cup XI
Garry CSteve E42World Cup XI
Garry CRobert S33World Cup XI
Steve CGarry C43World Cup XI
Frederic BGarry C13World Cup XI
Michael MaGarry C35World Cup XI
Graham SGarry C24World Cup XI
Alkis PGarry C63World Cup XI
Mark WGarry C16World Cup XI
Wayne LGarry C16World Cup XI
Peter SGarry C24World Cup XI
Simon BGarry C68World Cup XI
Simon KGarry C03World Cup XI
Lorenzo CGarry C43World Cup XI
Steve EGarry C43World Cup XI
Robert SGarry C32World Cup XI
Garry CSimon K66Birmingham XXXVI
Garry CJohn M50Birmingham XXXVI
Steve EGarry C54Birmingham XXXVI
Brian CGarry C510Birmingham XXXVI
Garry CDarren H30Birmingham XXXVIII
Garry CBrian C64Birmingham XXXVIII
Garry CSteve E23Birmingham XXXIX
Garry CJohn B72Birmingham XXXIX
Garry CSimon K54Birmingham XXXIX
Garry CBrian C102Birmingham XXXIX
Simon KGarry C24Birmingham XXXIX
Brian CGarry C13Birmingham XXXIX
Steve EGarry C24Birmingham XXXIX
John BGarry C03Birmingham XXXIX
Garry CDagh N19Bournemouth I
Garry CAndy G24Bournemouth I
Garry CSimon K32Bournemouth I
Steve CGarry C42Bournemouth I
Mark WGarry C43Bournemouth I
Steve EGarry C55Bournemouth I
Garry CAndy G22Bournemouth II
Garry CDagh N63Bournemouth II
Steve CGarry C58Bournemouth II
Garry CSteve E33Bournemouth III
Garry CAndy G13Bournemouth III
Garry CMark W62Bournemouth III
Garry CSimon B12Bournemouth III
Robert SGarry C21Bournemouth III
Simon KGarry C42Bournemouth III
Steve CGarry C45Bournemouth III
Dagh NGarry C74Bournemouth III
Garry CMark W51Bournemouth IV
Garry CSteve C103Bournemouth IV
Garry CAndy G12Bournemouth IV
Garry CDagh N113Bournemouth IV
Garry CSteve E65Bournemouth IV
Garry CSimon K21Bournemouth IV
Garry CRobert S12Bournemouth IV
Garry CSimon B31Bournemouth IV
Steve EGarry C83Bournemouth IV
Simon KGarry C42Bournemouth IV
Robert SGarry C15Bournemouth IV
Simon BGarry C32Bournemouth IV
Mark WGarry C25Bournemouth IV
Steve CGarry C32Bournemouth IV
Andy GGarry C82Bournemouth IV
Dagh NGarry C81Bournemouth IV
Garry CSimon K51Birmingham XLI
Garry CSteve E31Birmingham XLI
Garry CBrian C114Birmingham XLI
Brian CGarry C36Birmingham XLI
Simon KGarry C30Birmingham XLI
Steve EGarry C73Birmingham XLI
Garry CMark W42Birmingham XLII
Garry CJohn B42Birmingham XLII
Garry CSimon K12Birmingham XLII
Garry CBrian C52Birmingham XLII
Simon KGarry C42Birmingham XLII
Brian CGarry C37Birmingham XLII
Mark WGarry C53Birmingham XLII
John BGarry C24Birmingham XLII
Garry CAndy G37Birmingham XLIV
Garry CMandhir S71Birmingham XLIV
Garry CRobert S12Birmingham XLIV
Garry CSteve E21Birmingham XLIV
Garry CMark W34Birmingham XLIV
Garry CIan K12Birmingham XLIV
Garry CSimon B00Birmingham XLIV
Garry CSteve C24Birmingham XLIV
Mark WGarry C52Birmingham XLIV
Ian KGarry C04Birmingham XLIV
Simon BGarry C44Birmingham XLIV
Steve CGarry C14Birmingham XLIV
Andy GGarry C52Birmingham XLIV
Mandhir SGarry C36Birmingham XLIV
Robert SGarry C53Birmingham XLIV
Steve EGarry C12Birmingham XLIV
Todd HGarry C34Birmingham XLV
Steve EGarry C55Birmingham XLV
Garry CAndy G26Birmingham XLVI
Garry CSteve C52Birmingham XLVI
Garry CMark W52Birmingham XLVI
Garry CRobert S61Birmingham XLVI
Garry CChristopher D43Birmingham XLVI
Garry CMark E40Birmingham XLVI
Mark WGarry C32Birmingham XLVI
Christopher DGarry C46Birmingham XLVI
Mark EGarry C47Birmingham XLVI
Robert SGarry C31Birmingham XLVI
Andy GGarry C53Birmingham XLVI
Steve CGarry C34Birmingham XLVI
Garry CMick C84Birmingham XLVII
Garry CSimon K31Birmingham XLVII
Garry CCornelius H73Birmingham XLVII
Garry CIan K42Birmingham XLVII
Mark VGarry C35Birmingham XLVII
Lee WGarry C23Birmingham XLVII
Andy GGarry C31Birmingham XLVII
John VGarry C17Birmingham XLVII
Steve EGarry C34Birmingham XLVII
Garry CIan K73Manchester III
Garry CJohn V92Manchester III
Garry CLee W42Manchester III
Garry CMark V33Manchester III
Garry CMick C64Manchester III
Garry CRobert S61Manchester III
Garry CSteve C35Manchester III
Garry CSteve E36Manchester III
Andy GGarry C50Manchester III
Brendan XGarry C25Manchester III
Christopher DGarry C60Manchester III
Garry CSimon K02Birmingham XLVIII
Garry CMick C104Birmingham XLVIII
Garry CSteve E14Birmingham XLVIII
Garry CLee W25Birmingham XLVIII
Garry CRobert S31Birmingham XLVIII
Lee WGarry C82Birmingham XLVIII
Robert SGarry C06Birmingham XLVIII
Simon KGarry C21Birmingham XLVIII
Mick CGarry C47Birmingham XLVIII
Steve EGarry C22Birmingham XLVIII
Garry CMichele L31World Cup XVIII
Garry CJacob K36World Cup XVIII
Garry CMichael G41World Cup XVIII
Garry CHannes B76World Cup XVIII
Garry CAndy G49World Cup XVIII
Garry CPaolo S46World Cup XVIII
Garry CLorenzo L14World Cup XVIII
Garry CJohn V72World Cup XVIII
Garry CStephen D33World Cup XVIII
Garry CMichael G03World Cup XVIII
Ian KGarry C42World Cup XVIII
Christopher DGarry C81World Cup XVIII
Jaume PGarry C03World Cup XVIII
Robert SGarry C32World Cup XVIII
Mark WGarry C32World Cup XVIII
Sandro TGarry C83World Cup XVIII
Michele LGarry C04World Cup XVIII
John VGarry C17World Cup XVIII
Stephen DGarry C13World Cup XVIII
Michael GGarry C16World Cup XVIII
Garry CAndy G39Milton Keynes I
Garry CSteve E24Milton Keynes I
Garry CLee W45Milton Keynes I
Garry CSteve C56Milton Keynes I
Garry CSteve B64Milton Keynes I
Garry CMark V81Milton Keynes I
Garry CIan K74Milton Keynes I
Garry CRobert S62Milton Keynes I
Garry CMick C42Milton Keynes I
Garry CSimon K20Milton Keynes I
Steve BGarry C18Milton Keynes I
Mark VGarry C29Milton Keynes I
Ian KGarry C12Milton Keynes I
Robert SGarry C25Milton Keynes I
Mick CGarry C57Milton Keynes I
Simon KGarry C25Milton Keynes I
Andy GGarry C84Milton Keynes I
Steve EGarry C73Milton Keynes I
Lee WGarry C63Milton Keynes I
Steve CGarry C24Milton Keynes I

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