Fabio A (#366 - 866 pts)

Tournaments played7
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played2
Games played94
Games won12 (12.77%)
Games drawn12 (12.77%)
Games lost70 (74.47%)
Goals for139 (1.48)
Goals against442 (4.70)
Last tournamentHeathrow II (28-Jul-07)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentDarren G (vs)
2nd easiest opponentNiels T (vs)
3rd easiest opponentMandhir S (vs)
1st hardest opponentAlkis P (vs)
2nd hardest opponentMarco D (vs)
3rd hardest opponentFabio F (vs)
Easiest opponent for3 player(s)
Hardest opponent for0 player(s)
Different opponents44
Opponents' countries9
More frequent opponentRobert S (5 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets3 (3.19%)
No goals scored24 (25.53%)
Scored double figures0 (0.00%)
Conceded double figures10 (10.64%)
Biggest winFabio A - Gunther W: 4 - 1
Biggest defeatFabio F - Fabio A: 14 - 1
Danger rating-0.07

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Fabio ASteve C18World Cup I
Fabio ARiemer P22World Cup I
Fabio AHelmut H23World Cup I
Fabio AOliver S22World Cup I
Carl NFabio A41World Cup I
Gunther WFabio A20World Cup I
James LFabio A30World Cup I
Fabio AGiacomo T13Rome
Fabio AGianluca T18Rome
Fabio AAlessandro Co02Rome
Fabio AFilippo D13Rome
Fabio AFranco C42Rome
Giacomo TFabio A20Rome
Gianluca TFabio A50Rome
Alessandro CoFabio A51Rome
Filippo DFabio A41Rome
Franco CFabio A20Rome
Fabio AFilippo D46Milan II
Fabio ALuigi F36Milan II
Fabio AAlessandro V05Milan II
Fabio AGianni T04Milan II
Fabio ASandro T20Milan II
Fabio AFranco C21Milan II
Alessandro VFabio A40Milan II
Gianni TFabio A51Milan II
Sandro TFabio A00Milan II
Franco CFabio A10Milan II
Filippo DFabio A22Milan II
Luigi FFabio A71Milan II
Fabio ANikos A110World Cup IV
Fabio ARiemer P13World Cup IV
Fabio AKees V05World Cup IV
Fabio AAngelo S32World Cup IV
Fabio ARiccardo P12World Cup IV
Fabio ACristian Z22World Cup IV
Kees VFabio A41World Cup IV
Angelo SFabio A31World Cup IV
Riccardo PFabio A12World Cup IV
Cristian ZFabio A23World Cup IV
Nikos AFabio A51World Cup IV
Riemer PFabio A11World Cup IV
Fabio AGianni T08London Marathon
Fabio AGunther W41London Marathon
Fabio AHaydn H03London Marathon
Fabio AJacob K34London Marathon
Fabio AJames L37London Marathon
Fabio AJan T11London Marathon
Fabio AJon G03London Marathon
Fabio AMandhir S32London Marathon
Fabio AMark B23London Marathon
Fabio AMark P24London Marathon
Fabio ANiels T42London Marathon
Fabio ANikos A06London Marathon
Fabio ARiemer P34London Marathon
Fabio ARikki F310London Marathon
Fabio ARobert S05London Marathon
Fabio ASandro T14London Marathon
Fabio ASteve C18London Marathon
Fabio AVagelis D45London Marathon
Fabio AWayne L16London Marathon
Ben GFabio A104London Marathon
Darren GFabio A02London Marathon
Fabio AFabio F16Milan XVI
Fabio ARobert S24Milan XVI
Fabio AMarco D18Milan XVI
Fabio AMario F17Milan XVI
Fabio AAlessandro V03Milan XVI
Fabio AGianni T19Milan XVI
Fabio AAngelo S23Milan XVI
Fabio AMaurizio L07Milan XVI
Fabio AAlkis P011Milan XVI
Fabio ALuigi F315Milan XVI
Gianni TFabio A91Milan XVI
Angelo SFabio A21Milan XVI
Maurizio LFabio A22Milan XVI
Alkis PFabio A100Milan XVI
Luigi FFabio A102Milan XVI
Fabio FFabio A141Milan XVI
Robert SFabio A12Milan XVI
Marco DFabio A130Milan XVI
Mario FFabio A111Milan XVI
Alessandro VFabio A62Milan XVI
Fabio AWayne L44Heathrow II
Fabio AGraham S33Heathrow II
Fabio ASteve E15Heathrow II
Fabio ARobert S18Heathrow II
Fabio ASascha W16Heathrow II
Fabio AGarry C33Heathrow II
Robert SFabio A60Heathrow II
Sascha WFabio A70Heathrow II
Garry CFabio A43Heathrow II
Wayne LFabio A55Heathrow II
Graham SFabio A14Heathrow II
Steve EFabio A21Heathrow II

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More frequent opponents

Gianni T5vs
Robert S5vs
Alessandro V4vs
Angelo S4vs
Filippo D4vs
Franco C4vs
Luigi F4vs
Riemer P4vs
Nikos A3vs
Sandro T3vs