Frank's Birthday Tourney (Mannheim II)

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Frank's Birthday Tourney (Mannheim II)

Postby FrankF » Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:58 pm

Yesterday I held my first Birthday Tournament in Mannheim, and many of the best German players
were present. Also 1 newbie (my Cousin Sven H) and 2 players who played only one tournament so far.
Everyone scored, everyone got some points !
Note that Thorsten only lost in close matches against me and Oliver !

My guests were all very politeful and let me win :)


Code: Select all

      Thorsten B  1 - 4  Oliver St
         Horst L  2 - 1  Sven H
        Holger H  0 - 7  Cornelius H
          Jorg D  0 - 4  Jan K
         Horst L  0 - 9  Frank F
        Holger H  0 - 13 Oliver St
          Jorg D  0 - 0  Sven H
           Jan K  0 - 6  Cornelius H
        Holger H  0 - 7  Thorsten B
          Jorg D  0 - 10 Frank F
           Jan K  1 - 10 Oliver St
     Cornelius H  8 - 1  Sven H
          Jorg D  1 - 1  Horst L
           Jan K  0 - 5  Thorsten B
     Cornelius H  1 - 6  Frank F
          Sven H  0 - 20 Oliver St
           Jan K  1 - 0  Holger H
     Cornelius H  5 - 2  Horst L
          Sven H  0 - 4  Thorsten B
       Oliver St  6 - 7  Frank F
     Cornelius H  8 - 0  Jorg D
          Sven H  1 - 0  Holger H
       Oliver St 14 - 3  Horst L
         Frank F  4 - 2  Thorsten B
          Sven H  1 - 2  Jan K
       Oliver St 16 - 0  Jorg D
         Frank F  7 - 1  Holger H
      Thorsten B  4 - 3  Horst L
       Oliver St 13 - 1  Cornelius H
         Frank F  6 - 0  Jan K
      Thorsten B  5 - 1  Jorg D
         Horst L  7 - 0  Holger H
         Frank F  7 - 0  Sven H
      Thorsten B  6 - 4  Cornelius H
         Horst L  2 - 2  Jan K
        Holger H  2 - 0  Jorg D
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Re: Frank's Birthday Tourney (Mannheim II)

Postby kRadD » Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:07 pm

Thanks to Frank for this nice tournament.

I second Frank, it was great that everybody got some points, so everybody had a moment of success and was happy in the end.

Jörg D scored a fantastic game against me. In that moment I had the feeling, that finally he got the clue how KO2 works. He managed to archieve a draw against Horst who was 3rd at the Hessian Champs, so a great result. Jörg was really happy too. Sad that he lost the final game against Holger so he scored last.

Holger did not loved the game that much, cause without training its really hard have some success and fun. But the last victory against Jörg "Strafraumungeheuer" D. was a successfull end for him at least.

Sven did well and managed to win one game and had another draw, not bad, hope we see him more often playing. His cousin could teach him some tricks how to pump up the ball for example :-)

Horst had a new stick with him, so he was learning the ways of the stick for quite a while. The game against me was close as always.

Jan played another very good tournament. He won the points against weaker players and archieved a draw against Horst. He even was 1-2 in the lead against him. He also made some simple Day Tricks so it looks that finally he uses his routine he gained in the last years.

Cornelius, Oliver and Frank played normal, as I did, so nothing special to say.
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Re: Frank's Birthday Tourney (Mannheim II)

Postby Torchiador » Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:04 pm

The German part of the KOA community is always on the edge! well done guys! please some pics would be appreciated!
BTW Compliments and happy birthday to Frank!
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Oliver St
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Re: Frank's Birthday Tourney (Mannheim II)

Postby Oliver St » Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:13 pm

Congratulation and thanks again to Frank for hosting this joyful birthday tournament including a very delicious catering. Of course I let Frank win the crucial game against me. Even a heartless bastard like me would never take away the birthday child's present :lol: . That's a matter of deference.

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Re: Frank's Birthday Tourney (Mannheim II)

Postby gdh82 » Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:03 pm

Nice idea and great turnout, Frank. Sounded a lot of fun with everyone getting a slice of the birthday action! (cake) Good to hear of less regular players joining in as well as Sven making his debut. Thanks for the write-up too, Thorsten. Well played everyone. :)
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