Alessandro V (#21 - 1485 pts)

Tournaments played48
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played10
Games played721
Games won365 (50.62%)
Games drawn70 (9.71%)
Games lost286 (39.67%)
Goals for3153 (4.37)
Goals against2772 (3.84)
Last tournamentWorld Cup XVI (12-Nov-16)
Games per month in the last year4.08
1st easiest opponentMartino C (vs)
2nd easiest opponentFrancesco S (vs)
3rd easiest opponentDavide B (vs)
1st hardest opponentSteve E (vs)
2nd hardest opponentDagh N (vs)
3rd hardest opponentMark P (vs)
Easiest opponent for1 player(s)
Hardest opponent for15 player(s)
Different opponents144
Opponents' countries16
More frequent opponentGianni T (67 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets70 (9.71%)
No goals scored25 (3.47%)
Scored double figures18 (2.50%)
Conceded double figures26 (3.61%)
Biggest winMartino C - Alessandro V: 0 - 16
Biggest defeatAlessandro V - Gianni T: 2 - 15
Danger rating0.10

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Alessandro VAlessandro G60Milan
Alessandro VLuca C20Milan
Alessandro VPino D02Milan
Alessandro VNikos A06Milan
Luigi FAlessandro V30Milan
Nikos AAlessandro V52Milan
Mauro GAlessandro V15Milan
Franco CAlessandro V11Milan
Luigi FAlessandro V62Milan
Luca CAlessandro V15Milan
Alessandro VFabio A40Milan II
Alessandro VGianni T31Milan II
Alessandro VFranco C32Milan II
Alessandro VFilippo D41Milan II
Alessandro VLuigi F06Milan II
Alessandro VSandro T40Milan II
Franco CAlessandro V22Milan II
Filippo DAlessandro V13Milan II
Luigi FAlessandro V91Milan II
Sandro TAlessandro V23Milan II
Fabio AAlessandro V05Milan II
Gianni TAlessandro V90Milan II
Alessandro VGabriele B53Milan III
Alessandro VGianni T57Milan III
Alessandro VLuigi F34Milan III
Alessandro VFilippo D41Milan III
Alessandro VSandro T22Milan III
Luigi FAlessandro V40Milan III
Filippo DAlessandro V33Milan III
Sandro TAlessandro V22Milan III
Gabriele BAlessandro V44Milan III
Gianni TAlessandro V82Milan III
Alessandro VFranco C01Milan IV
Alessandro VSandro T43Milan IV
Alessandro VGianni T24Milan IV
Alessandro VLuigi F26Milan IV
Alessandro VDiego D42Milan IV
Alessandro VFilippo D40Milan IV
Alessandro VGianni T35Milan IV
Alessandro VFranco C20Milan IV
Luigi FAlessandro V90Milan IV
Diego DAlessandro V14Milan IV
Filippo DAlessandro V24Milan IV
Franco CAlessandro V31Milan IV
Sandro TAlessandro V01Milan IV
Gianni TAlessandro V24Milan IV
Gianni TAlessandro V62Milan IV
Franco CAlessandro V41Milan IV
Alessandro VThomas N60World Cup IV
Alessandro VMark B22World Cup IV
Alessandro VLuca A61World Cup IV
Alessandro VMark P17World Cup IV
Alessandro VRodolfo M35World Cup IV
Alessandro VDanny D40World Cup IV
Alessandro VKees V13World Cup IV
Alessandro VRobert S32World Cup IV
Alessandro VDamiano S31World Cup IV
Alessandro VJacopo A34World Cup IV
Alessandro VLuca A51World Cup IV
Alessandro VRiemer P54World Cup IV
Luca AAlessandro V33World Cup IV
Mark PAlessandro V32World Cup IV
Rodolfo MAlessandro V62World Cup IV
Danny DAlessandro V12World Cup IV
Thomas NAlessandro V12World Cup IV
Mark BAlessandro V19World Cup IV
Robert SAlessandro V52World Cup IV
Kees VAlessandro V42World Cup IV
Damiano SAlessandro V34World Cup IV
Jacopo AAlessandro V36World Cup IV
Luca AAlessandro V61World Cup IV
Riemer PAlessandro V32World Cup IV
Alessandro VLuigi F25Milan V
Alessandro VMaurizio L41Milan V
Alessandro VGianni T13Milan V
Alessandro VMario F44Milan V
Alessandro VMarco D32Milan V
Alessandro VMarco D40Milan V
Alessandro VJacopo A111Milan V
Alessandro VJacopo A62Milan V
Gianni TAlessandro V21Milan V
Luigi FAlessandro V83Milan V
Maurizio LAlessandro V32Milan V
Mario FAlessandro V51Milan V
Mario FAlessandro V30Milan V
Marco DAlessandro V16Milan V
Jacopo AAlessandro V50Milan V
Jacopo AAlessandro V10Milan V
Alessandro VGianni T12Milan VI
Alessandro VMarco D22Milan VI
Alessandro VMaurizio L23Milan VI
Alessandro VFabio F42Milan VI
Alessandro VAngelo S44Milan VI
Fabio FAlessandro V23Milan VI
Angelo SAlessandro V25Milan VI
Gianni TAlessandro V74Milan VI
Marco DAlessandro V36Milan VI
Maurizio LAlessandro V14Milan VI
Alessandro VFabio F46Milan VII
Alessandro VMario F43Milan VII
Alessandro VMarco D12Milan VII
Alessandro VGianni T43Milan VII
Alessandro VMaurizio L41Milan VII
Gianni TAlessandro V32Milan VII
Maurizio LAlessandro V15Milan VII
Fabio FAlessandro V21Milan VII
Mario FAlessandro V52Milan VII
Marco DAlessandro V22Milan VII
Alessandro VMarco D32Milan VIII
Alessandro VMaurizio L62Milan VIII
Alessandro VMario F45Milan VIII
Alessandro VAngelo S40Milan VIII
Alessandro VGianni T57Milan VIII
Alessandro VFabio F43Milan VIII
Mario FAlessandro V75Milan VIII
Angelo SAlessandro V02Milan VIII
Gianni TAlessandro V72Milan VIII
Fabio FAlessandro V35Milan VIII
Marco DAlessandro V14Milan VIII
Maurizio LAlessandro V22Milan VIII
Alessandro VMaurizio L42Milan IX
Alessandro VAngelo S30Milan IX
Alessandro VGianni T43Milan IX
Alessandro VMarco D21Milan IX
Marco DAlessandro V42Milan IX
Maurizio LAlessandro V44Milan IX
Angelo SAlessandro V14Milan IX
Gianni TAlessandro V63Milan IX
Alessandro VSandro T42Milan XI
Alessandro VGianni T35Milan XI
Alessandro VFabio F30Milan XI
Alessandro VMario F16Milan XI
Alessandro VGianni T15Milan XI
Alessandro VFabio F34Milan XI
Alessandro VMario F05Milan XI
Maurizio LAlessandro V25Milan XI
Marco DAlessandro V30Milan XI
Angelo SAlessandro V30Milan XI
Sandro TAlessandro V33Milan XI
Maurizio LAlessandro V13Milan XI
Marco DAlessandro V61Milan XI
Angelo SAlessandro V44Milan XI
Alessandro VRodolfo M44World Cup V
Alessandro VFabian K71World Cup V
Alessandro VJan T51World Cup V
Alessandro VNikos A25World Cup V
Alessandro VPatrick D61World Cup V
Alessandro VSascha W104World Cup V
Alessandro VOliver St46World Cup V
Alessandro VMarco S43World Cup V
Alessandro VRobert S37World Cup V
Alessandro VMark W60World Cup V
Alessandro VFabio F42World Cup V
Alessandro VMario F22World Cup V
Patrick DAlessandro V34World Cup V
Sascha WAlessandro V43World Cup V
Oliver StAlessandro V24World Cup V
Rodolfo MAlessandro V45World Cup V
Fabian KAlessandro V14World Cup V
Jan TAlessandro V14World Cup V
Nikos AAlessandro V63World Cup V
Marco SAlessandro V03World Cup V
Robert SAlessandro V60World Cup V
Mark WAlessandro V41World Cup V
Fabio FAlessandro V33World Cup V
Mario FAlessandro V44World Cup V
Alessandro VMarco D64Milan XIII
Alessandro VMario F57Milan XIII
Alessandro VGianni T37Milan XIII
Alessandro VLuigi F513Milan XIII
Alessandro VFabio F12Milan XIII
Alessandro VLorenzo V73Milan XIII
Gianni TAlessandro V60Milan XIII
Luigi FAlessandro V45Milan XIII
Fabio FAlessandro V54Milan XIII
Lorenzo VAlessandro V62Milan XIII
Marco DAlessandro V47Milan XIII
Mario FAlessandro V56Milan XIII
Alessandro VLuigi F65Milan XIV
Alessandro VGianni T54Milan XIV
Alessandro VMaurizio L24Milan XIV
Alessandro VSandro T62Milan XIV
Alessandro VMarco D47Milan XIV
Alessandro VGianni T28Milan XIV
Alessandro VMarco D24Milan XIV
Sandro TAlessandro V31Milan XIV
Marco DAlessandro V105Milan XIV
Luigi FAlessandro V43Milan XIV
Gianni TAlessandro V83Milan XIV
Maurizio LAlessandro V43Milan XIV
Gianni TAlessandro V68Milan XIV
Marco DAlessandro V45Milan XIV
Alessandro VMarco D32Milan XV
Alessandro VGianni T110Milan XV
Alessandro VSandro T52Milan XV
Alessandro VMario F37Milan XV
Alessandro VFabio F37Milan XV
Alessandro VMaurizio L31Milan XV
Sandro TAlessandro V66Milan XV
Mario FAlessandro V21Milan XV
Fabio FAlessandro V43Milan XV
Maurizio LAlessandro V36Milan XV
Marco DAlessandro V74Milan XV
Gianni TAlessandro V80Milan XV
Alessandro VMarco D54Milan XVI
Alessandro VAngelo S51Milan XVI
Alessandro VRobert S55Milan XVI
Alessandro VAlkis P38Milan XVI
Alessandro VGianni T15Milan XVI
Alessandro VFabio F64Milan XVI
Alessandro VMario F19Milan XVI
Alessandro VMaurizio L35Milan XVI
Alessandro VLuigi F36Milan XVI
Alessandro VFabio A62Milan XVI
Fabio FAlessandro V86Milan XVI
Mario FAlessandro V54Milan XVI
Maurizio LAlessandro V41Milan XVI
Luigi FAlessandro V66Milan XVI
Fabio AAlessandro V03Milan XVI
Marco DAlessandro V34Milan XVI
Angelo SAlessandro V35Milan XVI
Robert SAlessandro V63Milan XVI
Alkis PAlessandro V112Milan XVI
Gianni TAlessandro V62Milan XVI
Alessandro VLuigi F38Milan XVII
Alessandro VMario F36Milan XVII
Alessandro VMarco D33Milan XVII
Alessandro VFabio F30Milan XVII
Luigi FAlessandro V72Milan XVII
Mario FAlessandro V63Milan XVII
Marco DAlessandro V54Milan XVII
Fabio FAlessandro V11Milan XVII
Alessandro VFabio F57Milan XVIII
Alessandro VSandro T36Milan XVIII
Alessandro VMaurizio L06Milan XVIII
Alessandro VGianni T48Milan XVIII
Alessandro VMarco D26Milan XVIII
Marco DAlessandro V93Milan XVIII
Luigi FAlessandro V24Milan XVIII
Gabriele BAlessandro V56Milan XVIII
Fabio FAlessandro V44Milan XVIII
Sandro TAlessandro V36Milan XVIII
Maurizio LAlessandro V42Milan XVIII
Gianni TAlessandro V73Milan XVIII
Alessandro VMario F04Milan XIX
Alessandro VMaurizio L55Milan XIX
Alessandro VSascha S52Milan XIX
Alessandro VAndrej S60Milan XIX
Alessandro VMichael O33Milan XIX
Alessandro VFabio F35Milan XIX
Alessandro VMarco D35Milan XIX
Alessandro VSandro T47Milan XIX
Sascha WAlessandro V35Milan XIX
Robert SAlessandro V62Milan XIX
Michael MuAlessandro V11Milan XIX
Spyros PAlessandro V53Milan XIX
Thomas KAlessandro V46Milan XIX
Gianni TAlessandro V53Milan XIX
Thorsten BAlessandro V05Milan XIX
Alessandro VStefan V32Cologne I
Alessandro VMarkus Ha83Cologne I
Alessandro VHaydn H42Cologne I
Alessandro VThomas Ni70Cologne I
Alessandro VDesiree R30Cologne I
Alessandro VThomas K34Cologne I
Alessandro VJan G42Cologne I
Alessandro VSandro T47Cologne I
Alessandro VFrank F24Cologne I
Alessandro VOliver St42Cologne I
Volker BAlessandro V14Cologne I
Kai HAlessandro V18Cologne I
Frank FAlessandro V311Cologne I
Kai KAlessandro V211Cologne I
Heiko WAlessandro V25Cologne I
Robin HAlessandro V38Cologne I
Jan GAlessandro V24Cologne I
Sandro TAlessandro V64Cologne I
Frank FAlessandro V37Cologne I
Oliver StAlessandro V33Cologne I
Alessandro VAlessandro Gu71World Cup VII
Alessandro VThomas N54World Cup VII
Alessandro VHaydn H41World Cup VII
Alessandro VSandro T66World Cup VII
Alessandro VMario F34World Cup VII
Alessandro VMarco S52World Cup VII
Vasilis KAlessandro V66World Cup VII
Gianni TAlessandro V74World Cup VII
George KaAlessandro V15World Cup VII
Astrid LAlessandro V05World Cup VII
Jorg PAlessandro V05World Cup VII
Mario FAlessandro V71World Cup VII
Marco SAlessandro V26World Cup VII
Ektoras KAlessandro V65World Cup VII
Fabio FAlessandro V43World Cup VII
Alessandro VMario F312Milan XXII
Alessandro VFabio F25Milan XXII
Alessandro VSimone C51Milan XXII
Alessandro VLorenzo V53Milan XXII
Alessandro VMarco D33Milan XXII
Gianni TAlessandro V63Milan XXII
Sandro TAlessandro V16Milan XXII
Luigi FAlessandro V48Milan XXII
Maurizio LAlessandro V23Milan XXII
Alessandro GuAlessandro V28Milan XXII
Alessandro VFabio F78London XXII
Alessandro VRobert S42London XXII
Alessandro VSimon K41London XXII
Alessandro VHaydn H30London XXII
Alessandro VWayne L55London XXII
Alessandro VSteve E314London XXII
Alessandro VGianni T36London XXII
Alessandro VLee M23London XXII
Alessandro VJerry M52London XXII
Alessandro VJohn W33London XXII
Garry CAlessandro V35London XXII
Mandhir SAlessandro V23London XXII
Mark WAlessandro V26London XXII
Jon GAlessandro V54London XXII
Sandro TAlessandro V83London XXII
Darren GAlessandro V16London XXII
Stephen DAlessandro V22London XXII
Karl BAlessandro V24London XXII
Mark BAlessandro V65London XXII
Alessandro VJohn H57Milan XXIII
Alessandro VAlessandro Gu81Milan XXIII
Alessandro VMarco D35Milan XXIII
Alessandro VSandro T35Milan XXIII
Alessandro VPanayotis P48Milan XXIII
Alessandro VThorsten B81Milan XXIII
Alessandro VFlavio Z41Milan XXIII
Alessandro VSimone C80Milan XXIII
Luigi FAlessandro V108Milan XXIII
Maurizio LAlessandro V35Milan XXIII
Gianni TAlessandro V113Milan XXIII
Volker BAlessandro V23Milan XXIII
Angelo SAlessandro V23Milan XXIII
Luca FAlessandro V65Milan XXIII
Robert SAlessandro V57Milan XXIII
Alessandro CAlessandro V08Milan XXIII
Alessandro VVagelis D80World Cup VIII
Alessandro VStelios T32World Cup VIII
Alessandro VAlkis P44World Cup VIII
Alessandro VPanayotis P68World Cup VIII
Alessandro VDagh N510World Cup VIII
Alessandro VEktoras K55World Cup VIII
Alessandro VSandro T29World Cup VIII
Alessandro VSteve C06World Cup VIII
Alessandro VKnut L35World Cup VIII
Flavio ZAlessandro V11World Cup VIII
Andreas KlAlessandro V07World Cup VIII
Steve CAlessandro V44World Cup VIII
Jorn FAlessandro V05World Cup VIII
Astrid LAlessandro V311World Cup VIII
Sandro TAlessandro V74World Cup VIII
Jacob KAlessandro V52World Cup VIII
Dagh NAlessandro V94World Cup VIII
Ektoras KAlessandro V51World Cup VIII
Panayotis PAlessandro V84World Cup VIII
Sandro TAlessandro V70World Cup VIII
Steve CAlessandro V66World Cup VIII
Knut LAlessandro V24World Cup VIII
Alessandro VAndy H60London XXIII
Alessandro VGlenn L21London XXIII
Alessandro VRobert S22London XXIII
Alessandro VAlex B54London XXIII
Alessandro VJon G55London XXIII
Alessandro VMark E50London XXIII
Alessandro VGianni T211London XXIII
Alessandro VPedro Q20London XXIII
Alessandro VVolker B44London XXIII
Alessandro VJames B65London XXIII
Alessandro VGarry C51London XXIII
Panayotis PAlessandro V63London XXIII
Darren GAlessandro V25London XXIII
Sandro TAlessandro V47London XXIII
Steve EAlessandro V84London XXIII
Dagh NAlessandro V61London XXIII
John HAlessandro V78London XXIII
Simon KAlessandro V26London XXIII
Andy GAlessandro V25London XXIII
Thorsten BAlessandro V35London XXIII
Andy EAlessandro V24London XXIII
Klaus LoAlessandro V75London XXIII
Rodolfo MAlessandro V37London XXIII
Flavio ZAlessandro V06London XXIII
Alessandro VLuigi F36Milan XXV
Alessandro VPanayotis P55Milan XXV
Alessandro VAlessandro C51Milan XXV
Alessandro VDiego D62Milan XXV
Alessandro VFlavio Z33Milan XXV
Alessandro VGianni T48Milan XXV
Alessandro VMarco S42Milan XXV
Alessandro VMario F47Milan XXV
Dagh NAlessandro V103Milan XXV
Frank FAlessandro V56Milan XXV
Fabio FAlessandro V33Milan XXV
Paolo DAlessandro V45Milan XXV
Thorsten BAlessandro V16Milan XXV
Simone CAlessandro V29Milan XXV
Alessandro GuAlessandro V25Milan XXV
Alessandro VMichael Ma21World Cup IX
Alessandro VSteve C54World Cup IX
Alessandro VRodolfo M42World Cup IX
Alessandro VHelmut H53World Cup IX
Alessandro VJacob K33World Cup IX
Alessandro VKostas Ka52World Cup IX
Alessandro VOliver St74World Cup IX
Alessandro VAlkis P14World Cup IX
Alessandro VFrank F53World Cup IX
Alessandro VKnut L12World Cup IX
Alessandro VSpyros P23World Cup IX
Alessandro VNikos A46World Cup IX
Alessandro VSteve C69World Cup IX
Jacob KAlessandro V29World Cup IX
Kostas KaAlessandro V16World Cup IX
Oliver StAlessandro V64World Cup IX
Michael MaAlessandro V17World Cup IX
Steve CAlessandro V42World Cup IX
Rodolfo MAlessandro V63World Cup IX
Helmut HAlessandro V36World Cup IX
Frank FAlessandro V35World Cup IX
Knut LAlessandro V25World Cup IX
Alkis PAlessandro V75World Cup IX
Spyros PAlessandro V32World Cup IX
Nikos AAlessandro V53World Cup IX
Steve CAlessandro V56World Cup IX
Alessandro VPaolo D74Milan XXVI
Alessandro VFabio F66Milan XXVI
Alessandro VFlavio Z46Milan XXVI
Alessandro VMario F52Milan XXVI
Alessandro VGianni T28Milan XXVI
Alessandro VPaolo D64Milan XXVI
Alessandro VFlavio Z82Milan XXVI
Alessandro VMario F48Milan XXVI
Alessandro VGianni T36Milan XXVI
Flavio ZAlessandro V06Milan XXVI
Mario FAlessandro V45Milan XXVI
Gianni TAlessandro V81Milan XXVI
Paolo DAlessandro V48Milan XXVI
Fabio FAlessandro V147Milan XXVI
Flavio ZAlessandro V44Milan XXVI
Mario FAlessandro V46Milan XXVI
Gianni TAlessandro V104Milan XXVI
Paolo DAlessandro V65Milan XXVI
Fabio FAlessandro V76Milan XXVI
Alessandro VPaolo D73Milan XXVII
Alessandro VLuigi F78Milan XXVII
Alessandro VGianluca T33Milan XXVII
Alessandro VOliver St38Milan XXVII
Alessandro VRobert S52Milan XXVII
Alessandro VFabrizio R60Milan XXVII
Alessandro VThorsten B43Milan XXVII
Panayotis PAlessandro V54Milan XXVII
Flavio ZAlessandro V05Milan XXVII
Marco SAlessandro V57Milan XXVII
Koney KAlessandro V010Milan XXVII
Frank FAlessandro V64Milan XXVII
Denny MAlessandro V19Milan XXVII
Gianni TAlessandro V74Milan XXVII
Alessandro VEktoras K53World Cup X
Alessandro VPeter K30World Cup X
Alessandro VWolf H101World Cup X
Alessandro VHorst L100World Cup X
Alessandro VKostas Ka60World Cup X
Alessandro VSandro T33World Cup X
Alessandro VFrank F47World Cup X
Alessandro VSascha W73World Cup X
Alessandro VAlkis P34World Cup X
Alessandro VFrank F37World Cup X
Alessandro VEktoras K56World Cup X
Volker BAlessandro V15World Cup X
Jorg PAlessandro V56World Cup X
Frederic BAlessandro V18World Cup X
Dagh NAlessandro V105World Cup X
Rodolfo MAlessandro V17World Cup X
Sascha WAlessandro V23World Cup X
Sandro TAlessandro V12World Cup X
Frank FAlessandro V43World Cup X
Ektoras KAlessandro V66World Cup X
Alessandro VGianni T38Dubai I
Alessandro VKlaus Le70Dubai I
Alessandro VGlenn L64Dubai I
Alessandro VJacob K48Dubai I
Alessandro VFrank F62Dubai I
Alessandro VRobert S23Dubai I
Alessandro VSascha W65Dubai I
Alessandro VCornelius H63Dubai I
Frank FAlessandro V36Dubai I
Robert SAlessandro V05Dubai I
Sascha WAlessandro V57Dubai I
Cornelius HAlessandro V18Dubai I
Gianni TAlessandro V64Dubai I
Klaus LeAlessandro V18Dubai I
Glenn LAlessandro V25Dubai I
Jacob KAlessandro V17Dubai I
Alessandro VLorenzo C22Milan XXVIII
Alessandro VThorsten B41Milan XXVIII
Alessandro VGianni T35Milan XXVIII
Alessandro VFabrizio R91Milan XXVIII
Alessandro VPaolo D55Milan XXVIII
Marco DAlessandro V88Milan XXVIII
Flavio ZAlessandro V13Milan XXVIII
Lorenzo LAlessandro V25Milan XXVIII
Frank FAlessandro V34Milan XXVIII
Koney KAlessandro V05Milan XXVIII
Alessandro VPaolo D58Milan XXIX
Alessandro VGianni T19Milan XXIX
Alessandro VLorenzo L94Milan XXIX
Alessandro VFlavio Z31Milan XXIX
Koney KAlessandro V09Milan XXIX
Frank FAlessandro V47Milan XXIX
Lorenzo CAlessandro V34Milan XXIX
Thorsten BAlessandro V17Milan XXIX
Fabrizio RAlessandro V18Milan XXIX
Alessandro VRodolfo M84World Cup XII
Alessandro VJorn F71World Cup XII
Alessandro VMichael Ma42World Cup XII
Alessandro VMichele L91World Cup XII
Alessandro VAndy G36World Cup XII
Alessandro VKostas Ka71World Cup XII
Alessandro VAlkis P55World Cup XII
Alessandro VMarco M71World Cup XII
Alessandro VThomas N62World Cup XII
Alessandro VAndy G47World Cup XII
Alessandro VGianni T37World Cup XII
Alessandro VEktoras K28World Cup XII
Alessandro VSteve C46World Cup XII
Alessandro VLuigi F07World Cup XII
Kostas KaAlessandro V04World Cup XII
Alkis PAlessandro V64World Cup XII
Marco MAlessandro V05World Cup XII
Thomas NAlessandro V48World Cup XII
Rodolfo MAlessandro V24World Cup XII
Jorn FAlessandro V34World Cup XII
Michael MaAlessandro V73World Cup XII
Michele LAlessandro V36World Cup XII
Andy GAlessandro V42World Cup XII
Panayotis PAlessandro V36World Cup XII
Fabio FAlessandro V67World Cup XII
Oliver StAlessandro V75World Cup XII
Steve CAlessandro V45World Cup XII
Luigi FAlessandro V63World Cup XII
Ektoras KAlessandro V45World Cup XII
Steve CAlessandro V37World Cup XII
Luigi FAlessandro V72World Cup XII
Alessandro VAlkis P38Milan XXXI
Alessandro VGianni T26Milan XXXI
Alessandro VSandro T88Milan XXXI
Gianni TAlessandro V103Milan XXXI
Sandro TAlessandro V62Milan XXXI
Alkis PAlessandro V43Milan XXXI
Alessandro VCornelius H63Freiburg I
Alessandro VKlaus Le54Freiburg I
Alessandro VThorsten B63Freiburg I
Alessandro VFrank F45Freiburg I
Alessandro VGianni T39Freiburg I
Alessandro VMichael E51Freiburg I
Alessandro VHelmut H40Freiburg I
Alessandro VGianluca P70Freiburg I
Alessandro VHorst L82Freiburg I
Alessandro VJan K61Freiburg I
Michael EAlessandro V16Freiburg I
Helmut HAlessandro V39Freiburg I
Gianluca PAlessandro V08Freiburg I
Horst LAlessandro V16Freiburg I
Jan KAlessandro V06Freiburg I
Cornelius HAlessandro V25Freiburg I
Klaus LeAlessandro V36Freiburg I
Thorsten BAlessandro V27Freiburg I
Frank FAlessandro V27Freiburg I
Gianni TAlessandro V95Freiburg I
Alessandro VLorenzo C24Milan XXXII
Alessandro VMario F310Milan XXXII
Alessandro VLorenzo L31Milan XXXII
Alessandro VFlavio Z41Milan XXXII
Alessandro VFabio F311Milan XXXII
Alessandro VGianni T111Milan XXXII
Alessandro VPaolo S83Milan XXXII
Alessandro VSandro T57Milan XXXII
Flavio ZAlessandro V26Milan XXXII
Fabio FAlessandro V105Milan XXXII
Gianni TAlessandro V83Milan XXXII
Paolo SAlessandro V15Milan XXXII
Lorenzo CAlessandro V60Milan XXXII
Sandro TAlessandro V53Milan XXXII
Mario FAlessandro V68Milan XXXII
Lorenzo LAlessandro V32Milan XXXII
Alessandro VGianni T79Papozze I
Alessandro VMatteo B80Papozze I
Alessandro VKoney K73Papozze I
Alessandro VSandro T55Papozze I
Davide BAlessandro V010Papozze I
Martino CAlessandro V010Papozze I
Fabrizio RAlessandro V08Papozze I
Flavio ZAlessandro V59Papozze I
Alessandro VGianni T08Milan XXXIII
Alessandro VFabio R80Milan XXXIII
Alessandro VJaume P60Milan XXXIII
Alessandro VPaolo S81Milan XXXIII
Alessandro VLorenzo C43Milan XXXIII
Alessandro VMario F47Milan XXXIII
Fabrizio RAlessandro V17Milan XXXIII
Flavio ZAlessandro V63Milan XXXIII
Andrea RAlessandro V11Milan XXXIII
Denny MAlessandro V09Milan XXXIII
Lorenzo LAlessandro V37Milan XXXIII
Alessandro VJorg P72World Cup XIV
Alessandro VFabio F28World Cup XIV
Alessandro VSteve C37World Cup XIV
Alessandro VOliver St612World Cup XIV
Alessandro VThomas N42World Cup XIV
Alessandro VAlkis P64World Cup XIV
Alessandro VChristopher D54World Cup XIV
Alessandro VAndy G36World Cup XIV
Alessandro VAlkis P45World Cup XIV
Alessandro VJorn F22World Cup XIV
Alessandro VJacob K53World Cup XIV
Alessandro VSteve C47World Cup XIV
Alessandro VJorn F30World Cup XIV
Torgny AAlessandro V15World Cup XIV
Dagh NAlessandro V105World Cup XIV
Jacob KAlessandro V15World Cup XIV
Ektoras KAlessandro V55World Cup XIV
Thor SAlessandro V43World Cup XIV
Gunther WAlessandro V16World Cup XIV
Mario FAlessandro V43World Cup XIV
Dagh NAlessandro V82World Cup XIV
Oliver StAlessandro V25World Cup XIV
Jacob KAlessandro V52World Cup XIV
Steve CAlessandro V72World Cup XIV
Jorn FAlessandro V07World Cup XIV
Alessandro VSandro T43Milan XXXIV
Alessandro VLuigi F63Milan XXXIV
Alessandro VGianni T19Milan XXXIV
Gianni TAlessandro V51Milan XXXIV
Sandro TAlessandro V86Milan XXXIV
Luigi FAlessandro V64Milan XXXIV
Alessandro VLorenzo C23Papozze II
Alessandro VLorenzo L23Papozze II
Alessandro VKoney K110Papozze II
Alessandro VMichael Ma63Papozze II
Alessandro VAndy G55Papozze II
Alessandro VGianni T511Papozze II
Christopher DAlessandro V73Papozze II
Flavio ZAlessandro V27Papozze II
Fabio FAlessandro V65Papozze II
Denny MAlessandro V24Papozze II
Alex BrAlessandro V44Papozze II
Marco BAlessandro V15Papozze II
Michele LAlessandro V36Papozze II
Alessandro VJorn F52World Cup 2015
Alessandro VCharley D70World Cup 2015
Alessandro VLee W92World Cup 2015
Alessandro VSean C50World Cup 2015
Alessandro VJohn H57World Cup 2015
Alessandro VSteve C55World Cup 2015
Alessandro VRobert S73World Cup 2015
Alessandro VKlaus Le62World Cup 2015
Alessandro VJohn H54World Cup 2015
Alessandro VMichael Ma31World Cup 2015
Oliver StAlessandro V75World Cup 2015
Christopher DAlessandro V63World Cup 2015
Mick NAlessandro V08World Cup 2015
Jaume PAlessandro V111World Cup 2015
Oliver StAlessandro V93World Cup 2015
Andy GAlessandro V83World Cup 2015
Gianni TAlessandro V103World Cup 2015
Sandro TAlessandro V54World Cup 2015
Klaus LeAlessandro V310World Cup 2015
John HAlessandro V45World Cup 2015
Michael MaAlessandro V37World Cup 2015
Alessandro VIan K63London XXVII
Alessandro VWayne L42London XXVII
Alessandro VJohn V62London XXVII
Alessandro VMark E71London XXVII
Alessandro VGianni T215London XXVII
Alessandro VSandro T72London XXVII
Alessandro VStephen D32London XXVII
Andy GAlessandro V86London XXVII
Steve CAlessandro V33London XXVII
Mark VAlessandro V26London XXVII
Robert SAlessandro V26London XXVII
Steve EAlessandro V71London XXVII
Christopher DAlessandro V65London XXVII
Alessandro VMauro M72Milan XXXV
Alessandro VFlavio Z54Milan XXXV
Alessandro VLorenzo L83Milan XXXV
Alessandro VAlex B41Milan XXXV
Alessandro VFabrizio R80Milan XXXV
Alessandro VJorn F94Milan XXXV
Alessandro VGianni T59Milan XXXV
Francesco SAlessandro V010Milan XXXV
Lorenzo CAlessandro V48Milan XXXV
Fabio FAlessandro V86Milan XXXV
Denny MAlessandro V011Milan XXXV
Martino CAlessandro V016Milan XXXV
Paolo SAlessandro V19Milan XXXV
Alessandro VFrank F76World Cup XVI
Alessandro VFlorian K52World Cup XVI
Alessandro VGianni T411World Cup XVI
Alessandro VPeter S71World Cup XVI
Alessandro VOliver St36World Cup XVI
Alessandro VMichele L133World Cup XVI
Alessandro VChristopher D512World Cup XVI
Alessandro VMario F78World Cup XVI
Alessandro VEktoras K76World Cup XVI
Alessandro VSteve C25World Cup XVI
Alessandro VLorenzo C15World Cup XVI
Alessandro VJacob K66World Cup XVI
Alessandro VChristopher D55World Cup XVI
Lorenzo CAlessandro V41World Cup XVI
Lee WAlessandro V15World Cup XVI
Denny MAlessandro V012World Cup XVI
Maurizio DAlessandro V23World Cup XVI
Gianni TAlessandro V72World Cup XVI
Andy GAlessandro V92World Cup XVI
Spyros PAlessandro V43World Cup XVI
Lorenzo CAlessandro V52World Cup XVI
Jacob KAlessandro V44World Cup XVI
Christopher DAlessandro V76World Cup XVI

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