Dagh N (#2 - 3293 pts)

Tournaments played13
Tournaments won8 (61.54%)
World cups played5
Games played223
Games won207 (92.83%)
Games drawn5 (2.24%)
Games lost11 (4.93%)
Goals for1987 (8.91)
Goals against580 (2.60)
Last tournamentWorld Cup XVI (12-Nov-16)
Games per month in the last year1.75
1st easiest opponentAntonis T (vs)
2nd easiest opponentAlessandro C (vs)
3rd easiest opponentGianluca P (vs)
1st hardest opponentThor S (vs)
2nd hardest opponent-
3rd hardest opponent-
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for52 player(s)
Different opponents79
Opponents' countries11
More frequent opponentOliver St (8 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets27 (12.11%)
No goals scored0 (0.00%)
Scored double figures92 (41.26%)
Conceded double figures0 (0.00%)
Biggest winDagh N - Gianluca P: 20 - 0
Biggest defeatGianni T - Dagh N: 8 - 2
Danger rating0.66

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Dagh NJohn H23Copenhagen III
Dagh NMattias E102Copenhagen III
Dagh NHenrik R101Copenhagen III
Dagh NNiki B101Copenhagen III
Dagh NJonas S101Copenhagen III
Dagh NTorgny A101Copenhagen III
Nick PDagh N13Copenhagen III
Finn RDagh N210Copenhagen III
Dennis NDagh N110Copenhagen III
Jacob KDagh N48Copenhagen III
Claus HDagh N310Copenhagen III
Dagh NJohn H44Copenhagen III Cup
Niki BDagh N110Copenhagen III Cup
Nick PDagh N48Copenhagen III Cup
Dagh NJorg P102World Cup VIII
Dagh NThorsten B102World Cup VIII
Dagh NSpyros P105World Cup VIII
Dagh NMark B62World Cup VIII
Dagh NRodolfo M142World Cup VIII
Dagh NAlessandro V94World Cup VIII
Dagh NEktoras K111World Cup VIII
Dagh NPanayotis P104World Cup VIII
Dagh NSteve E101World Cup VIII
Dagh NAlkis P75World Cup VIII
Dagh NGianni T64World Cup VIII
Filippos MDagh N28World Cup VIII
Nikos ADagh N27World Cup VIII
George KaDagh N38World Cup VIII
Antonis TDagh N017World Cup VIII
Panayotis PDagh N39World Cup VIII
Alessandro VDagh N510World Cup VIII
Ektoras KDagh N613World Cup VIII
Steve EDagh N19World Cup VIII
Alkis PDagh N112World Cup VIII
Gianni TDagh N82World Cup VIII
Dagh NPedro Q101London XXIII
Dagh NVolker B101London XXIII
Dagh NJames B10London XXIII
Dagh NGarry C32London XXIII
Dagh NAndy H101London XXIII
Dagh NGlenn L71London XXIII
Dagh NRobert S93London XXIII
Dagh NAlex B104London XXIII
Dagh NAlessandro V61London XXIII
Dagh NDarren G102London XXIII
Dagh NSandro T78London XXIII
Dagh NSteve E83London XXIII
Panayotis PDagh N59London XXIII
John HDagh N47London XXIII
Simon KDagh N46London XXIII
Andy GDagh N39London XXIII
Thorsten BDagh N110London XXIII
Andy EDagh N210London XXIII
Klaus LoDagh N69London XXIII
Rodolfo MDagh N18London XXIII
Flavio ZDagh N110London XXIII
Jon GDagh N610London XXIII
Mark EDagh N09London XXIII
Gianni TDagh N47London XXIII
Dagh NMario F91Milan XXV
Dagh NLuigi F64Milan XXV
Dagh NAlessandro V103Milan XXV
Dagh NPanayotis P71Milan XXV
Dagh NDiego D130Milan XXV
Dagh NFlavio Z150Milan XXV
Dagh NGianni T68Milan XXV
Dagh NMarco S140Milan XXV
Frank FDagh N110Milan XXV
Fabio FDagh N57Milan XXV
Paolo DDagh N212Milan XXV
Thorsten BDagh N112Milan XXV
Simone CDagh N015Milan XXV
Alessandro GuDagh N116Milan XXV
Alessandro CDagh N016Milan XXV
Dagh NVolker B120Lund II
Dagh NJacob K81Lund II
Dagh NTorgny A51Lund II
Dagh NThorsten B81Lund II
Dagh NRegis B92Lund II
Dagh NJohn H43Lund II
Thorsten BDagh N09Lund II
Regis BDagh N310Lund II
John HDagh N25Lund II
Volker BDagh N06Lund II
Jacob KDagh N47Lund II
Torgny ADagh N211Lund II
Dagh NNick P60Copenhagen IV
Dagh NJacob K102Copenhagen IV
Dagh NJesper B80Copenhagen IV
Jesper BDagh N07Copenhagen IV
Nick PDagh N36Copenhagen IV
Jacob KDagh N27Copenhagen IV
Dagh NPeter K104World Cup X
Dagh NJorg P103World Cup X
Dagh NAlessandro V105World Cup X
Dagh NEktoras K67World Cup X
Dagh NVolker B102World Cup X
Dagh NGarry C121World Cup X
Dagh NGianni T95World Cup X
Dagh NRobert S131World Cup X
Dagh NOliver St81World Cup X
Dagh NSteve C111World Cup X
Dagh NGianni T85World Cup X
Horst LDagh N19World Cup X
Frederic BDagh N311World Cup X
Kostas KaDagh N28World Cup X
Wolf HDagh N09World Cup X
Rodolfo MDagh N111World Cup X
Gianni TDagh N68World Cup X
Robert SDagh N18World Cup X
Garry CDagh N212World Cup X
Oliver StDagh N88World Cup X
Steve CDagh N39World Cup X
Gianni TDagh N19World Cup X
Dagh NSteve E102Bournemouth I
Dagh NSteve C120Bournemouth I
Andy GDagh N46Bournemouth I
Simon KDagh N35Bournemouth I
Garry CDagh N19Bournemouth I
Mark WDagh N29Bournemouth I
Dagh NMark W94Bournemouth II
Steve EDagh N36Bournemouth II
Garry CDagh N63Bournemouth II
Dagh NSteve C81Bournemouth III
Dagh NGarry C74Bournemouth III
Dagh NRobert S42Bournemouth III
Dagh NSimon K74Bournemouth III
Mark WDagh N18Bournemouth III
Simon BDagh N42Bournemouth III
Steve EDagh N56Bournemouth III
Andy GDagh N55Bournemouth III
Dagh NRobert S121Bournemouth IV
Dagh NSimon B121Bournemouth IV
Dagh NSteve C65Bournemouth IV
Dagh NAndy G97Bournemouth IV
Dagh NSteve E131Bournemouth IV
Dagh NSimon K72Bournemouth IV
Dagh NMark W92Bournemouth IV
Dagh NGarry C81Bournemouth IV
Steve EDagh N37Bournemouth IV
Simon KDagh N37Bournemouth IV
Mark WDagh N311Bournemouth IV
Garry CDagh N113Bournemouth IV
Robert SDagh N08Bournemouth IV
Simon BDagh N39Bournemouth IV
Steve CDagh N29Bournemouth IV
Andy GDagh N47Bournemouth IV
Dagh NFlavio Z92World Cup XII
Dagh NFrank F71World Cup XII
Dagh NPanayotis P132World Cup XII
Dagh NCornelius H141World Cup XII
Dagh NGianluca P200World Cup XII
Dagh NLuigi F87World Cup XII
Dagh NJorg P134World Cup XII
Dagh NDino D111World Cup XII
Dagh NAndrea R120World Cup XII
Dagh NMario F74World Cup XII
Dagh NAlkis P75World Cup XII
Dagh NMichael Ma111World Cup XII
Dagh NGianluca T64World Cup XII
Dagh NOliver St115World Cup XII
Dagh NAndy G54World Cup XII
Dagh NGianluca T65World Cup XII
Gianluca PDagh N011World Cup XII
Luigi FDagh N411World Cup XII
Jorg PDagh N311World Cup XII
Dino DDagh N112World Cup XII
Andrea RDagh N111World Cup XII
Flavio ZDagh N29World Cup XII
Frank FDagh N110World Cup XII
Panayotis PDagh N98World Cup XII
Cornelius HDagh N18World Cup XII
Ektoras KDagh N213World Cup XII
Lorenzo CDagh N312World Cup XII
Frank FDagh N116World Cup XII
Oliver StDagh N46World Cup XII
Andy GDagh N08World Cup XII
Gianluca TDagh N38World Cup XII
Dagh NFabio F105World Cup XIV
Dagh NSteve C63World Cup XIV
Dagh NOliver St136World Cup XIV
Dagh NThomas N100World Cup XIV
Dagh NAlessandro V105World Cup XIV
Dagh NTorgny A100World Cup XIV
Dagh NAlkis P113World Cup XIV
Dagh NAlessandro V82World Cup XIV
Dagh NMario F113World Cup XIV
Dagh NJohn H102World Cup XIV
Dagh NFabio F77World Cup XIV
Gunther WDagh N110World Cup XIV
Alkis PDagh N45World Cup XIV
Jorg PDagh N110World Cup XIV
Jacob KDagh N210World Cup XIV
Ektoras KDagh N27World Cup XIV
Thor SDagh N48World Cup XIV
Jorn FDagh N09World Cup XIV
Oliver StDagh N38World Cup XIV
Christopher DDagh N38World Cup XIV
Andy GDagh N47World Cup XIV
John HDagh N39World Cup XIV
Fabio FDagh N99World Cup XIV
Alkis PDagh N76World Cup XIV
Dagh NChristopher D95World Cup XVI
Dagh NSandro T114World Cup XVI
Dagh NCornelius H61World Cup XVI
Dagh NMauro M62World Cup XVI
Dagh NRobert S150World Cup XVI
Dagh NOliver St94World Cup XVI
Dagh NJacob K92World Cup XVI
Dagh NLorenzo C71World Cup XVI
Dagh NSpyros P112World Cup XVI
Dagh NThor S49World Cup XVI
Dagh NOliver St74World Cup XVI
Rodolfo MDagh N28World Cup XVI
Koney KDagh N17World Cup XVI
Jaume PDagh N07World Cup XVI
Steve CDagh N29World Cup XVI
Thor SDagh N53World Cup XVI
Fabio FDagh N48World Cup XVI
Sandro TDagh N48World Cup XVI
Alkis PDagh N09World Cup XVI
Spyros PDagh N113World Cup XVI
Thor SDagh N59World Cup XVI

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Andy G8vs
Garry C8vs
Gianni T8vs
Oliver St8vs
Steve C8vs
Steve E8vs
Alessandro V7vs
Alkis P7vs
Jacob K7vs
John H7vs