srangepoll: Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the votations

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srangepoll: Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the votations

Postby filippodb » Mon Nov 27, 2006 1:45 pm

I read there're a lot of people scared to death on polls, seems it's the most dangerous thing happened on the KOA after the hacking of the server.

The main problem on polls is that are usually overestimate or also understimated.

anonymous polls on internet aren't serious at all, we all have multiple accounts and able to vote 3-4 times so they are just an easy way to have a fast reaction from the visitors and see if any argument are popular or not. Well seems the arguments are very interesting since I see a lot of votes :wink: .

A proper votations should be secret but it's quite hard to do so on a forum.
In the italian WC we managed to do a poll only with open votations where every member put his name under his preferred choice.

I hope it's the only way to go forward on an anarchy system where nobody want a "king" deciding for all.
A fine idea is to start a list of real people favorable on one of the different WC location since seems we're not going to decide or take a decision following a poll and neither following a funny decision of a moderator on the forum, right?
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Postby stox » Sun Dec 03, 2006 8:41 pm

the problem is: who is entitled to vote? a new account member can vote? if he is real and wants next year to attend WC, why shouldnt he vote on polls? On the other side, how can we know also with name that it isnt me making 4 accounts to get the votes?

Do you see now the committee idea???
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