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KO2 Competition Version (KO2CV) Index

Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 7:45 pm
by gdh82
To make it even easier to help everyone explore the multitude of fantastic features and outstanding options 8), I've started this thread! :D This also acknowledges just some of the awesome achievements of :bow: Camberman!

Forgotten how to use the free-kick training mode? Didn't know you have 8-tactics to choose from ? Can't find the walled pitch option ? The answers are all here....

KO2 Competition Version (KO2CV) Index
0.72 - Multi speed slow motion replay, Team B Keyboard Fix
0.73 - Slow motion replay reset
0.74 - 'S' for Statistics
0.75 - Stats : fix goal distance. Wind only affects in air + scaled down
0.76 - 8 Tactics
0.77 - A600 Keyboard Fix
0.78 - PBD on as default
0.80 - Option to Input Player Name
0.81 - Clock modification M.SS and M:SS
0.82 - Milan May 2006 tournament, PBD Default
0.83 - Player data is displayed when game is paused
0.84 - Tromso FAKO tournament
0.85 - KO2CV Menu Created( A=B / A>B, PBD Madness, Low/High gravity Switches), Team direction/tactic on pause screen
0.87 - x2 and x10 Aftertouch Switch
0.88 - Normal / Left / Right Sound Options
0.89 - Random CPU Tactic Selection, Match Stats, Default International Level for Practice Mode
0.90 - 25% and 75% Gameplay Speeds Added
0.91 - Backpass rule
0.92- Selectable PBD mode
0.93- Autoslides Switch, Auto Team Reset Switch, Scanner-only mode, Human Speedup Switch, Free kick training mode
0.94 - Joystick Input In Replays, Save Replays to Same File
0.95 - KOA Pitch, Multi-Player Goal Celebrations
0.96 - End of Half Statistics, Original Wind Option
0.97- Goal Statistics, Match Report, UKC07 Pitch
0.98 - Walls around the pitch Option
0.99 - Unintended Slidetackle Bug Fix/Switch, Rome 07 pitch
1.00 - Extension of statistics, both in-game and end of half, Aggregate Score System, AND MUCH MUCH MORE!
1.01 - Extra support for 2-leg scores on the results screen
1.03 - Austrian WC Edition
1.04 - 1-8 Formation keys, APT (Autofix, PBD, Trapfix) Selectable by players individually
1.05 - Duesseldorf pitch graphics and tournament settings, CV Menu cursor wraparound, full ETs for International Friendlies.
1.07 - Birmingham pitch graphics, Penalty shoot-out history display, and practice mode, Division 1-4 skill level names updated
1.08 - Bournemouth UKC pitch graphics, Enhanced 4P option.
1.09 - Trapfix restricted to initial button press, Woodwork hit count corrected, Tackles '-off' option
1.10 - Rubberbanding, APT choice configuration, '9' cycles through APT possiblities
1.11 - Milan WC 2012 pitch and tournament defaults
1.12 - UKC 2013 pitch, 6-a-side games, Post-match analysis,
1.13 - Voitsberg WC 2013 pitch, Score added to post-match analysis,
1.17 - Copenhagen WC 2014 pitch, Option to make all pitches behave like 'normal' pitch, Territory stat replaces the possession stat based on which half the ball is in
1.18 - Dublin 2015 pitch
1.19 - "If both players agree" rule is automated for settings, Formation of players is constantly visible above scanner
1.21 - Indicators of direction of play shown above scanner, Gone Fishing goal detection, Change the ref before the match via a keypress (R), Off pitch foul bug fixed, Shot angle stats added, Formations revert to 424 every match, Stat for number of formation changes per player, Temporarily disable voice keypress (V)
1.22 - Main menu stats
1.23 - Infinite practice mode, High score system for time taken to score a goal in practice mode, 'Disappearing sound bug' fixed, Minor edit to credits screen
1.24 - Extra time to the death option added
1.26 - Barrett Battle, Landskrona WC 2017 pitch
1.27 - Bournemouth WC 2018 pitch, Pitch walls bug fix
1.29 - Bremen WC 2019 pitch, Text rendering has been optimised to reduce any effect on gameplay

1.30 - FEKO pitch, all substitutions bugs fixed, colour coded substitution requests, multiple substitutions can be queued up, cancelling subsitutions is now possible, option to make every foul result in an injury, option to prevent all players falling over when tackled, LEEVE IT goal type added, APT selection = '0', quit pre-match team screen = 'ESC', quit ='F2', select sub = 'Enter'

I never realised just how many gems there were!!! Image

Re: KO2 modification status

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 1:05 pm
by alkis21
I updated Garry's post with the latest releases.